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May 2008 in 2008

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I managed to FINALLY get rid of the boxes and bags of clutter I had waiting in the car to go to the consignment and thrifts stores.
190 items GONE! yeah!

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Way to go!!! Doesn't it feel great to get RID of STUFF! ?
I was coming on here to report that I have already hit over the 2000 mark for this year. I didn't know we had so much STUFF!!!! We are moving in a month & I have been delcuttering, organizing stuff, and freecycling/giving to thrift stores with no mercy. As of today I am at a count of 2414 PLUS 7 garbage bags full of clothes which I didn't count. And I am to say that it's hardly made a dent...:
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6 magazines
6 articles of clothing
4 pairs of shoes

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6 things out of the camper

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4 magazines
1 booklet
4 pairs of shoes

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1 game
1 box
1 toy
1 blanket
7 booklets
7 magazines

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30 things from the camper and garage


Whew! I'm done for today.
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1 big bag of robot parts, etc.

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15 more things mostly clothes

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1 video
1 CD
1 CD holder
2 books
15 things from junk drawer

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Another 5 things from the garage and 3 magazines

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Okay, there are 11 posts on this thread, and I've made 9 of them. Come on!!! I'm getting self conscious!
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8 CDs

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I'm not counting but I just had to share without starting a whole new thread... I have been begging DH to clear out his clothes for literally years now. His stuff took up the whole closet (it's a BIG one) and a large four-drawer dresser. Today I piled up all his clothes on the bed in categories - sweatshirts, jeans, dress shirts, that sort of deal. He came in and threw everything on the ground into two piles, keep and ditch. The keep pile included a lot of "wow, I forgot I had these!" items and the ditch pile included things from his high school years even. (We live in the house he grew up in.) At the end of the maybe 10 minute process we have three huge contractor bag full of clothes he does not need, and half the master closet's worth of good, quality clothes. I'm so pleased it's not even funny. I can finally keep my clothes in the closet too, and I won't have to wonder where to stuff his clothes in after I do the laundry. I'll post pics as soon as I find the camera wire DS walked off with. The visuals are very impressive.
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Wow - that's great AlpineMama!

We finally decluttered...................

A CAR!!!! Yes, finally! I'm not even going to post how long that thing's been in the garage.:

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I haven't cleaned my house since I first/last posted on this thread! I was a zoo in here but between DH and I we managed to declutter about 20 things. I'm getting a few more things here and there but not too much lately. Just can't be motivated when I've been so motivate to get outside and be active, much more than usual!

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Hi mamas!

I would like to join you please. I really need a kick in the a$$ to keep up with the decluttering and organizing. I see that most of you have 2222/2008 thingys in your posts. Is that how much you have gotten rid of and how much you have left to go/goal?

I have 9 boxes of baby clothes waiting to go to goodwill as soon as someone brings downstairs for me :

I gave 4-5 big baby items to a young PG woman who was in need of stuff.

I also have 3 hefty bags of garbage waiting to be brought downstairs :

How do I count this stuff?

Thanks for any help you can give me
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Oh my goodness, I was supposed to be doing this 2008 in 2008 thing, and I have seriously fallen off the wagon. I have a running tally on the whiteboard in my kitchen ..... 240/2008 :

Spur me into action PLEASE!!
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Originally Posted by MyOcean View Post
How do I count this stuff?
If I haven't counted the stuff in a bag/box, I just make a guess at a total.
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4 random things from our electronics/cords drawer

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