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2nd, 3rd or more times mamas..

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Let's share our experience...What advice would you give to others based on your other pregnancies?

I was lucky enough to have a great first pregnancy, I felt good throughout both physically and emotionally. Two things I did religiously though were drink plenty of water (I'm sure this really helped me avoid getting constipated and the dreaded haemorroids), and used a rich body lotion or olive oil on my stomach every day. I was really surprised that I didn't get any stretch marks except for a few silvery ones on my lower abdomen right at the end.
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It sounds like you're just not stretch mark prone like some people. They say that lotions and such really don't make a difference. I also used them religiously, and my sides, lower stomach, butt, and legs all the way down to the back of my knees are covered in stretch marks. Oh, and my breasts, too. You just get 'em or you don't.

Anyway, get rest when you can. I always nap when my kids nap, and actually, I also nap every morning when DH gets up (he works nights). I go to bed with them most nights now, too.

The pains will be more intense and start earlier this time. You'll notice things you didn't even notice last time!
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This is my 5th. Yes....things happen faster and I feel things more and more with each one.

I actually had a maternity shirt...not really maternity but an empire waist on yesterday and some one heard i was pregnant...looked at my belly and said WOW....is it TWINS. I almost fell over....I am not even showing yet....you freak!

Anyway....I have very much BTDT.....with most everything. I have had almost every type of birth except a UC...not something I am comfortable with due to my first being a c-section.
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This is my 3rd, and all my pregnancies seem to start out the same. Mild queasiness and very tired...

My advice has been the same all the time. Lots of water, yoga and massage. If you have breech issues and/or sciatica I'd also throw in chiro care. Definitely the time of your life when it is GOOD to take care of you, kwim?
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Sleep as much as you can

Also try to do something different with this one. Do a belly cast or prego pictures or something to make you remember them.
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this is my 4th.. sleep if you want to, walk if you want to. Listen to your body, don't fight your feelings.
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This is my 4th pregnancy (will be my 3rd child as one PG ended in MC).

My first and second pregnancies were awful. First I had toxemia and preeclampsia, irregular heartbeat, anemia, high BP, preterm labor, and so much swelling my skin started to burst on the backs of my legs & arms, on my belly & on my back.

With PG #2 it ended in MC On Christmas.

With PG #3 it was picture-perfect. No MS, no complications. Felt great the whole time. Only thing was 7 days of labor. Even still... totally worth it.

With this PG I'm having SEVERE morning sickness. severe.

My advice would be to *TAKE PICTURES* of yourself, or have someone take them of you. You only get to be pregnant a couple of times in your life if you're lucky, and its something you'll never get to replicate. Those photos are priceless.
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This is my 5th pregnancy. My 1st 2 ended in MC's.

My advice is drink lots of water and walk or just work out anyways. It makes labor much easier if you are fit.

Also, don't believe the stories that your 2nd labor is always faster!!! Mine was 1 hr and 15 min. longer!! I know that's not that much longer, but I was watching the clock thinking it was taking too long.

Keep your house clean up until you go into labor. Then you won't have to worry about cleaning for a while after.

Prepare freezer meals. They are life savers esp. with other babies in the house to take care of.
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This is my third pregnancy, second child.

My biggest piece of advice is to RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH as far as birthing and breastfeeding goes. Know what you want and don't take the mentality of, "I'll do my best but things happen." Things DO happen, but in my experience, if you are determined to have them your way, they're more likely to go your way.
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Yeah, I'm covered front to back from my chest to below my knees with stretch marks and I drank a ton of water and cocoa buttered my belly several times a day with #1... some people are just more prone.

I say drink water like crazy, get a LOT of protien (at least 80 grams per day).
Don't worry about weight gain, just eat as healthy as you can.
Do some yoga and/or pilates a few times a week and take walks when you can.
Research your birth options and choose what make you most comfortable, forget about what everyone else thinks.
Research Optimal Fetal Positioning.
Pamper youself as much as possible, and ask for help when you need it.
Realize that having children is the greatest blessing one can attain, and with great blessings come great sacrifice. The discomforts of pg and birth are part of that, embrace them, don't fear them.
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Hi, just checking into this due date club today. This is my third preganancy, my first ended in a loss at 20 weeks, my second was my beautiful son, I'm 7 weeks along on this one.

