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pulling pain in uterus?

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anyone experienced intense waves of pain that feel like your uterus is being PULLED on, or pulled apart, that shoots downward almost to your vagina??

I had about 6-8 of these pains in a row today over the course of an hour. the -3 in the middle were so excruciating they made me cry involuntarily in public. scary -- seemed like something horrible was happening, but then it subsided totally and no more pain at all.

I've had some light braxton hicks, and this was definitely not that!
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If it were me, I'd call my midwife. I hope it's nothing!
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It's very likely your ligaments stretching. That can be excruciating. I'm sorry you're in pain. I'd get it checked out though just in case.
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Round Ligament pain. Yes, it's excruciating. I get it when I move too fast or move in a way that stretches the ligaments. It's usually followed by cuss words. lol. Sometimes when I try to roll over in bed I get them. Freakin A! lol. Yeah, no fun.
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Yup, sounds like round ligament pain. I wouldn't worry too much unless it gets really severe or carries on for more than a day or if you have any other weird symptoms.
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I get them - and it freaks Big Daddy out because I just freeze with this look of pain on my face and I can't talk until it passes.

Fun times
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I'd guess round ligament, too.
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for me it always ends up being round ligament combined with gassy pain. It seems to pull my stomach when I am having gas craps, but they are so bad I have to double over and breath through them.
I woudn't worry unless you feel your uterus harden into a tight ball while it is happening.
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yah sounds like good old round lig. pain
If its your first preg it can be worse...but this is my 3rd time getting to 20+ weeks and it still hurts me so bad I am hunched over sometimes
of course get it checked out to ease your worries!
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