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Moving to San Diego

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Hi folks,

I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Tasha, mom to Adriana (22 mths), wife to David and expecting baby #2 on Feb 10.

We are moving from Calgary, Canada to San Diego so DH can start Law School in January. Before kids I was a curriculum developer and online instructor. I still do a little of that at home as a contractor, but mostly I'm a SAHM.

We're a co-sleeping, extended nursing, gentle discipline sort of family. Glad to be here and meet some like-minded moms.

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Welcome Tasha!

Welcome to CA soon! I am about 6 hrs north of SanDiego- wish I were there! LOL. You are definately in the right place for like minded moms! I am new myself and find so much comfor from this website. I have not posted too much just taking it all in. I love it here! Take care and I think u will like San Diego!
Congrats on the new upcoming baby!

Amber- Mommy to Chloe- 2yrs 4 months and married to DH for $ great yrs.
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Hi there
So happy to have you here with us! Enjoy yourself with us
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~ Hi Tasha ~
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Glad you're here!

Happy posting!

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