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Sports: slides and balance beams

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I highly recommend a balance beam, if anyone has access to one. We have one at the playground, only 2-3 feet off the ground, with lots of sand underneath for falls. My 17 mo DD loves it! Mostly because when she gets to the end she knows she is going to fall off and that is so funny. (I cheat and hold her left hand for balance, also so when she falls I can "help" her fall the right way.) When they are this young they can walk on it really well. I think it is because they are so short that their center of gravity is just really easy to keep. And they've got that great curl-grab thing going with their toes. The only issue is also short attention span, so if an exciting dog comes by they forget where they are walking and fall off. But that is also the fun part!

What I am not really comfortable with is slides. Anyone else having trouble letting their DC take chances? DD loves slides, and now she can climb up, and slide down by herself and I need to let her be but it freaks me out a bit. At first I would helicopter and stand behind her because it was so hard for her to climb up the big ladders, and bigger kids would accidentally kick her in the head and she'd go flying to the ground. Then I would hold her hand on the way down, just in case she would lean back, but she only did that once. Now I sit on a bench and just watch, and I know it makes her happy and proud because she so enjoys doing it all herself. But it is still nerve racking.
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Oh yes, it is so hard to sit back and let them do their thing. Homer tried to go off the side, backwards, like he was going down the stairs. I'm glad his older brother was up there to hold him until I got to the rescue lol. We don't have a balance beam, sounds like fun!
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Oh, a balance beam would be so great; none of our parks has one, though. As far as slides go, I usually help DS on the higher ones, but the smaller ones (under 5 feet) he has gotten the hang of. Of course I'm always standing right there...The high ones scare the heck out of me, and I think he's pretty scared of the them, too, because overall he avoids them.
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I would be more comfortable with a balance beam with a soft landing than a slide. My and the slide don't have the best of relations right now since that's what DD fractured her leg on - so of course I am a bit biased
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I have only let DD try a slide by putting her halfway up with my arm around her the whole way. I worry so much about them.

The parks around here are basically a slide and a few swings, so I have no experience with a balance beam. It sounds like it would be fun, though!
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we have some little stands i bought at a garage sale and i just need to buy a 2x4 for the beam. you can turn it either way, for when they get better at it. we will use it in our basement all year round and moving is so simple cause you can just recycle the 2x4 and buy another one. dd loves the one at the park...thanks for the reminder to get ours out!
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