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Anyone else miss being pg?

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DD is 6 wks old, and I can't believe how the time has flown. And every time I see a pg mom I get that pang, like I wish so much that I could be pg again for a bit- but I enjoyed being pg. Or to be in labor again- but again it was such a relaxed, beautiful experience. (Still working on the birth story, up to 10 pages or sometjing now. . . )

So tell me I'm not alone! I'm nowhere near ready to have another one, and honestly I feel more bonded to this little one than I think I did w/ the other two (thanks to actually getting a baby moon this time!) But this longing to be pg again seems stronger than it did the other two times. Just seems so weird.
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I totally miss being pregnant, and someone should spank me for even thinking that, because I did not have an easy pregnancy this time. I am not even sure what it is I miss. Um...the constant fear that something was going to go wrong? The contractions every 10 minutes from weeks 22-41? I was worried my entire pregnancy, and uncomfortable for the last half of it, and completely miserable with discomfort, and only sleeping for 40 minutes stretches at a time at the end. Let's not forget, I was so huge, I had one pair of pants that fit me at the end. Then, to top it all off, I had a dysfunctional labor from hell that completely beat the stuffing out of me.
I think it was the universe's way of saying to me "you are really done. REALLY, REEEEALY DONE". And yet - I miss it. Like I said, someone slap some sense into me!
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I totally have belly envy!

I love seeing the round bellies in the spring sunshine and remembering mine... sigh! And how my little babe wiggled and kicked... wish I had a video of that! I love the blanket I knitted while on bedrest in Jan & Feb - it is my best souvenir from pregnancy. Every evening I knitted a few rows for my mystery baby whom I loved even though I didn't know who they were yet! I put my maternity clothes (that I absolutely hated by the end!) into storage - I thought I'd sell them or give them away but I'm saving them for another eventual pregnancy - I can't part with 'em!
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no. no. no. let me say it again, no!
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not even a little bit

I didn't even have a difficult pregnancy. I know some people like being pregnant, but I'm not one of them. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either.

I like having Katie on the outside much better
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I'm with ya ladies - the poor friends of mine who are pregnant are tired of me going on and on about it by now.

It's like I'm living vicariously through them now that they are getting closer . . . and like a pp said, it's not like this pregnancy was easy with bleeding, 3 months of bed rest, gestational diabetes and beng GBS +!

Funny how the mind works . . .
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oh man!! no way.
I feel bad for pregnant moms!!! I see their belly and remember all the sleepless nights!! and horrible 12 hour uncomfortable night shifts... bah!!!!
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i am still having the sleepless nights but at least my restless legs are gone
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The only thing I miss about being pregnant is the wasted quiet time I should have used to finish sewing my diapers. I'm having a dang hard time trying to find time for it now. But back then, I just couldn't convince myself to use my precious evenings when the kids were in bed to sit down and sew. All I could do was veg on the couch.

Otherwise, no way do I miss it at all. I have before - I remember getting little gas bubbles and being reminded of baby kicks, but I don't even miss the fun parts this time. I only find myself thinking how GREAT it is that the big belly is gone! Have to dash off to calm the older two? Good thing I could run! Want to sleep on my stomach? Good thing the belly's not in the way! Want to get by DH in the tiny kitchen? So glad I could fit! It's all good.
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Nope, sorry. I'd like to have the time I had when I was pregnant, but that's about it. I love being able to skip about lithely if I choose (hehe... semi-lithely, then).

And in no way, shape or form do I miss being in labour...
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Yes! I loooove being pregnant, I always miss it.

I sure do love little sweetpea, though!
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Wow, this is intriguing. I DON'Tmiss it, and I had an easy time except the five days of difficult labor. I enjoy seeing the bellies, but part of that is that mine's gone...
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no, and that would be a HELL NO. But baby bellies are indeed too cool.
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I agree with the HELL NO! folks

seriously, it's such a delight to eat because I feel hungry and not because it's time to eat.

I also like being able to fit through small spaces again (except when pushing my preschooler in a stroller and wearing the baby and a backpack full of diapers...lol) and sleeping however I want and being able to move (mostly) and so on.

Labour wasn't fun either but I would definately take that moment of seeing the baby for the first time again and holding her for the first time, feeling her soft head and snuggling her in. mmmmm. The special feelings those first couple of days...THAT I miss!
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I'm on the fence LOL. I do miss labor though. I could go through another child birth. I just don't want another baby LOL. Well, I don't want another baby as a single mom and a better income would be another definate must!
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Okay, I have to know... what do you miss about labour??? Why? It was one of the most unpleasant experiences I've ever had, to put it mildly! I mean, looking back there were a few cool things about it--I liked how close DH and I felt during it all, and I liked how when I was pushing I felt like I knew what to do, and changed position and stuff and just sort of got 'into it'. But I like those things as memories, definitely not as 'ooh, I wanna do it again!'.

So, tell me! Why do you miss it? I'm agog...
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God yes & for the most selfish reason ever, When i'm prego my belly is *cute* & my breasts are big, full, & perky. When I'm not preo my breasts look like deflated baloons & my stomach looks like 10 miles of bad highway
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