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Congratulations JenLove!!! This news makes my morning! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Originally Posted by Megs_BK View Post
Congratulations, dear woman! Thanks for sharing with us so soon so we can get right to the business of sending lots of love vibes and planning all sorts of good, sneaky stuff behind your back
: These Dingos are SNEAKY.

Congrats Dewlady on a great race, and welcome!

And a big woo-hoo to Megs and DrJen w/ newly decided marathoning... can't wait to support you and hear all about your training!

Gaye, glad you survived the party and I hope that you feel well-rested this morning. Can't wait to see the pictures!

DD calling, must go...
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so much good news around here! it's very uplifting!


that's so exciting!!
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Congratulations JenLove!!!!::: That is so exciting!!

RR - I ran a little over 5 yesterday pushing the jog stroller with my brand new 5 year old in it. Wind + hills + big kid in jogger = really tired arms! Actually, though, would have been a great run if I didn't have to keep stopping to answer the phone because I'm on call.

NRR - my baby is 5 years old already. My last baby. We had presents yesterday, but I didn't get her cake finished so friends are coming over this afternoon for cake and to play outside a little bit. The cake is a pink sea monster - I'll have to put a picture up for you guys.

Important question: Any good ideas of what to do with my almost 11 yr old ds for the summer? The local Y used to have day camp every year, but they aren't this year. He really doesn't want to go to the baby sitter's (where he is the oldest by 5 years - there are 8 kids 6 and under) and staying home with his sister is an option, but the first day (Friday) we tried it he called me twice because he was bored! I'm thinking I have to come up with an activity schedule for him. He's going to restart piano lessons with me, and he just got a new model boat to build, now what else can I schedule for him?
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Congratulations JenLove!!!! :

I now have two sick little girls So far so good with ds,but we'll see how long that lasts.
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Jen love!!!!!!!!!
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doctorjen: couldn't figure out the "new 5 yr old" thing untill you mentioned a birthday! haha

shantimama: sorry you have 2 sick ones! that is always hard.

I feel really great today, and I am wondering if anyone take the time to share with me some tips to improve my time for the next 5K. I found another one locally that I am gonna sign up for on the last weekend in june, so any training tips would be amazing...I really don't know what I am doing, I just run here and there and then stretch and go. meaning anything you have tip wise will help me. I am gonna run with dh who never has done a 5K before and our 16 yr old niece who lives with us. She was a cross country star last year and took a year off from the pressure. her last 5k time was a 20! and she also has been smoking and wants the encouragement to stop so we are all in this one together!
I love chatting with other mamas who are out there doing this already, thanks.
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I have one sick one as well. EK woke up w/ a 100.8 fever at 8:45. She's back asleep so we'll just keep an eye on it and see where it goes, but that doesn't seem to bode well to have a morning fever.

On the upside, I am getting laundry done and just vacuumed the whole house except for our bedroom.

And I meant to say, I have "RR" to report from yesterday... I did a 50 minute walk, with 40 minutes of it brisk, pushing DS in the stroller. I actually sweated and breathed hard. The heat probably had something to do with it but still... when I got home and my leg muscles were twitching and everything, and I sat down to stretch, I felt more like myself than I've felt in nearly a year.

I still do not have a new running bra but I did at least go get measured at Vicky's yesterday. The running store is not open on Sun. so it will have to wait until sometime this week.

Shanti, healing vibes to your family.

Belated birthday wishes to DrJen's DD and Gaye's DS!!

Oh - re: allergies... is it just really bad this year? My poor DH is having a terrible time. He normally is on Claritin in the spring anyway, but this year it's like it's not helping him at all. We still have pollen on the windshields and it seems like it's been that way for longer than usual.
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Originally Posted by eksmom View Post
Congratulations JenLove!!! This news makes my morning! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!
Well you all made my morning! Thank you for all of the support.. I am sure I'll need it.

Poppy ~ You can take me off of the list for the 50 mile relay. Since I haven't been running distances like that, I don't want to push it that much. I am going to be their support driver now though, and hopefully I can get out and run a few miles with someone.
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June dingoes

How does a new thread for June get started?
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JenLove -congratulations on the pregnancy.
Protein, lots of protein to combat morning sickness. However, I hope your morning sickness will be minimal.
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jenlove~: : : Congratulations! How exciting!!!

dewlady~ Speedwork! I joined a group that does track workouts and it has helped me SO much! I bet you could find a group near you if you look around or ask at your local running store...there are several here and they meet at different times. OR, you could just look for some track workouts online and do them on your own, but I find I need the motivation of doing it with a group. I've dropped from running a 10+ minute mile when I started doing track workouts in February to running an 8:30 pace in my 5k a few weeks ago. It helps a ton!

eks~YAY for rr, of any kind!

Originally Posted by JayGee View Post
tjsmama ~ have a great ride/run! By the way, how long is your longest ride for your Olympic distance training? The plan I'm using has me riding up to 50 miles, which seems excessive to me. Plus, I'm pretty sure talking my DH into watching all three children while I ride for 3+ hours on a Saturday or Sunday just isn't going to happen !
Training plan? What's that? : Seriously, I've been meaning to get on some sort of scheduled plan, but with all my races over the past two months, I just haven't. I think I'll put that on my agenda for tonight, because I KNOW I need to get some structured training for this. And I need to do it now, the race is only 6 or 7 weeks away. : Of course, then we go to Ohio in a week and that will blow my training all to hell. Oh well.

Originally Posted by mothercat View Post
How does a new thread for June get started?
Somebody starts it and links to it here. I would do it, but I just can't think of any kind of clever thread title.
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18 mile bike ride with C (2 miles pushing my bike home after the crank ceased up). I made her hungry and thirsty, so it was a good ride.

Now I gotta fix my bike. :

Originally Posted by mothercat View Post
JenLove -congratulations on the pregnancy.
Protein, lots of protein to combat morning sickness. However, I hope your morning sickness will be minimal.
Giving birth combated morning sickness for me. : But yeah, getting enough protein, keeping the blood sugar even help most people. Morning exercise actually did the most for me. Let's hope you have just enough ickies to make you confident in the stickiness, and nothing more. :
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Jen - Congratulations!! The only time I felt good with E during the first four months was when I was running. I think I actually upped my mileage some days because of that. Yay for you!! Usually by month 4 though they're gone, some are lucky and it's sooner.
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Originally Posted by JenLove View Post
I'm going to have a baby! I got a positive test today. You are my first online friends to know because I had to share it with my Dingo sisters first. My family knows already. I was having a BBQ for my DH tonight for his going away to summer camp, so it quickly became a I'm pregnant party. My MIL didn't believe me and asked to see my tests! I think I'm still in shock!
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!
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