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well my dd turned five yesterday and today she announced:

"Now that I'm five I won't get ba-ba's anymore!"

wow, if she holds up I'm really excited that I made my goal of
letting her self-wean.

Her 3yo bro was standing there and said, "but I still need baba's"......

looks like I'm down to double tandem instead of triple tandem nursing!
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Yep, still nursing my 2 1/2 y.o. No sign of slowing, though I think my milk is starting to wane... Planning on tandem.
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Count me in here. The twins are still nursing lots during the day. If this is another set of twins I may find myself Quad nursing. (fainting at the thought!)
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Nursing a 3-year-old here. She still nurses quite a lot, though I've found myself trying to get her to cut back the past couple of days. She isn't taking it well, but I'm SOOO sore I feel like I have to do something! Anyone else having success trying to cut back on nursing an older child?
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We were nursing, but he stopped just a week before I found out I was Pg. He is 2 years and 7 months. Actually I am glad he stopped, I dont think I would be able to bear it. My breasts are so sensitive allready, I am only 4 weeks.
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My DS is only 10 1/2 months and I was trying to get him on more table foods because I'm starting to get sore. Well, yesterday he got sick so he's back to nursing for almost all his food again. I still don't know when I'm due with this baby, but I don't plan on tandem nursing. Good luck to everyone that is. Hope you all had a good Mother's Day!!
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Juneau, I'm having the same issue - DS turned 3 last week, and he's increased his nursing! I'm trying to limit the length, but he tells me "don't count!" I'm hoping it will decrease gradually...
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I'm nursing my 22 month old but he's down to 1-2 times a day so its not bad. I'm so glad I night weaned before we got pregnant. We just got a toddler bed for him too (in our room) and he'll fall asleep to me reading to him. I was finally starting to get more sleep too!
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I just found out I am pregnant today, so I'm still in shock, we weren't ttc. Anyway, dd still nurses about twice a day. I'm not hungry at all and I only weigh about 100lbs soaking wet. Any advice?
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Mommyem I was exactly where you are a few weeks ago (see my post "shocked to be here") I completely lost my appetite as well, just hang in there and when everything taste like cardboard just pick the most nutritious cardboard. I think our bodies do that for a reason, mine kicked in with an overwhelming craving for cheese, which I never eat, but knew I really needed to start taking in more protein. Listen and your body will tell you what it needs.
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on a second note to all us tandem nursing mama's,
can I just say WE ROCK!
I am so proud of all of you, and am happy to be a part of this group!
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I'm starting to really worry about my supply. I've started feeding DD more during the day because it occurred to me that the reason she's so crabby is because she might be hungry. Bad mommy. She still doesn't associate being hungry with food but with milk so it's confusing for me.

I really need to eat more and drink more. But I'm barely eating as it is. I'm setting my crock pot tonight so it'll cook me some steel cut oats for tomorrow. Plenty of butter and honey on it, how can it go wrong? : (Can you tell I"m trying to get myself psyched?)

I'm also soaking some quinoa to be cooked tomorrow night. I'm trying this planning ahead thing again!
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Hi! Well, here I am, nursing my booby loving 18 month old and due in mid January! I plan on tandem nursing because my dd is so not ready to give up her mama milk. I just hope she shares well with the new munchkin.
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O my gosh I am hungry all the time! No nausea yet, so I am trying to get as much food in while I can. Friends have asked what they can do to help, (since I was really not expecting to ever be pregnant again) and I have told them to make sure I continuously have food or drink in my hand. If I am carrying twins again, I need to start packing on the pounds now. I was already eating nearly 2500 calories a day, just for nursing the 2 toddlers 3-4 times a day. While pregnant it was close to 3500. I think I am going to need more than 4000 if I want to continue nursing through a twin pregnancy. I don't know if it is possible to eat that much food in one day! An added complication this time, is the diet I have to adhere to for both the boys wheat allergy, and also my ever approaching gestational diabetes. I am one of those wacky people that gets it every pregnancy. Luckily I have never needed insulin. I am already having blood sugar crashes though, so I am a little worried about controlling it this time. I am hungry again, off to eat.
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my little guy is 15 months and I just found out I am pregnant. He still nurses all day and night. I am kinda hoping he weans himself by the time #2 comes, but i think I will be okay if he doesn't. I am already tired of hearing so you are going to stop nursing Michael now right. My answer is oh I will stop when one of us decides it is time. So annoying
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Yep, still nursing my 10 month old son. In fact, my first clue I might be preggers was the ouch factor when he latched on last week! I am just hoping I don't lose my milk.... any ideas to make sure he doesn't end up weaning prematurly? I know most galactelouges are not safe while pregnant.....
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I'm still nursing my 19 mos old, we almost have him out of our bed. I think we're going to make a trip to ikea to buy him a new bed to put in the cubby hole of our bedroom!!!!
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Well, I had to give my baby a bottle today. I didn't think I was drying up, but he wouldn't nurse and wanted to keep drinking water out of a cup. I made a bottle then and he downed it. I want him to nurse until he's at least a year. It would also help to keep family from thinking that I'm pregnant. The midwife is going to see if she can set my ultrasound appointment up for Monday so I can find out when I'm due for sure.
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I'm a nursing mommy too! DS turned 1 a few weeks ago and is still going strong. I JUST got my bfp and haven't noticed any breast tenderness or soreness when he nurses. I guess that's good, but it also concerns me that I'm not having that pregnancy 'symptom'. Are any of you still nursing pain free?
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DS is 10.5 months and still nursing during the day and a couple times a night. No real soreness yet. As long as I can make it to a year I'll be happy. It's been a rough road and that has always been my goal, but I need a break.
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