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Earth mama angel baby post partum kit?

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Has anybody used this? I am thinking about getting it

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I have no experience with this, but was also looking into buying it. I'll give this post a
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I really like their products. I would recommend the breastfeeding kit over the pp kit, but if you can afford to get both then I say go for it. The booby tubes were awesome.
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I love(d) all of their products
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A friend got me the bottom spray and the balm after birth, and it was amazing!! I had 2nd degree tearing and it really hurt, and I had to go back to grad school classes 3 weeks PP an hour away several days a week, and I don't think I could have stood sitting for a 3 hour class (plus 2 hr. drive) without it. . .it feels cooling and relieves itching at the stitches. When I was at home I sat on a soft ice pack but I couldn't do that in class

That being said, I hope you don't tear--I will try some different things this time to avoid it

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I loved the bottom balm and spray. I wasn't crazy about the breastfeeding cream, it had pieces of stuff in it and I didn't find it very soothing but maybe they've changed the formula since I used it a year and half ago.
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Their nipple butter is WAAAY better than lanolin (lanishosh or however it is spelled). It goes on easy and smooth. It does have little bits of stuff in it, but totally worth it! I would get 2 tubs b/c when you need it you NEED it and you don't want to have to wait for another to come from the internet if you lose it, etc. I bought the bottom spray, but ended up with a C/S so never needed it.
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I used the bottom spray and balm well after I had my son, but when my small 'roid was still acting up. It was the best stuff I've ever tried! I look forward to trying the other things after this one comes.
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My sister gave this package to me as a gift. I am planning on using it in the next couple of days-I will let you know how it goes
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while I did not buy the kit I've been using some of the things in the kit along w/ some of their other products. Their nipple butter is great & the only one that my babe doesn't detest the taste of.
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LOVE it!!!
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