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How early can pregnancy symptoms show up?

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Hi ther,
I think I might be pregnant but just barely. Either that or I'm really subconsciously wishing I were and giving myself some phantom symptoms. Anyhow, dh and I dtd 7 days ago and he wasn't careful and didn't stop in time (sorry TMI!). Well turns out that was day 14 of my cycle! I always have EWCM and middleschmertz (sp?) and hadn't had that yet. Well of course the next day I had lots of cramps and what I think was EWCM (but could have been from dtd). I was a little worried but tried to put it out of my mind because of course I would have the 2ww before I could know.

Well yesterday dd was nursing and it hurt, way more than usual (but more nipple pain, not so much breast pain - still does today) and then tonight dh was making chicken and I almost threw up because I could smell the raw chicken when I walked by.

So am I crazy? How early did others get pregnancy symptoms?

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With this pregnancy (which was TOTALLY unexpected) I was having symptoms about 10 days before AF was due. So basically right after conception. Nausea, exhaustion, etc... I thought I had the flu. I honestly didn't think I was PG until hubby insisted I take a test 1 week post AF being due.
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I had HELLA sore boobs a couple of days after conception. It took me another few months to figure out I was pg, but the symptoms were there right from the start!
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With my daughter, I got pregnant on Friday and stated waking up in the middle of the night to pee on Monday.

With my son, my milk supply dropped right away and it hurt like hell to nurse her. A week later, I took a test and it was positive. BTW, my milk supply never went away all the way and dd nursed until her brother was 9 months old and she turned three.
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Sore nipples nursing a 3y/o...very sore and i got a killer yeast infection...hadnt had one in years....i knew that hormones were stiring up..reasoning for the yeast. Do you keep up with your basal temp? I knew for sure that way..my temp stayed up and never came down...didnt do a pregnancy test...just read my temps.
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I have typically started feeling ill about 6-7 DPO.
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Thanks for the responses! I wonder if I am? We aren't trying because I have a whole year left in nursing school and really hoped to finish before getting pregnant again. But if I am, a baby is always a blessing so we will make it work! I'm definitely having some cramping and sore boobs with nursing so we will see!

Oh, I wasn't charting yet since we were planning to wait until the end of the year so I unfortunately can't see if there has been any temp change.

AF will be due Tuesday so I can probably test this weekend if I can't stand just waiting. I hate how expensive the test are so hopefully I can just wait it out.

Thanks again ladies!
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