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Originally Posted by Norasmomma View Post
No I made it up, the Thai tofu curry goes something like this:
It's really good, I made it because my friend was over who's a vegan. I LOVE it!:
Awesome -- thanks!
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No problem, enjoy.
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Sunday: baked ziti & spinach salad
Monday: Dinner at another MDC Mums house.
Tuesday: pesto pasta & garlic bread
Wednesday: garlic shrimp scampi & salad
Thursday: spanish marinated grilled chicken & side ofdamame
Friday: leftover chicken tacos & side of corn
Saturday: california rolls
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26 - Breakfast for dinner
27 - Cashew Chicken & Broccoli over Rice
28 - Fried Rice
29 - Chicken Pasta Salad
30 - Veggie Spaghetti with homemade sauce, Salad, Garlic Bread
31 - Sloppy Joes (from sauce, with added stuff), Carrots
1 - Tilapia, Broccoli, Brown Rice
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l-asparagus/sheep cheese tart (dd had goat cheese and rye crisps)
d-leftover pork, jasmine rice, sauteed mushrooms, shredded carrot salad

l-leftover tart, grilled mushrooms (dd will have leftover pork and rice)
d-pasta with spinach and pine nuts

l-leftover pasta
d-soup and grilled cheese

My MIL's coming on Wed to stay a few days. I haven't planned anything cuz I don't know if she wants to go out to eat...

But desserts will be: strawberry/mascarpone tartlets, bread pudding muffins with cranberries and apple
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Well my week has been a bit scattered. Last night we had Tofu stir fry and rice, tonight it's grazing night as I'd like to call it. DH worked all day today and my family came over, so we have leftover burgers from lunch and a bunch of snacky stuff. I feel filled up all day, I think I'm gonna pop.

Anyway the rest of the week goes something like this:

Tues: Crock pot pork loin roast w/ mole sauce(new recipe)

Wed: Grilled keilbasa and pasta salad

Thurs: Shredded pork tacos(double duty from Tues)

Fri: Sausage biscuit pizza

Sat: cook's choice

I think that's it, I'm not sure if we'll completely stick with this plan, but it's down.
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Last week's first-ever meal planning went well I'm sticking with weeknight dinners again this week. I actually canceled Friday's planned dinner because we had so many leftovers. If that happens again this week, then I'll just carry on with a regular leftovers on Fridays or Thursdays.

Week Two:
5/26 (Mon.) - Dollar Dog Night at the ballpark!
5/27 (Tue.) - stir fry with veggies, Thai tofu and brown rice
5/28 (Wed.) - kisir (Turkish Tabbouleh)
5/29 (Thu.) - something with seitan
5/30 (Fri.) - biscuits and gravy, spinach salad
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27-grilled chicken salads/chicken nuggets
28-rotisserie chicken, whatever veggies I pick up at the store
30-steak, salad, potatoes
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