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Muddy Dingoes bring May Flowers!

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Okay I'm reaching...

Muddy Dingoes bring happy mama's?
May Flowers bring Sneezing dingoes?
May Flowers chase the drama away?

We are a group of runners, woggers, wanabes, expecting, birthin', group of powerful women! come join us, share your travels!

I can't believe I'm starting it again, now watch someone else is doing it at the same time
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I had my first anxiety dream about running last night for the 1/2. I dreamt that I forgot my shoes at home. But, it was on the way and I just had to run about a 1/4 of a mile to get them. And I got to run with this really gorgeous man! So I'm really not sure what THAT dream was about? I actually woke up laughing at myself.
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good morning - BBM and Drjen and everyone else with races coming up - you're going to do fine! the spirit of the day will carry you through and you're going to be strong and have fun.

nothing going on here. just trying to get some orders out before work. back is feeling like a normal sort of hurt.

have to go serve up more cereal. talk to you later.
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Here's the race list. PM me if you'd like me to add something for you!

: : :: : : :: : : :: : : :
: : : :

nancy926 - vermont city marathon 2 person relay- May 25
modmom - 10 miler - May 25
tjsmama - Bolder Boulder Memorial Day 10K - May 26
grnmtnmama - Swimming Hole Sprint Triathalon - June 1
kate~mom - Lehigh Valley Road Runners Summer Series 5K II Allentown, PA June 4
tjsmama - HRCA TuneUp Sprint Tri - June 7
Jenlove - Hope Memorial Relay - June 8
2babybees - Ann Arbor Tri - June 8
bec - North Shore half marathon - June 8
1jooj - Bellin 10k - June 14
Jenlove - MACC Run 5k -June 21
SugarandSun -Shelter Island 10k -June 21
JayGee - Eagle Creek Sprint Triathlon - June 21
kate~mom - Wilson Area Partners in Education 5k Race Easton, PA June 21
towsonmama - Dreaded Druid Hills 10k - June 28
tjsmama - Danskin Women's Tri - Denver -June 29
Jenlove - MRCRide 70mile bike ride- June 29
kate~mom -Lehigh Valley Road Runners Summer Series 5K III Allentown, PA July 2
HBM & mamabeth -Peachtree Road Race (10K) - July 4
CherylAnn - Chelanman Multisport Weekend - half marathon July 19, sprint tri July 20
2babybees - Clark Lake Tri - July 20
tjsmama - Boulder Peak Triathlon - July 20
Kitsune6 - Northwest Passage Relay - July 25 & 26
mothercat -women's only tri/dri tri July 27
JayGee - Indiana Downs Sprint Triathlon - August 3
kate~mom - Lehigh Valley Road Runners Summer Series 5K IV Allentown, PA Aug 6
2babybees - Sylvania Tri (international distance) - August 10
mothercat - Sylvania Tri - sprint/bike August 10
Plady - Friday Harbor 8.8k Loop Run - August 16
Megs_BK - WunderWoman Sprint Triathlon - August 17
JayGee - Accenture Chicago Triathlon (International Distance) - August 24
shantimama - toronto waterfront half-marathon Sept 28
Naughty Dingo -Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon - October 5
towsonmama- Baltimore Marathon - October 11
SugarAndSun - Steamtown Marathon - October 12
its_our_family - 99th Annual Thanksgiving Day Race (Cincinnati) - Nov 27

The Preggo Dingo List
pumpkinseed - June 15
VeganCupcake - Sept 2
muppet729 - Sept 9

athansor - welcome baby Joshua! :

And last but not least, we have a private Yahoo group. Submit a request to join and mention your MDC username in the request so we know who you are.

We have a cooking blog, a knitting blog and a location map...but I think [?] all of those are moderated by Eksmom who is currently BABYMOONING!elcome baby Griffin!
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Hey Poppy-thanks for doing the list duties. Could you add Mamabeth, Cathtoria and me for the Mayor's Challenge on May 17th? Thanks.

I'm heading out in a little while to meet Cathtoria for a run!

BBM-That's some dream!
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I'm off today for tapering.

Hal's schedule calls for me to be off tomorrow too. That doesn't resonate well with me though. I think I may do an easy two miles in the morning. Rce is Saturday. Any thoughts?
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Good mornin', ladies!

bbm~I had a race anxiety dream last night too! I dreamt that I fell so far behind the other runners that my dh came by in his car to drive me ahead a few miles so I wouldn't miss the race cut-off. It makes me feel better to know other runners have a little subconcious freak-out going on too!

Okay, May, please let this be the month that dh finds a job.
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i'll post another reminder in this thread, just in case...

don't forget t-shirt orders! i'd like to have all checks/paypal by MAY 7 so i can place the order. i need at least 24, so i'll keep you posted if we fall shy.

if you don't know what i am talking about you can either join the yahoo group - it's all there!- or send me a PM and i will email you the info on the dingo '08 tech tee

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Good grief, I haven't had any running dreams yet, but I'm so suggestable I probably will now! My most common running dream is that I'm trying to run, usually in a race, but it's like the ground is quicksand and I can hardly move and I'm getting exhausted while people effortlessly run past me. Sometimes, though, I switch it up and I'm the one running effortlessly.

SugarandSun - I'm going to do 2 easy today, then be off Fri and Sat. In general I've found having fresh legs does me better in a race, but I'd go with what you are feeling.

