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So tell me the rules here. It sounds interesting. Especially if it reduces my grocery bill.
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The rules are really up to you!

Some people try to avoid the grocery store all together. Others say "I'll only go for milk and fresh fruit." I really admire the gals who can do that. But DH is the main cook in the house, and I'm not going to get him to not shop.

Also, I'm trying to keep my pantry stocked, but I have some odds and ends that I would like to use up: crab meat, cranberry sauce, beans that are really old, canned pumpkin. And with the gardening season starting, I would like to clear out the freezer as much as possible for the the new crop! And we are trying to eat our home-canned goods from two years ago.
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Ok, so the freezer counts. Yes I like to have fresh fruits and veggies and dairy. I can do this. It's worth a shot.
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Good morning, hello and I hope everyone is ready to go! What are you eating out of your pantry today?
I've been ill with lots of head congestion and sore throat so today I'm eating some of the soup I threw together yesterday- it's more broth than anything but it's hot and savory so it helps. I also cooked up 2 chicken breasts to make the broth so that's got to be eaten today. I'll probably warm those for dinner and make a veggie to go with them.
No store shopping needed today.

Have a good one!
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i am making chili with some kidney beans and tomatoes that i bought on sale that were bruised and i am going to put that over rice that i made yesterday. i am trying to avoid shopping till next tues unless i need milk. my freezer is pretty empty so i will have to buy some meat but i am still planning meals around the pantry. hubby was surprising happy about last nights dinner.

for breakfast i had some toast and for lunch i'll make some peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches.
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Thanks for posting this challenge-- I need it!


*I'll be eating leftover lasagna and bread (for lunch and dinner);

*My husband is being fed lunch by his employer; and has brought a frozen meal for dinner;

*And the kids will eat Annie's mac and cheese for lunch, and pre-cooked chicken/leftover veggies for dinner.

I'm one of those that'll have to keep getting milk and fresh fruit, but other than that, I hope to buy as little as possible!
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Well I may have to go to the store tomorrow because I wanted to make 7 layer dip for a BBQ at my Dad's house, but I have ALL the stuff to make artichoke dip so that probably would be a better thing to make, especially since i literally have everything. So I may just not go tomorrow, and wait until Sat to buy milk and then Monday to do a stockpiling of things that are on sale.

Tonight we will be having PIZZA:...I have already prepped onions, red bell peppers, pineapple and I have frozen ham chunks. So that's all sat, for lunch I am using leftovers, some grilled chicken and rice to make quesadillas. Tomorrow night we are having taco salads with "planned-overs". Meal planning is saving my life.

I wish I could say that I am living off the foods I have here, but again I am in a mode of "stocking up". We just always have feast or famine in our house it seems, so right now DH is super busy and we just had to pay our house payment and taxes, this week has been a little lean. But with meal planning you'd never know, plus I have been sale buying.

My "rules" for the month are :

Shop at home first(I've been doing pretty good with this)
Use up my few funky items(tomato soup, corn bread mix)
Only shop once weekly, and buy only things on sale(except milk, fruits and veggies)
Use meats from the freezer(I still have a caribou sausage that a friend gave us, but it just weirds me out a little)

With the money I save I'd really like to start on my holiday stuff, I'd like to start buying presents for DD for her birthday and Christmas, plus I'd like to find her a nice winter coat that is well made(and cheap). Plus SAVE some money for our new pellet stove and pellets, and be able to go into winter ahead for once.
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I'm in!! Our budget is SERIOUSLY tight right now and I need to cut back any way I can! We have lots of soups I need to use up. But last night I made pearled barley mushroom risotto. I happened to have a bag of barley that I hadn't used, some mushrooms that needed to be used up and some chicken stock! It was incredible!! Its been 4 days and I haven't been to the store yet!! DC are whining but to bad! We have plenty to eat....just not the crap they want! (Both are teenagers )

Tonight we are having eggplant parmesan because I found some incredible eggplant for a steal at a farmer's market the other day and used the tomato sauce, etc. I had on hand.

Tomorrow night some frozen talapia that has been lurking in the freezer for awhile. I'll make a nice salad and possibly some orzo from a small bag that keeps getting buried in my pantry.

I cook alot and try to keep a well stocked pantry but we waste alot of $$ by not using what we have on hand. That is changing now, though!!!
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May 1st... not going to the store today..
Breakfast Waffles
Lunch sandwiches- need to use up the bread and deli meat
Dinner - pasta and meatballs with garlic bread (to use up the loaf)

Snacks.. popcorn, canned fruit, dry cereal - kids choice

Friday no plans to go to the store
Breakfast cereal
Lunch Frozen Burritos or Hot Pockets
Dinner Ham and potatoes and veggies

Snacks... popcorn, fruit, dry cereal - kids choice
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I'm in too!

