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Just plain nice!

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Put a check in the nice cashier column! I am so used to people saying goofy or often (unintentionally I'm sure) stupid things to me while pregnant that I just have to share this story...

Dd and I were shopping at Trader Joe's today, which is always interesting while 38 weeks pregnant with a toddler. When we went to checkout the lines were really long and as I was sliding in to one to wait this lady walked behind me and said, "purple balloon?" I took me a minute to realize that she was an employee, so I asked dd "oh, do you want a purple balloon?" and she says "no...slide over to the register with the purple balloons and I'll check you out." So while she's ringing us up she asks when I'm due. I tell her and she leaves the register (which has me totally confused for a minute) and goes over to the flowers and brings back this huge boquet and says, "May you have a safe and blessed delivery!" How nice is that? After she finished checking me out she shut down the register and went back to stocking her shelf. It was so obvious that she came over not just to help me get checked out quickly, but also to bless me with some flowers....How awesome is that?...I think I'll be smiling all day now!
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Oh wow!! What an awesome person, does it mention her name on your reciept? I would totally write a letter to her boss to tell them how wonderful she was!!
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OK, that brought tears to my eyes, and I don't even think hormones are to blame. That is an incredibly sweet story.
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That is so cool!
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Heck, that made my day and it didn't even happen to me.
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What a wonderful story! I agree a quick note to the manager would probably make HER day!
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that's awesome!!!
i was so happy the other day when the cashier at the grogery store asked me how much longer i had to go... and then he carried and put my groceries in the car.
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That is so awesome
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Originally Posted by merry-mary View Post
OK, that brought tears to my eyes, and I don't even think hormones are to blame. That is an incredibly sweet story.
Yeah, i'm all teary eyed, too. How nice, how very very nice.
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How sweet is that. Thanks for sharing.
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Aw, more tears here. It makes me want to go do something really nice for a stranger.
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Wow, how cool!
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That's wonderful!!
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