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coffee- how bad is it?

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I never had coffee or caffeine at all with ds. Now with dd I *need* a little in the am because of ds! I am talking 1 small cup each day.
Is this really bad? What are bad caffeine effects?
I guess I am feeling guilty.............
Anyone else indulging?
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My personal 15-year study tells me that drinking a cup of coffee a day while nursing has no ill effects on your baby. My test subjects are bright, happy, and healthy.
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I recently had the same question! Since like age 15 I've been a total coffee addict. During pregnancy I cut down to one small cup in the morning because I heard that that little caffeine doesn't hurt the fetus. When he was born I thought it might make him agitated which I didn't want, so I stopped altogether! But I just read in Dr Sears' Baby Book that only 0.5-1% of mama's caffeine level goes into milk! (unlike alcohol where her entire blood alcohol level goes to babe) Apparently only rare babies are hypersensitive, so feel free to give it a try! I'm waiting till we get over the colicky period though. Good luck!
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hooray! i will stop worrying as i indulge. i also looked it up in dr sears book and the only negative he listed is that is can be a fuss food.
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i love it, need it and drink it happily and guilt free!
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I cut down during pregnancy but I couldn't give it up.

What about iced tea? It has less caffiene and antioxidents too.
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you might look in to coffee alts. there was just a post about it over in veg*n land
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