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i made those bean burgers and since i had never had them before it was different. hubby wasn't exactly thrilled but then again he is meat and potatoe guy. we'll eat it again though since it was easy to make with left over kidney beans. the pasta salad was a huge hit though.
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Ok, well.. I'm not doing as well as I should for eating from the pantry but I'm definitely blaming not feeling well as an excuse. DBF bought me chikfila chicken soup for dinner last night and for breakfast this morning he made pancakes.. so that was eating from the pantry. I just finished the baby watermelon he gave me for a snack. Lunch today will be the rest of my chicken soup and some crackers. Dinner tonight will be hotdogs on buns since they're in the fridge and they don't take much effort- I know, not healthy but easy and they were cheap and we like them occasionally.
Have a great Sunday everyone.
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breakfast was eggs, toast and sausage
lunch was ramon, tuna sandwich and chips
dinner i am going to a tasting party and then after church joe will make spaghetti.
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Breakfast, cereal and bananas
Lunch special treat, afternoon at mcdonalds :
Dinner Pizza and salad

Breakfast Waffles
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Lasagana and Garlic Bread and salad
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I can't even remember what we ate yesterday, but it was all from home.

Today the kids and dh had cereal and fruit for breakfast, I had frozen waffles.
Lunch was leftovers, lemon spaghetti, veggies and chicken. Dinner was at the IL's.

Tomorrow dinner is Eggplant Parmesan from the freezer. Breakfast and Lunch will be something simple from the fridge or pantry.
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Today was a sort of success.

We got Costco pizza for dinner.
But, breakfast was:
- Fried green tomatoes from the freezer
- English muffins
- Eggs

We packed lunch on our field trip:
- Crackers, cheese
- Oranges and grapes
- Water for the adults, Juice box for DD

And for bedtime snack DD finished up the last of the ice cream. I really want to work on our freezers. We've got some OLD stuff in there.

Tomorrow, I'm having beans and rice for lunch, from the freezer.
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I'm joining in. I've been trying to use what we have and curb unnecessary shopping. We didn't do much grocery shopping last week but it was okay, we weren't starving because I was using what we had wisely.

As for the smoked turkey drumsticks - my aunt makes a tasty meal with it. She cooks some stewing beef on the stovetop, then adds cooked sausage and smoked turkey drumsticks to it. She takes a large ovenproof dish, lines it with cooked rice, then layers on the meat mixture and it's sauce, sauerkraut (that has been mixed with shredded fresh cabbage and left to sit together for awhile), and sour cream. She cooks it in the oven for an hour at 350oC. Delicious!
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I'd totally forgotten about this thread! I forgot to sub and I must have been sleepy when I posted initially Or it's just pregnancy brain, who knows!

Anyway, glad to see everyone doing well with this.

This week my goals are to use more of the 20lb bag of basmati rice I have. I want to make briyani and maybe some chana masala. I have one large can of chickpeas in there, and tons of canned tomatoes. I have some fresh spinach that really needs to be used, the sooner the better, so I should probably plan on cooking that tomorrow.

I also want to make something with my cornmeal. I was thinking a black bean and polenta casserole.

Not sure what else yet, need to do a thorough inventory.
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What a great thread! I have been shopping very miniminly the past 2 weeks due to budget and am continuing to use what we have until our pantry looks bare, lol. Honestly I am not sure what is on the menu this week but tonight my dad called and is bringing ribs, so I am making homemade french fries and onion rings (pregnancy fried food craving here) and homemade bread and prob. mac and cheese from the pantry for the kids. I will be checking back in with my plan here soon.
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Well I am going to the store today, but most of our dinner will be from the pantry/freezer, yesterday it ALL was from the pantry and freezer. Breakfast was sausage, pancakes, o.j., lunch we snacked on leftover 7 layer dip, and dinner was pork chops with gravy, stuffing and peas.

Tonight we are having, salmon with mango salsa(I have to buy a mango, they are on sale though) apricot couscous, steamed broccoli, salad. DD and I will eat leftovers for lunch.

