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Super quiet dd-clubber

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Checking in to say I had my baby. Memphis James was born April 25th at
8:39am 8lbs 7oz 20 1/2 inches. he's healthy and nursing well.

I hope the link works and you can see his picture.

I wanted to Thank all you chatty mama's in here. comming and reading that others were going through the same stuff during pregnancy as me was so helpfull. It made me not feel so alone.
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Congratulations! Your son is so gorgeous - I love the hair!
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Congratulations! He's adorable!
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Congratulations! He's so handsome!
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Not in your DDC, but just wanted to say that he is one gorgeous baby! Congrats!
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Adorable! Congratulations!!! :
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He's beautiful and I love the name! Congrats!
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