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16, single and pregnant

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Hi im Charlie and im 28weeks pregnant tomorrow. Im expecting a little girl who im naming Catlyn Jasmine. I can't wait for her to be here in the world. Im so exctied, but unfortunatley me and her dad are no longer together. Im 16 and her dad is 17 but he left me even before he knew i was pregnant, when i did tell him, he hit me in the stomach and then started demanding i have an abortion, i was so glad when i went to the docs after being hit they said everything was fine. Im not going to hide my age its not ideal bein pregnant at 16 but it happened and im taking responsibility for it and going to give my baby the best life i can. Looking to chat to any other mums.
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Hi Charlie

Welcome to the forum. I've been reading a lot of posts here since 2001 when I joined MDC. There are so many wonderful mamas here I'm hope you'll enjoy the company.

Congratulations on your baby. I'm sorry your x boyfriend wasn't mature enough to be a father. Sounds like you are strong and mature. Keep coming here for wisdom, advice and friendship.

BTW, I'm Anne (from Denmark), single mom to my six y/o son Elias.
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to MDC! I am Vanessa, mama to Byron and one on the way. I hope you can find lots of support here. You should join one of the due date clubs too....its great to chat with people who are due around the same time.
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Hi vanessa when is ur 2nd due?

Hope your doing ok. I have joined the due date mot for when im due thankyou.
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You might also want to check out http://www.girl-mom.com/.
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Hi, welcome to mothering.com! It's great that you found this website. I'm sure you'll be a wonderful mother. I know lots of women that are thirty with husbands, and they still shouldn't be having babies. My son was an "accident" as well. I was not with his father and when I told him, he just never spoke to me again. But I thank God for that every day, and if this jerk hit you in the stomach, you need to never, ever contact him again. Being a single mother is hard, but dealing with a jackss being near your child would be even harder. Trust me, when you hold that baby for the first time, you're gonna feel like a mother bear with her cubs and whoa to the fool who tries to get between the two of you. Just love that baby right, and everything else will fall into place. My life just gets better every day I spend with my son. Tell that to the idiots that will tell you that having a baby will ruin your life. Babies are the closest things to God we have on this earth...
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I'm glad that you sound in good spirits! I am pregnant with my 2nd child (and yet I find myself single again), but I got pregnant 7 years ago with my son at the age of 16. It is a whole new ball game and I'm so happy to hear you moving forward despite the horrible treatment that you have received from Catlyn's dad. Keep smiling! We're all here for you! If you need to talk or anything, feel free to private message me!

Oh! And take advantage of all of the resources that you can get! It will come in handy for you and your little one.
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Originally Posted by summer_sun View Post
Hi vanessa when is ur 2nd due?

Hope your doing ok. I have joined the due date mot for when im due thankyou.
6 weeks to go! June 15th. I post in this forum quite a bit even though I am not single. My partner is not ds's bio dad and I find there is a lot of support here regarding custoday/divorce.

How is your pregnancy going? Are you getting lots of help/info about breastfeeding/diapering/health etc?
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Yes im getting quite a bit of help and going to go to a birthing class as well. I am still not sure whether i want to breast or bottle fed Catlyn. I have some very supportive freinds who keep coming baby shopping with me and i wasnt expecting it but together they brought me Catlyn a pram, and to say they are not that old and not many of them work i thought it was so nice. A few people have not been so nice and have called me all the name under the sun, but i just acted like it wasnt getting to me because I am giving my baby a chance of life and even though i was only 15 when i got pregnant it never came across me to have an abortion. My parents havent been the best they did go mental at 1st which i can understand because it must have been a big shock but some of the stuff they said was unneeded, they are letting me and baby stay there but i am hoping to move out when catlyn is born and a little bit older.

Pregnancy is going quite well, not sleeping to well however. Homeschooling atm ready for exams from middle of may to middle of june will go back to sit them at school, by this time i will be heavly preg, and because we cant leave exam hall i will be in a diffrent room which will mean i can still go becuase in 2and half hour exams i will probery mean to. Esspecially glad nothing when wrong after x (baby's dad) hit me in the stomac when i told him about baby.
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welcome summer sun! you sound strong and healthy and determined; those are awesome qualities.

i did the opposite of you; i was 41 when i had my son! he is my only child and the light of my life. i was practically a single mama from the get-go. his dad and i are no longer together and while he didn't hit me, he probably would have if he weren't such a coward. he was verbally abusive and very passive aggressive.

JMO: breastfeeding was the total joy of my son's babyhood! it is such a sweet togetherness. there is nothing like the joy and bonding of nursing. if you are wondering about nursing, might i suggest you try La Leche League meetings? they are FREE FREE FREE mother to mother support for breastfeeding. look them up online for their homepage and from there, you can find local meetings wherever you are. did i say FREE?

i'm glad your parents are working out and chilling a bit. support is an awesome thing! this board also, helped me through my whole pregnancy, and now my son is 7 years old and i still come here daily!

good luck!
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I agree with mercyn.....breastfeeding my son was one of the most wonderful parts of having him. It was such a great way to bond with him. And breast milk is free and perfect for your baby. Formula is expensive and second best. I really hope that you give breastfeeding a shot. There are people who can help you if you run into trouble with it.....nurses or a Lactation consultant. Check out the breastfeeding forum here on MDC for lots of wonderful info!
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Thnakyou i will cheak it out
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Hi Summer Sun! I just wanted to tell you that no matter what your age and circumstances, we ALL have different obstacles in raising our children, whether it be our husbands aren't supportive, In-law problems, we're too young, too old, too fat, too skinny, bi-racial, wrong religion, etc.. In fact, I don't know one single person (as picture-perfect as their exterior may seem) who doesn't have their own set of problems. So don't ever feel alone in your struggles!!!
I watched my unwed, 19 y/o sister deliver a beautiful daughter whose father wanted no part of her life (he preferred drugs more). With him out of the picture, her life improved dramatically, and it allowed her to nurse (which she wouldn't have been able to do w/o being self-concious) and raise her DD the way that she wanted, without interference!
The best thing you can do now is READ, READ, and READ to educate yourself!
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If you decide that you want to breast feed - getting info before hand is really important.

The LLL (already mentioned) is a volunteer organization who is there to help all moms who want to breastfeed. You can find a group near you. You can also call and talk to a leader if you would rather not go to a group.


I don't know where you are - but this site can help you kind people close to you.

I found alot of support going to the group near me.

It's recommended that you go to a meeting BEFORE your baby is born to meet people and get some information. The first few days are very important.

I wish you the best of luck.
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I also enjoyed LLL
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