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Ruby Marie Has Arrived! Hypnobabies homebirth

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Ruby Marie was born this morning around 6:30AM! She is 7 pounds 10oz and doing great.

I couldn't really get to sleep last night because I was having some mildly uncomfortable pressure waves (hypno speak for contractions). I got out of bed and took a bath in our little tub just to relax and think about how this could be it. I listened to my affirmations over and over (and posted on mothering )

I hung out downstairs listening to my CDs until the pressure waves were 5 min apart. I admit I could not stay in the "loose and limp" mode that hypnobabies calls for. But I did keep my lightswitch in the middle and rock my way through. I had some scared thoughts in my head that I couldn't do it because of the pain.

We called our midwives around then and I got onto the birth ball. I put in the "deepening" CD and listened and relistened to the 10 min portion that just counts you down deeper and deeper....lol...I just kept rewinding it and listening again and again...rocking on my birth ball and having DH put the heat pack on my back during pressure waves.

Midwives arrived around 4:30Am ish--and that's when I started to feel good pushing during contractions. I couldn't believe this was possible. My last two labors were 14 and 16 hours...it had only been like two! I actually said "this might sound crazy but i feel like pushing" everyone laughed and got onto the bed on hands and knees.

Here my mind kinda went a little crazy...I just felt like there was no way I could be ready to push yet. I think that actually slowed things down a little and stalled me for about an hour. But then I started thinking about my affirmations again and just kept repeating "open open open" and thinking "I CAn do this, I AM doing this". My midwife told me to feel where the baby's head was and that really convinced me! the head was right there.

I tried a few positions on the bed but nothing felt right so I went to the floor on hands and knees. Ruby Marie came soon after that, perfect in every way!!

The kids woke up around then and they had breakfast and then came upstairs to meet the new baby. DD crawled right up and started kissing. My son took a little longer to want to leave his aunt's arms, but soon after he joined me in bed and we all just snuggled.

I couldn't believe my labor was only like 4 and a half hours. It was amazing and I am so glad I did it here and used hypnobabies. While I did have pain, that deepening session over and over and especially the affirmations really helped me through.

It took us a while to settle on her name (we were so convinced we were having a boy!) we decided on Ruby, who is a woman who took care of my husband while he was growing up and still lives with his family today and helps us with our children when we visit.

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Congrats Momma!!
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Congratulations! What an amazingly short labor! Enjoy your little girl
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Congratulations!!! Welcome Ruby!

Glad to hear your account of hypnobabies working. I'm hoping it does the same for me
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Yay, another Obama baby is here!!

Congratulations, Carrie!!! It sounds like a wonderful birth. Enjoy your babymoon!
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Wow, that is like a dream birth experience! How wonderful. Congratulations
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What an awesome birth, congrats! Welcome Ruby, your momma gave you a nice name!
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Congratulations! You didn't end up going as long as your husband predicted. The birth sounds like it was great and now I'm thinking, "hmm...maybe I should have gotten more hypnobirth information."
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Congrats, mama!
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What a beautiful birth story!

I had such a similar labor with my last baby! It's amazing what our bodies can do when we allow them! I am so happy for you!
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Congratulations, Carrie! And I'm impressed that you are already back posting in Politics!

Enjoy your baby-moon!
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What a great story!!! Congratulations!
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congrats mama! I loved how you picked the name, what a wonderful story!!!
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Congrats and Welcome little Ruby!
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congrats from the other ruby! enjoy your babymoon!
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