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Product name: Carina Organics Pure and Natural:
Extra Gentle Shampoo and
Cool Mint Scalp Stimulating Conditioner

Brief description of product: Shampoo and conditioner with no sulfates, synthetic fragrance, etc. No animal testing, no animal byproducts, cruelty free. (however, the conditioner does use beeswax)

Store/Site of purchase: Save-On grocery store

Price: $11 cdn each

How long have you used this product? conditioner- months. Shampoo- days.

Fit/Sizing: n/a

Performance: keeps my scalp from itching (at least the conditioner. I'll have to try the shampoo a few more days), which has been a big issue for me- I've tried many types of shampoo and conditioner.
Leaves my dry hair feeling soft and looking shiny and not frizzy. No funky buildup like other shampoos and conditioners have left.

Quality: seems high quality to me.

Customer Service/Communication: don't know...

Would you purchase this product again? conditioner, definitely. I know it doesn't make my scalp itch. Shampoo, I really hope it doesn't make my scalp itch so I can keep using it!

Additional Comments: The shampoo smells so so so good. Not flowery powdery type smell, but EO type smell. Yum! The conditioner feels nice and tingly on my scalp.
The company is local (for me) and they seem concerned about safety of ingredients, and prominantly display that they do no animal testing, etc.

I give it (How many up out of five?): 5 out of 5!