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Is anyone planning on an unassisted pregnancy or an unassisted delivery? I'm planning both! I had some prenatal care with dd (although I felt like most of it was worthless...just not great mw's), and a planned UC. It rocked and I can't wait to do it again!
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I would really LOVE to but hubby would never go for it. I've got him on the homebirth side so that's good. Guess i'll live vicariously through you!
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I would really like to think that I would do an UC delivery this time around. I'm hoping for a blizzard so we are stuck at home and have no choice!

I've never had spontaneous labor so I need that to happen first!
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Before I got pregnant I was fully on board with a UC. Then I have had some weird dreams and I'm not sure it feels right for *this* pregnancy but then last night I watched some amazing UC videos and felt back in tune again. I very much reserve the right to change my mind between now and then.

As for UP as well as UC, I won't be by choice this pregnancy but if the midwives are full I won't be using an OB so it's a possibility.
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dh doesn't like the idea,
so I am thinking of compromising by having
the 'assistance' downstairs in case I want/need them,
but planning to have my homebirth much more private this time.
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