We have so much food I really don't need to go shopping, but we need perishables and I have to go to the store regardless as I am helping a friend keep her homemade salsa stocked at the store while she's gone. Plus I will make a little money from it.
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todays plan
breakfast pumpkin pancakes they were fab. i froze some too.
lunch tuna for me and pb&j for haven
dinner hubby won't be home till real late so i am making shells and marina sauce.
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I'm back and eating from the pantry again today. I skipped breakfast since I still don't feel well and didn't really get out of bed til 10:30. I had grilled cheese sandwiches and orange juice for lunch. I don't know what dinner will be, but probably pasta and sauce since it's here and easy to make.. although I have a couple of frozen dinners I could eat as well.. we'll see what I feel like when the time comes. Eating alone so it won't matter much.
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I'm here and I'm staying until the end.

Two years of coop shopping has left us with an abundance of stores, but I still seem to overspend on grocheries each month. Not this month. I did our usual grochery spree two weeks ago, and since then I have done minimal shopping.

Cooked a chicken that was in the freezer on Friday, ate that with some fresh peas in the fridge. Saturday was Salmon with pasta and peas. Last night we weren't home. Tonight it's chicken enchiladas with left over roast chicken (made one for tonight and one for the freezer) with the rest of the spinach and strawberry vinaigrette. Chicken soup is on the stove for tomorrows dinner along with cheddar cheese muffins that I made today. Did some baking today and made muffins and gingerbread for lunch boxes this week. Chicken stock is on the stove with the celery and onions that froze in my fridge, and will go in the freezer.

So far I'm doing good. I have not done any food shopping in a week.
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keep up the good work! i was going to get milk and eggs but mil bought me some while shopping today since i said i was low. i am thrilled that i saved about $5 and a visit to the store.
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So far, so good here. I have bought a few fresh vegetables for dinner (zucchini, tomato, avocado, and carrots), some fruit for DS (pears, strawberries, bananas, which were all on sale), organic milk & eggs, and some lunch meat I found on super sale (the hormel natural choice kind). We are stocked! I think I have stuff to last a long while but I don't mind going to the store for an ingredient here or there for a dinner.

Does anyone else have a problem and keep buying food? Even though our freezers are STUFFED and our pantry full, I still am a sucker for good foods on sale! Really, it's bad! Same with ordering from the co-op! I don't know why I keep buying it. I think part of it is having a safety of plenty of food here (DH's job is one where he could be let go at any time) and partly me being cheap and finding deals. Am I the only one?
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Does anyone else have a problem and keep buying food? Even though our freezers are STUFFED and our pantry full, I still am a sucker for good foods on sale!
Right there with ya! We have tons of food. My coop bill was $1000 every two months. Plus what I was spending in between. If it's on sale I don't just need one, I need four. Costco had frozen blueberries on sale. 2kg $5 off. I bought 4 and they will last two months for sure eating them very often. I am a sucker for frozen berries/fruits and veggies though. They are great to have for these pantry challenge months.

What I'm bad for is finding great looking recipies I want to try. Usually after our big shopping trip. Then I end up spending way more then my budget has allowed. I am trying really hard to keep things simple.
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I'm totally in. I work really hard every week to menu plan and only buy what is absolutely necessary, so using up what is in my pantry is a great goal for us. I'm looking forward to chatting and saving w/ you mamas!
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Well I knew that I was going to have to go on a big shop today, and I did, but I got a ton of stuff that will last weeks. I will of course have to get some veggies next week, but that's totally normal. I have already said it, but I am in a live off the pantry while stocking it up phase. I too cannot pass up a good deal, I am a food hoarder. I guess it's better than shopping for clothes or something else, at least my family will be fed. I had to buy those few large purchase items today, DH gets a case of energy drinks every month, I buy them by the case and we save over .70 a can, so it's fine with me to do once a month. We are really stocked up for the week, I pretty much have to go to the store once a week, but that's about it.
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We're eating out of the pantry for most of the meals today, I had cereal and milk for breakfast and dinner will be a roast I had in the freezer. I have veggies to go with it. We are going to the store today for bread, rolls and potatoes. That's it. Shouldn't need to go again after today for at least a week. Don't expect to spend more than $10.
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Keep up the good work mom's....
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