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Twin pix!

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Hi March Mamas,

I ended up a February mama, with my twins born on leap day.

Introducing Maggie & Sam:

Thanks to all of you for your support & encouragement throughout the pregnancy. This group was a lifeline for me.

[I think the slide show link will expire in about a week. A photographer put it together for us and I can't stop watching it. I can't believe these are MY babies!!)
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Leslie....your babies are AMAZING! You all look so blissfully happy. Thanks for sharing!!
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That was really lovely, thanks for sharing. Your babies are adorable! I love the last picture
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I was thinking about you recently, and so glad everything is going so well. Your babies are precious. Thanks for sharing.
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What a wonderful family you have!! That last pic of you all together you can really feel your love and happiness!! Its wonderful!! Congrats to you all.
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Your babies are adorable and the pictures are beautiful! What a treasure! Congratulations!!
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OH Leslie, that video made me all weapy. Just knowing where you are right now, after where you've been. 59 cycles of trying to get those amazing little people into your life. I'm just so happy for you, and think your babies are just beautiful!!! Congratulations again mama!!!
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Not in your DDC but couldn't resist looking at your pics. Your babies are so beautiful and you and your dh seem so happy. Made me cry...
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(Popping in from the Feb DDC - my due date was your birth date!) The twins are ADORABLE, and the pictures are beautiful - many congrats!
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great pics
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They are just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!
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Gorgeous family! Congrats again and thanks for sharing.
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Wonderful photos! Well, what would you expect with such wonderful babies?! Loved seeing Maggie and Sammy and you as well. Congratulations again!
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popping in from the May DDC, couldn't pass up baby pics. I adore that last picture, your face is lit from within with such happiness it sparkles through the image. Congrats on your new little babes.
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oh leslie they're beautiful! So worth the wait, weren't they?
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