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May Pantry Challenge

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Is anyone up for a pantry challenge?
I have several bits and pieces to use up and need support...

Today for lunch DH and ate the last of the lettuce, it was getting 'weak' and i found some candy in christmas wrappers so we all had that as a treat.

My goal items are boxes and boxes of jello, 1 frozen ham, probably 25 cups of yogurt, canned veggies, and boxed potatoes.
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is this where we live off our pantry? i have been eating tuna everyday. i gotta figure out what to do with kidney beans.
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Originally Posted by jaceycat24 View Post
is this where we live off our pantry? i have been eating tuna everyday. i gotta figure out what to do with kidney beans.
Yes, i know we have posted for no spend months and this is a spin off of those. Meaning you work with what is in your pantry/freeze/etc as much as possible. We also share tips for dealing with that 'lonely can of x' etc.

I need to work on my stockpile rotation and i also have some 'cans of x' to deal with.

We are working on cutting down our grocery bill and taking a look at what we really eat on a regular basis.
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I am totally in! I started meal planning last week and starting really looking into my pantry to base my meals off of as much as possible. I only need a few things for meals last week.

This week I am struggling with getting the meal planning done, but working on it.

So this will help me keep on track!
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Ooooh, I should join in too.

I add kidney beans to pasta salad. Somehow they are more exciting when covered in italian dressing and surrounded by pasta, cubes of cheese, and assorted leftover produce.
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i could make that all i need is cheese and dressing which aren't too expensive. i am all in. i will go through and see what needs to be eaten. like i have loads of jelly and peanutbutter so i have been feeding that to dd everyday since she won't eat the tuna.
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I could certainly participate. I should have enough food in the fridge, freezer and cupboard to last all month with just needing to add milk and bread. I have plenty of fruit and veggies in the fridge/freezer so that should take care of that.
I need to be in this challenge. Someone grab my hand and pull me in and keep me here.
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Well I have been feeding my pantry so to say, but I do have some annoying things that I could use up. I have 3 boxes of corn muffin mix, maybe a tamale pie or something with that, and this can of tomato soup that has been lingering for awhile, now that I think about it I just saw in one of my cooking mags that there was a recipe for a pasta dish w/ tomato soup...hmmmm. I saw someone needed an idea for kidney beans, I put them in my tacos, yum and DD loves beans, plus it can extend the dish to make leftovers(for taco salad). I have been doing quite well with using things in the pantry, dinner tonight is using a few things that need to be used.

If anyone has any ideas for the tomato soup it would be appreciated.
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Originally Posted by Norasmomma View Post

If anyone has any ideas for the tomato soup it would be appreciated.
I have been known to use tomato soup as a marinade/gravy for meatloaf. I let the meatloaf soak in the soup for a couple hours then put the whole thing in the oven. The last hr I add potatoes and carrots... so yummy...

Now I have a taste for that... definately in the next couple weeks before it gets too hot here.

You can also do the same concept for stuffed peppers/stuffed cabbage or sloppy joes
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Oh yes. I've never joined a pantry challenge before, but now is a good time.

I have a couple turkey legs in the freezer that I bought for some unknown reason and have no idea how to prepare! I was thinking of doing a crockpot bbq kind of thing. Does anyone know how to thaw turkey legs? Do I just put them in the fridge overnight? I really don't know how to cook.
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Hip gal-I would just thaw the turkey legs in the fridge and maybe brown them before putting them in the crockpot, and then use some bottled BBQ sauce or something like that, maybe chop up some onions to go in it. I have an asian chicken leg recipe that would probably work, I use a teriyaki sauce, chop some red pepper, onion and celery, and add a can of drained baby corn, then put it all in the crockpot for 6 hours on low, OMG this is so yummy.

1growingsprout-that is a great idea for the tomato soup, I have all the stuff for meatloaf or sloppy joes, but I would have to do it in the next few weeks because I already have this week planned. I have to stick with my plan, otherwise I'll screw up my system. Thanks for the idea.
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We should do this, we are moving in 1-2 months and it would be better the not move it all. But we dont have much really. so I'll probably do my own version and stop in for direction
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Haha! I was just coming here to post this very same type of challenge! It's kismet!

I actually rearranged my cabinets last night and took stock of my freezers, fridge, and cabinets this morning. I wrote it all down and I'm using all of it before I go grocery shopping again.

I have a LOT of food, and yet I still grocery shop regularly. Makes no sense!
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Originally Posted by jaceycat24 View Post
is this where we live off our pantry? i have been eating tuna everyday. i gotta figure out what to do with kidney beans.
you can make great bean burgers with kidney beans - they hold shape well, and are yummy! Mash the beans, add an egg and some breadcrumbs/wheatgerm/oats for binding, then whatever seasonings you like (I love to do curry powder and some garlic powder) then mix it all up and form into patties. I usually pop them in the freezer after making the patties, for an hour or so to let them firm up, and then either dry fry on my cast iron skillet or pop them on a rack in the oven. You can just keep them in the freezer, too, and use for last minute meals
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I'm in on this - just got 15 pounds of ground beef (grass-fed, no hormones or antibiotic beef, for $2.75 a pound in a co-op, woohoo!!) and cleaned out the freezer a bit to make room, and realized I've got a lot of stuff in there that needs to be used. I had to toss a few things (a roast, some chicken quarters) that had been in there for over 2 years I refuse to throw out anything else, it's all going to be USED!
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I'm in! I just had twins 5 weeks ago and before they came, I stocked up the pantry and freezer. With the exception of produce, milk, and some chicken, I shouldn't need to buy anything for at the minimum 1 month. But, I enjoy grocery and sometimes go to escape.

So, I made up a meal plan for the month and I intend to stick to it.

Tonight is leftovers!
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i also have a bunch of pumpkin pie mix so i think i will make some pumpkin bread too. at least hubby can take that to work with him.

i have a can of black beans any ideas on that one?
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Well a couple weeks ago I made these black bean burgers http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Black-B...rs/Detail.aspx
I put oats in them instead and changed the spices, but they are really good, DH and DD loved them. Freezing them for 20 minutes really does keep them together.:
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thanks i will make those and the kidney bean ones. hubby isn't too excited about them but he is more of a meat and potato guy. i also plan on making chili tomorrow night. i made a bunch of rice that i plan on using for fried rice too later this week. i have about four bags of rice. i also found a bunch of elbow noodles so i will be making lots of pasta salad. i will have to buy some meat for some of these meals we are running out in our freezer but still working around the pantry should cut our food budget down so i can pay extra towards a bill.
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I'm in!

I want to use up some things too. We've got a lot of veggies, especially tomatoes and greens!

I have two smoked turkey drumsticks in the freezer that I'd love to use up. Any ideas?

I think I've got the makings of crab rangoon. That would be fun to try!
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