I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow, so my goal for today is to inventory what I have in the pantry (or rather just look in there) and plan meals for next week using up the stuff that is in there.

Also I have seven packages of meat in the freezer (four ground hamburger and three ground pork) so I need to stretch those out over the next month...we're going vegetarian for all but those seven meals because:

1. I really want to save money this month and eating veggie = eating cheap for us.

2. DH wants to be a vegetarian (I'm the meat lover in our family)

Thanks for the ground bean burger recipe -- that is going to be on the list.
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For those of us who have difficulty using up an item or 2 I thought I'd post this kinda cool site that you put in what ingredients you have on hand and it gives meals that use those things. Here it is: http://www.supercook.com/ and then it shows sites with recipes with your ingredients. Hopefully it can be useful.
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What a great thread! I am working up to monthly shopping minus dairy and produce. Today is left over thursday... meaning you can eat anything leftover in the fridge.

My favorite with black beans is chicken black bean soup (can of black beans or 1 cup dried, however much shreaded chicken, 1 cup diced tomatoes or I have used salsa in a pinch, 3-4 cups broth, 1 can refried beans, green chiles, onion, and season to taste with cilantro and chili powder)... leftover it is really thick and makes great wraps.

My favorite kidney bean is adding them to rice with tomatoes and slightly seasond with salt they are so yummy.

I am totally trying the burgers!
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* Cinnamon toast and leftover, pre-cut melon (leftover from a class potluck)

* For lunch - cheese and crackers (leftover from a class potluck) and fruit (leftover from a work meeting)

* Dinner - Pizza. Sauce is leftover, have red peppers, olives, cheese on hand. Crust dough was in the freezer.

I wanted to make crab rangoon with some odd jars of crab, but DH insists I need wonton wrappers not spring roll wrappers. So, I guess I'll make spring rolls sometime, and may rangoon after I pick up some wonton wrappers.
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Hi mamas,

Can I play? I have some rice, a few bits of leftover veggies and a 10 oz can of Cream of Mushroom soup. Any suggestions? I don't have broccoli, in case your wondering. I have mushrooms, spinach, bok choy and carrots.

Any suggestions for a casserole? I have to feed three very hungry kids.

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i have been known to use the soup as a gravy with a bunch of veggies and pour it over cooked rice and stir it over the rice.

i went shopping and spent $24 to make meals with what i have in the pantry. so this is what is on the plan.
for dinner
-chicken with fried rice with peas and carrots mixed in
-been burgers with riceroni
-pasta salad with cheese and italian dressing
-kidney bean burgers with sweet potatoes(i have a bunch of cans of those)
-shells with marina sauce
-chili with rice(leftovers from tonight)

for lunch
-peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
-tuna sandwiches
-grilled cheese with campbells soups

for breakfast
-eggs and sausage
-pumpkin bread

this is more for me then anyone else just incase i forget my plan for the week.
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Day one is a success and I found a special treat in the pantry. Those little pudding cups- i bought a ton of them on sale at the last back to school stock up. I usually take them along for trips etc but tonight for 'dessert' we had PICK YOUR FLAVOR OF PUDDING' this is a treat because i usually make it and only 1 box at a time. Butterscotch, vanilla. swirls, etc the kids were in heaven and my day one is going well...
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I'll take a look at my pantry to see if I have anything edible to combine. If my kids won't eat it, it's not challenge!

I'll be back with what I'm going to do this weekend and next week.

We're having rice, veggies and cream of mushroom soup, mixed together. Cross your fingers that they eat tonight.
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Oh I am so in. We have a TON of stuff in the freezer and some in the pantry to use up.
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Does anyone know what I can do with canned organic Pumpkin Pie Mix? I have 6 cans of it! I thought I was ordering plain pumpkin through the co-op, but it was the mix. Ooops.
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Is the pumpkin pie mix just pumpkin with spices? Or is it whipped?

We've made pumpkin smoothies with cinnamon, honey/sugar, milk/yogurt/ice cubes, nutmeg. DH and I liked them more than 3 year old DD.

By the way, the pizza was a total bust. The dough was too wet or something. I nearly ruined the baking stone. I wound up making some frozen ravioli, topping it with the pizza sauce, some mozarella, and sliced up pepperoni. We had peas on the side.

I'm holding the mushrooms, red peppers and artichoke hearts for some wraps or pasta this weekend.
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