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Jack got himself born!

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...and right on his due date just like his big sister! (well, basically). He was born the morning of the 29th, perfectly wonderful and healthy.

A couple days before the edd, I started leaking fluid, but I really didn't know what it was. Mucous plug? Discharge? It didn't seem heavy enough to be amniotic fluid. I called the MW (hospital CNM) to see if I should have it checked out.

When she examined me, she was very worried about infection, since my membranes had ruptured over 48 hours before. Since I hadn't started real labor yet--although I was having mild, irregular contrax--she suggested I induce. I was pretty bummed out about that since I really didn't want a medicated birth this time around. DH and I took a long walk to see if labor would start on its own, but in the end I agreed to the pit. The contrax were very manageable up until I reached 5 cms--at which point I was writhing in agony--which is very hard to do with fetal monitors and iv's all over the place.

I screamed for an epidural. Once it was placed, I had about 10-15 minutes of relative peace until I realized that the pain medication had basically skipped my torso and landed squarely in my legs (which really didn't need medication ). The contractions were just as strong and painful as before--but the good news was that at that point I had reached 10 cms and was ready to push. That hurt like hell even more, AND, I couldn't use my legs at all.

But, in the end, we got our beautiful baby boy, so it was all worth it. But I think I really should have followed my gut and had a homebirth. That's what I really wanted...

Post-partum and neo-natal care in the hospital is another trip altogether!
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Congratulations! Can't wait to see photos of your little one
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Congrats Momma!!
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Congratulations! Wooohooo
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Congrats, glad everything turned out OK!
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Congrats Mama! Sorry to hear about the messed up epi.
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Congrats mama!!!! :
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