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Hi wise & experienced mamas who've BTDT, I am dealing with my first sick kid and it's really awful.

The past few days I've been really sick with a stomach bug for the first time that I can remember (meaning the last time I must've been a pretty small child). I hoped that since my 1 y/o still nurses a lot she might not catch it. I was pretty much 98% better yesterday, but DD woke up at 3 am this morning vomitting and has been on and off since then (it's 8:30). After the first time she nursed, but after throwing that up she has been resistant to nursing since. Now she is just throwing up greenish stomach fluids and dry heaving. Every time I try to nurse her she gags.

Dr. Sears Baby Book says to treat vomitting like diarrhea--to prevent dehydration. Recommends making popsicles out of electrolyte solutions (Pedialite?) and to offer the breast frequently but for shorter times.

I took her temperature this morning because she was feeling really warm to me, but it was only 37 degrees C.

As far as mood, after the 2nd time she threw up (the first time I thought it was just spit-up and dozed off) I had to change the sheets, obviously, which meant turning the light on and she was playing around on the bed being silly. Now that she is awake for the morning she is a little dopey but still trying to grab my book of the desk and babbling.

Does anyone have any tips to add to Dr. Sears' advice? At what point should I consider calling the family doc (she's never been at all, but is enrolled at our clinic). If she is showing serious dehydration signs? ETA: Should I be giving her anything to stop the vomitting? I was taking Gravol but have never given it directly to DD so I am a bit hesitant, to say the least.

Thanks so much in advance mamas.