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Scared, Don't Know What to Do, Advice Pls.

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Hello everyone,

My DS is almost 4 and has never had a single vaccine. We decided we would do a select few vaccines sometime this year, but haven't really gotten around to it. Now there's a measles outbreak in Arizona (we're in Tucson) and normally we wouldn't be concerned too much, as our DS is very healthy, but we have a 3 week old daughter and I'm concerned that if he does catch it, he'll give it to her and he little body just can't handle the measles.

But if we were to vax it is a live virus and he could still catch it. So we can't vax. We're just praying that he won't catch it. It doesn't seem there is much more we can do.
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I think if you're breastfeeding, your immunity (assuming you're immune) will protect your daughter.
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If your dd is breastfeeding then she likely has all the protection she needs. Your son could take cod liver oil daily.

Here is the information on the Switzerland Measles outbreak:


483 cases total for November 2006- July 2007.

Six percent of the 445 cases for whom a detailed questionnaire had been submitted were vaccinated against measles (18 with one dose and nine with two doses), 87% were unvaccinated, and the vaccination status of the remaining 7% was unknown. There were 43 cases (10%) requiring hospitalization. Among 445 cases for whom information about complications was available, four cases were reported with encephalitis (1%), all among children, 29 cases with pneumonia (7%, median age 10 years), and 31 cases with otitis media [earache](7%). No deaths were reported.
Switzerland Measles Outbreak - From Nov 2006 to Feb 2008:

"1405 cases
1319 cases for which detailed information available**

Hospitalizations** 104 -- 7.9%
Pneumonia** 63 -- 4.8%
Otitis Media (ear aches)** 62 -- 4.7%
Encephalitis** 6 -- 0.5%

The proportion of vaccinated patients has been low for all ages (Figure 4). There were 104 cases (8% of 1,319 cases for whom information about hospitalisation and complications were available) who required hospitalisation. Six cases were reported with encephalitis or suspicion of encephalitis (0.5%), all among children. No deaths have been reported." The average age is eleven.
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As you know measles is a live virus and a vaccine could shed that virus. It would be much more dangerous for your lo to be around any newly vaccinated child. But if you are nursing, she should have protection through you. And if there is a chance that she is infected, I would start taking CLO so that your bm has enough Vita A to help her get through it. I would start giving your older child CLO just in case. That is the best remedy for measles.

Truthfully I would not worry about it so much. What are the chances? And before anyone was vaccinated, kids managed to get over the measles also. At that time all newborn were at risk and I don't remember ever that being a concern. Of course moms passed on the antibodies -
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Thank you lades. She is breastfed, thank God. My DStakes probiotics and fish oils daily. I'll grab some CLO too. I'm pretty sure I had measles AND the vax when I was litle. thanks again..I feel better..I have been thinking @ this way too much.
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i don't think 10 or whatever cases in a huge city is much to worry about.
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Question @ CLO?

I read that CLO shouldn't be taken in the summer months because of the too much Vitamin D. Is this really an issue? We are in Arizona and its already 90+ degrees and DS does get outside a bit. Should we NOT do the CLO now? He takes fish oils daily and so do I but of course it doesn't have vitamin A.

He doesn't have the measles so we'd be taking it for any preventative effects for DS and for my newborn (I'm BF'ing her)...so if we supplement, how much should we be taking (him and me)?
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