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I was dropped by an ob/gyn... BEFORE I WAS EVEN PREGNANT.

I was seeing this doctor for gynecology, NOT obstetrics. He knew I was going to be a surrogate for my best friend, and he was supposed to remove my IUD for me the week after I got my period. While I was in for an appointment, he started talking obstetrics, and I stopped him, saying I had a home birth with my son, and I was planning the same thing with the future surrobabe. He fired me right then and there, saying homebirth midwives had NO TRAINING, and that they just paid the state for their licenses. He told me that if I were to go the homebirth route, he would still remove my IUD for me since he already promised to do that, but he would never see me again. I said, "even afterward, just for gynecology??" He said, "NEVER". I said that was fine, and on my way home, made an appointment at Planned Parenthood to have my IUD removed. I wasn't going back to that jerk.

Since then, I decided to have this babe unassisted. I think it will be a hoot to send him a birth announcement saying that I took his advice and didn't go with a midwife... because I DID IT MYSELF