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Urinating every 15 minutes

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Hi everyone-

Is it just me, or is anyone else already peeing every 15 minutes? It's either every 15 minutes, or every time I sit down and then stand back up. I never had this with my first until the very end. It's really hard chasing an active 3-year-old while always having to go to the bathroom!

Anyone else have this problem?
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For me it's 20 minutes. I've been trying to drink more water lately because I was a bit dehydrated and kind of puffy. That doesn't help with the bathroom situation, though. One day I went, then I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher (about 20 minutes) and I had to go again! I was trying to figure out if I'd gone or if pregnancy brain had kicked in.
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Oh yeah, I've got to pee all the time.
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you're not the only one! I have this too and it drives me insane, I feel like I've just walked out of the bathroom!!!

Luckily, it seems to go in cycles and isn't the entire day. And luckily, for me, it seems to be mostly focused on when I'm home. Only a couple times I've had to go so often on errand day, which means as soon as I get in the store, maybe while there, and on the way out, and right again once I hit the next store. Places without bathrooms are offlimits at this point.
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Yeah I pee all the time too. When I have a BH, which is a lot these days, it makes me have to pee also! I guess it squishes baby's head into my bladder.
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I get up to pee three times a night.... I didn't pee this much with DS! I think it's cause I wake up a little to check on him lots of times a night or he rolls over and smacks me and wakes me up and then I can't go to sleep again until I've peed.
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No tea!! Tea is Evil!!

I am avoiding diuretics like the plaque.
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I was just complaining about this to my DH I am getting up every 15-20 to pee and its driving me nuts specially at night time. The one good thing is my daughter is potty training right now so I ask her each time I go so thats been helpful.
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I don't even have to drink anything and I'm running every 20 minutes.
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Oh MAN yes!! And because I have to drink SOOOOO much because of the low amniotic fluids, I go about every 10-15 minutes!! I seriously have to "cut myself off" an hour before I go to pick up my DD from school/go to the store/run errands, etc., so that I'm not in DIRE straights to find a bathroom! LOL (Or leave a cart full of groceries to pee, etc.! ) And I have to be like a toddler! Cut myself off no later than 8 pm unless I wanna be up ALL DANG NIGHT going pee! Ha ha ha (And in fact, I had to get up in the middle of typing this post (subliminal message maybe? ) to pee!!!! Ha ha ha ha
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