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My first period was fairly heavy, but my sister had a very different experience. My sister didn't need to use tampons or pads until after she had children. If she went to the bathroom and wiped about every hour and a half she was fine.

I had a lot of trouble not hating her when I was lying on the floor in the fetal position crying from the horrible menstrual cramps.
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My first period was when I was 10. I already had breasts but can't remember about pubic hair.

Anyway, I remember my first period being very heavy. The night before I was at sleepover with a bunch of friends and luckily it didn't happen until I got home.

My Mom NEVER talked to me about getting my period so I took care of it myself. I knew what it was but she never had a discussion with me to make me comfortable talking to her about it. I didn't tell her for a year.

I'm glad you are being supportive of your DD.
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My first period was light, almost spotting. So was the second. My third was a flood I was nine, I think.
One thing I need to remind you is that 28 days is an average cycle length, not a normal one- her cycles may be of a totally different duration when they settle down and that doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with her.
FWIW, I was nine, and I have no interesting hormonal whatsits whatsoever. Big hugs to the little girl, who is growing up, and to the mama who is watching her daughter bloom
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Oops, double post!
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Helen, I felt that hug right across the Atlantic. Thanks, mama. And thanks for sharing your experience and helpful advice. I showed her how to chart, but I will talk with her after school about allowing for the fluctuation of cycles; she is very literal-minded and would be very thrown if it comes at say, day 23 instead!

I want to reply to each person - so many of you had to manage without your mom's involvement, and I just had to give each of you a big
Thank you, everyone, for sharing. I appreciate all your thoughts and info!
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I was 14 and 1/2, and not really developed besides body hair - I still don't have a womanly body. I had been expecting it for years and was fully informed and prepared. I knew where the pads were in the bathroom and I took care of it myself. It was a week of brown stuff.. and I have been getting one every 27-31 days since, with sore breasts and cramps before. They have varying heaviness and duration, though after my recent weight gain they have been heavier and shorter.

I drank a 1/2 gal of milk full of hormones every day between the ages of 4 and 18. I looooved milk. Obviously if it had any effect on me it was the opposite of early puberty.
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I got mine at almost 12.5. I don't have a concious memory of what the flow was actually like, but I know it was kinda' "normalish" because I used my mom's stuff in the cupboard and told her what had happened.

I wasn't freaked out b/c my mom had given a rather clinical talk about it the year before (she was taking a trip and was concerned it might happen while she was gone. So she had told my DAD about that possibility. Needless to say, I was as mortified as an 11-year-old girl could be! )

My mom was pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. But in a pretty detached way more than in a cool way. I think I could have used a little more of the "Earth-Mother-Godess" thing (without it getting too fruity, no offense to anyone!) For years I just mimicked this approach of through and through practicality and never really gave any thought to the emotional side of womanhood, the worldwide sister-ship, etc. Those probably would have been good themes to "test the waters of" at that age.
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Originally Posted by gingerstar View Post
Due to hormonal issues (for which she sees a ped. endocrinologist) my 10 yo DD is in puberty (as in, actual breasts and full pubic hair). I do not need advice or comments on this,
I'm sorry, I have to. This is when I started and I was a DD at 11yo. Why (for my own curiosity - I would like my daughter to go later than me did you seek out an endocrinologist, and what do they do?
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She has thyroid issues, for one thing, which require her to be on Synthroid. This is handled by her ped. endocrinologist - our family practice does not manage that kind of thing in children.
We found that while tracking down other health issues.... I really would prefer not to go in depth with her health issues in "public".

There was nothing the endocrinologist suggested re:early puberty other than the fact that her thyroid being off caused issues with her pituitary gland, which caused early puberty. She was fully into puberty by age 8, therefore early, not normal sort of early. However, having her thyroid issues addressed allowed her body to slow down, so her period has just now begun, and her ped. endo. now says she is where she should be.

That is why I didn't really want to go into it; it isn't quite relevant.

I really don't think there is anything one can do to influence when puberty begins.
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Originally Posted by tessie View Post
My first was proper flow. And it started at night and I slept through it - nice.
yep... on my dad's bed - and he had no girls in his house ever, and I only visited him about once a month, if that... ::

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Originally Posted by want2bmoms View Post

yep... on my dad's bed - and he had no girls in his house ever, and I only visited him about once a month, if that... ::

I'm sorry you had that happen - that had to be tough on you. Thanks for sharing.
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