I can't remember if eksmom posted back here again last night, but I talked to her by instant message and eksdad has kidney stones. He was able to come back home with pain meds, and was feeling okay again, but I think still has one stone to pass. I know they say kidney stones are like the equivalent of childbirth, but geez, what rotten timing!

Poppy - are you feeling any better?

RR - ran 4 easy last night, and they felt easy, which is good. Just 2 today and then wait for the race!
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Good Morning!

I've been waiting since last month for a new thread to start (I didn't want to jump in- have no clue why ). I'm training for a half in August and maybe the Richmond Marathon in November. Right now I am running a few local 5Ks and 10Ks in hopes of improving my time.

Right now I am doing long runs on Sundays with my 20 month old in the jogger. He seems to like our times out. I admit, that the stroller is killing my runs, I need to get my hands on either an actual 'baby jogger' brand or a bob, something that is simple and light weight.

Glad to be aboard!
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Hi all,
Haven't been running, or even walking much lately, but I did want to update that my due date is in 2 weeks!! Everything seems to be going well, and I'm hoping the new little one will stay put for another week, so I can get through the academic year!
Also, I'm going to be in the market for a new jogging stroller, preferably one that also converts to a bike trailer. I'll just need it for one, likely, as ds is probably too big now. Any recommendations?
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It just dawned on me - the Enell is probably being held up in customs at the border. Most things make it through just fine, but every so often they open up packages and check them out and take their sweet time to forward them. I will call the company today to check, but I expect that is what happened.

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It's bike day, so took the bike over to the route for the tri and did a quick 4 miles. Figured out that the fleece I had considered wearing if it's cold is definitely not going to be a good idea. There was a bit of a breeze and I could feel the drag.

The run trail is still not marked and rather than a 3K it looks like it will be more of 2.1 miles. Hope to walk it after the pre-race meeting Sat.

Oh, the race dreams. Keep dreaming that I get my foot tangled in the bike and end up in a huge heap with everybody falling over me. And the alternate is that I somehow get off the path and end up lost in the woods.
But, those dreams are all supposed to be a good sign-you get the anxiety out before the race, you've prepared well, right?!?!

Off to the chiro for a final tune up on my ankle, then genealogy in a musty library, and if it doesn't rain-the garden beckons.

Hope everyone is having weather as beautiful as we are today.

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Good morning and happy May Day to everyone from snowy (yes, that's right, I said SNOWY) Colorado! :

bbm~no running dreams here yet, but I think I posted my triathlon dream from last summer here a while back. Suffice it to say it involved missing my swim start and forgetting my bike and having to go to REI to get a new one during transition one!

sugarandsun~if you really, really feel like you need to run, I would probably do it today rather than tomorrow. You taper for a reason, to rest your legs before the race! Trust in Hal, he knows what he's doing!

athansor~I have and love a Chariot for my jog stroller/bike trailer. If you have an REI near you, they have the chassis and accessory kits on sale for 20% off tomorrow through the 11th for their anniversary sale. It's about the best deal you will be able to find. I got the double plus jog kit and bike kit last year for about the same price as the single normally is.

Welcome aboard to splendid and bjorker!

I know we have a few racers doing the Flying Pig this weekend, so I thought I would post this article about the race...I thought it was really interesting!

No running planned today...supposed to do a final 2 before Sunday, but with the crappy weather here I think I'll just bag it and call it good!
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Here's to a fine may 1 in duluth: prediction of snow, grey clouds and wind. But -- I'm handling some crappy aspects of my job today so I won't be running outside. I'm also feeling a bit under the weather -- I think I carry my stress in my stomach, urgh.

Originally Posted by athansor View Post
Also, I'm going to be in the market for a new jogging stroller, preferably one that also converts to a bike trailer. I'll just need it for one, likely, as ds is probably too big now. Any recommendations?
chariot. my 5.5 yr old still basically fits in the double with sister. Plus you can easily move the seatbelt/harness to the middle to balance the weight of one. three downsides: 1. cost -- it is spendy, 2. a little trickier to fold than say a bob stroller but not harder than a burley, 3. infants are a little trickier to put into a chariot (I hear they make something to make it work, but we began with both kids at about 5 months).

Hope all is well in dingoland. I need to run (both run run and get moving to something else).
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i spoke too soon. back seems to be hurting a lot and now i'm really jonesing for a run or a mountain bike ride. this sucks.

and there's something funny hurting in my leg. it's one isolated spot on the back of my leg near the hamstring, near the knee. but it's not a muscle thing or a knee thing. it's not swollen that I can tell or bruised - but it hurts all the time and is getting worse and the only thing in my head is blood clot only because i don't know why else it would hurt. anyone else ever experience something like this?
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Poppy! You're like the maitre'd of the Dingo Cafe these days! Please add me to the race list!!!!!! August 16, Friday Harbor 8.8k Loop Run. Catchy name eh? Well it isn't too long but I have to start somewhere right?

GMM - That's a scary thought, any reason to think you'd be prone to a clot?

Kerc - about the jobs. How about the PNW?

DrJen - THanks for the Eksdad update. Poor him!

BBM - That is a funny dream, I always have those forgotten-item-of-essential-gear dreams too, though not with a hot guy .
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ok race list all updated!
plady - that's what y'all get when i am laid up in recovery with a laptop better now that the pain meds are not as necessary...it was foggy going for a bit...SJI sounds wonderful, btw!
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