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Talk to me about cord blood banking

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Dont know if this is the right section to post this.....but many of you have already had babes and may have already researched this.

I did my last pregnancy, and decided against it bc my knowledge was that the baby's cord needed to be clamped early to collect the blood. I wanted to delay cord clamping, so that wouldnt leave any blood in the cord to be collected (well, not enough)

My dad recently died of ALS in Jan, and prior to his death I offered to have a new baby sooner so we could get the cord blood and stem cells so they could use it for him (it is a new experimental type treatment, giving stem cells to als patients) He decided not to, but now my mom is offering to pay for it for the new babe bc she is so horrified by all the diseases it could potentially cure. But, I feel I would rather my babe get the blood he/she needs from the cord than bank on the chance that he/she will get a disease that the blood can assist with.

So, does anyone else have more info about this. What did/will you decide to do? Just curious about everyone elses opinions.
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I so badly wanted to donate my cord blood with DD. But, I was denied b/c I have Grave's disease. I will not bank. Personally, I get very irritated at companies instilling fear into parents. We live in such a fear based society. I just hate to "buy" into.
Not sure if I really answered your question, but did want to comment about it.
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I'm sorry to hear about your father.

I personally would rather my baby get the blood that is supposed to go into his/her body than to bank it. I know there is always the potential of these diseases as our kids get older, I just don't want to be ruled by fear.
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I don't think cord blood banking is so terrible, especially if you have a family history of a disease that may be helped by it. With my son, I opted not to do it because I wanted the blood to go back into him (ie delayed cord clamping). Then I had an emergency c-section and my whole birth plan went in the toilet, including that.

But in your case I'd probably do it. Delayed clamping/cutting is good for babies, but hardly any babies get it and I don't think it has that much of an effect on them.
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hardly any of the blood banked has been used. I think that children not getting their blood at birth has a huge impact on theie health, just because it has become the "norm" for children to be anemic does not make it normal. After the act of immediate clamping became routine, iron also became a routine additive in formulas. I think in the rare case that your child would need a transplant or other need for the cord blood it may be useful, but the chances are slim, personally I think my children need their blood from the beginning 100%. Here are some informative articles.


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Thanks for the responses.

My dad had non-genetic ALS, so it does not run in our family, so that is not a concern for us. It is just that there was no cure for als for my dad, so my mom would want to have a cure if my child did get a disease that could be cured by his/her cord blood.

Ive decided against it, though. Im going to send her the links to the info. She likes to be well informed and totally trusts my judgement, so it wont be a problem, just wanted to make sure I was seeing all sides of the issue.
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I know this thread was from a while ago, but I did some more research after my dh questioning again why we werent doing this (he totally trusts my judgement and just couldnt remember why we (I) decided not to do it because his friend was asking him about it.

So, I called the Viacord and CBR. They both said that we could get the kit, and if for some reason we are not able to get enough blood from the cord after delaying the clamping, we will not be charged. I told them we plan to delay the clamping, and there may not be enough blood left in the cord to collect, and they said they understood that, but it would be very rare the practitioner would not be able to get some blood from the cord, even after waiting for the cord to stop pulsing, etc, unless we decided to not cut the cord at all (lotus birth, for example) The blood will be collected from the cord AFTER the placenta is birthed and is in the basin, not when it is still inside of me.

We are going to get the kit and have it on hand, and just collect whatever blood is left after all is said and done. The plan is to delay clamping AND collect the blood. Just figured Id share the info I found.
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