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kjoy2 I was just looking for an update. Any babies yet? I'm kind of hoping you don't respond because you're too busy with two little ones!
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No, no babies yet. I have done lots of tricks to try to encourage the little ones out, including acupuncture, nipple stim, homeopathics, cohosh tincture, acupressure... I have had more BH contrax this week, a teensy-tiny bit of back cramping Monday morning... and that's it.

This afternoon I just mopped my entire house, hoping that if I pretend to be in uber-nesting mode, then the babies will soon follow

At 41 1/2 weeks I don't want to push my care providers too much - they have been so supportive and amazing but are somewhat shocked that the babies are still on the inside. We had a very early trans-vag ultrasound, so EDD cannot be too far off. I will try more nipple stim and acupressure tonight and, if no labor by tomorrow morning, will likely break out the castor oil. I do wish they'd come on their own accord... I feel somewhat puzzled and bad about trying to evict them, but my consolation is that at least I didn't follow 'twin standard' and do a pitocin-induced or c-section at 37 weeks. I let them cook, but now it's time to continue baking on the outside!
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You totally ROCK, mama!!! And you look gorgeous! I am in awe of you!
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Come on, babies! Wooooo-hoooooooo!


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I know it probably would not be for the "fun" of it at this point, but certainly having some sex at this point could hurry things along. (Not that you probably haven't already tried that!)

And I've heard of a formula you could try too: Get in a warm shower and do 5 minutes of nipple stim on the right side, then 5 minutes of nipple stim on the left side (separately) and then a 5 minute break. Repeat this for a total of a 30-minute shower and then go for a 30-minute walk. You can repeat the whole process again (for a total of 2 hours) before waiting until the next day to try it again. It will definitely give you contractions and HOPEFULLY get labor triggered! Do you know if you are dilated at all yet? And are you planning a hospital birth? I'm SO in awe of how far you've been able to carry these babies (not just physically but emotionally as well!). You truly are an inspiration!
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Wow, mama! Here's hoping those babies make an arrival soon!
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Come on babies! We can't wait to hear all about you! Way to go, KJoy!
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My MW said 70 minutes on the breast pump does the equivalent of pitocin. Just a thought! And good vibes!!!!
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KJoy, you still preggo out there?!? You are AWESOME, girlie!!! Sending labor and birth vibes to you!
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Hoping you are holding your babies right now!
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I know she had her babies, but I know absolutely NO details! Waiting, waiting.....
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YAY! Glad they are here!
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There is an update in her April DDC!
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Originally Posted by Intertwined View Post
There is an update in her April DDC!
with pictures :
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They're beautiful! congratulations!
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Oh my gosh, ladies!! I haven't checked this board in a while... you may have your twins in arms by now!!!

You both look fantastic, tho!!!

Nice job gestating!!!
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