This one has felt different than my other two, for one thing I'm cold all the time, both of the last times I was too warm.
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This is my 8th pregnancy

My first three resulting in the gorgeous little ones in the links in my siggy. The next 4 pregnancies resulting in m/c and 5 wonderful angel babies.

My advice.......The better you treat yourself in pregnancy, the better you treat your baby. So pamper yourself.

Take pictures of yourself throughout your pregnancy because you are never as "fat" as you think you are. And what should that matter anyways...your pregnant!!!
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This is my 3 pregnancy so far since becoming a mother I have learned:

-Don't sweat the small stuff
-Sleep as much as you can whenever you can!
-I am a very good mother but I will never be a perfect mother
-my kids still love me and thrive depiste my many faults
-Never say never!
-DO NOT read books like "what to freak out about when your pregnant" I mean "what to expect when your expecting"
-research things, but don't drive yourself nuts. there are many things where you can read 3 different articles, amd get three different fully researched answers. just go with your gut and what feels right for your family.
-oh and stock the freezer with lots of meals! Maybe towards the end we can share meals that freeze well.
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Originally Posted by grace's voice View Post
IResearch your birth options and choose what make you most comfortable, forget about what everyone else thinks.

i think this holds true for parenting and life in general. worth repeating because someone will always have an issue with how your doing something
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OP here, some great advice, keep it coming. Re the stretch mark thing, I did think that you couldn't really do much to prevent them and you were just prone to them or not. I already had stretch marks (faded ones) on my upper legs, hips etc from adolescent so that's why I was so surprised I didn't get many during pregnancy, I guess I was just lucky.
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My first pregnancy was awesome. No nausea at all.

It's so different this time around.

I used lotions and all that religiously during my first pregnancy and my stomach still ended up looking like a road map -- but it didn't start till the last month when the kiddo started really growing.

BUT, I kept using it, and my stretch marks were never really purple or anything like that. They were always a light silvery color.

I don't have much advice except that I had light spotting during my entire pregnancy and the baby was fine the entire time.

And I'll second the "Never say Never" from meetoo! I found myself eating a whole lot of my words that I just spouted off with during pregnancy. lol.
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Originally Posted by meetoo View Post
-DO NOT read books like "what to freak out about when you're pregnant" I mean "what to expect when your expecting"
LOVE IT!!! And I second that suggestion!


let your partner take your older child/children out so that you can have alone time to do whatever you want - eat, sleep, lie around, take a long shower...

Eat what you feel like, within reason... I have just come to terms with a huge chocolate milk craving, realizing that there are A LOT WORSE things I could be doing to my fetus, like drinking, smoking, and eating McDonald's every day.

Go to the chiropractor at least once a month, more often as you get bigger. My DC was my savior with #1, she was the only person who made me feel human and upright when I got so big. And now she's having a baby in July aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii! Who will take care of me?!?!?!
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This is baby #5 for me.. My advice is to REST!!! Get plenty of sleep, drink a lot of water and eat well. Eat small meals throughout the day to keep your energy up and just enjoy the pregnancy. It goes by way to fast!

Ditto about the "What to expect" books.. run away!! lol

Take childbirth classes, research and read!! Go watch the "Business of being born".. Look into all your options and don't take no for an answer! Look into a great doula.
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Originally Posted by JenInMpls View Post
I have just come to terms with a huge chocolate milk craving, realizing that there are A LOT WORSE things I could be doing to my fetus, like drinking, smoking, and eating McDonald's every day.
You too! I get this every pregnancy. I want homemade chocolate milk, I never drink milk normally.

I agree take pictures, my last ended in loss and I only have a couple pictures of me pregnant- something that would be very precious to me now.

Allow yourself to feel whatever it is your feeling and work through those emotions. Don't feel guilty when you think 'What have I done? What am I gonna do with this baby?!' or other freak out moments because it's perfectly normal and it happens to almost all of us!

Try to stop and be 'in the moment' when you're eager to get the next phase of pregnancy. You'll never be pregnant with this baby again!
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I third or fourth the advice not to read "what to expect" because it isn't even very useful if one of those lousy things does happen.

My other advice though is to trust your gut...if you think something feels wrong don't let anyone talk you out of checking it out or doing what feels like you need to do.

and finally don't worry about every little thing you ingest or breathe or see or feel...we aren't perfect and babies have been surviving for a long time in imperfect situations. If something bad does happen it won't be because you accidentally had a glass of wine, or ate a piece of sushi, or thought the wrong thought. Sometimes bad things happen, most of the time though, they don't.
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