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light bleeding?

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ANyone else have any short light bleeding? I am not sure exactly when I got pg, as this is a big oops birth control baby. I tested positive on friday (3 days late, and looking back, several days of symptoms). Sun morning I had 2 episodes of light bleeding, a little more than spotting, not as much as a light period. I totally freaked out (who know you could want something you never wanted in the first place, what a roller coaster). I was convinced I was miscarrying, but it stopped, lett then a couple hours. Could it be implantation bleeding this late in the game? I also figured out I have a UTI (common for me), could it be that? I am waiting for the ob to call me back now. Hopefully this will all turn out ok!
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I had some bleeding (bright red, only once when going to the bathroom) on the day I would have gotten my period, and my former OB told me that was very normal and nothing to worry about. I still was really panicky though and convinced myself I was having a m/c, but it never came back. It sounds like your bleeding was about 5 days later than mine, but that may still have been during the time you would have had your period, which could also explain it.
I don't think it could be implantation bleeding, since you can't get a positive HPT until a few days after implantation. Also, implantation happens from 6-12 days after ovulation, so the time doesn't seem to match up.
I would only worry about it if you have severe cramps or other sharp pain. I've read that some mild bleeding in early pregnancy is very common and not really anything to worry about.

Good luck, and try not to worry too much!
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Thanks, thats what I thought too, but its hard not to worry!
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I hope you get some answers from the doc!
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Originally Posted by LoganBsMom View Post
Thanks, thats what I thought too, but its hard not to worry!
Oh, honey, I know! It's impossible not to worry! I was a crying sobbing mess that day, and I'm still thankful every day that goes by with no problems.

Let us know when you find out everything is still okay.
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Commonly, that's called implantation bleeding. Can find a lot of articles on it if you google that phrase.

Every pregnancy I've had so far, I always spot and think I'm about to get my period. I also get light cramps so I'm sooo confused on why my period doesn't come.
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Thanks guys. The nurse practitioner didn't have a whole lot to say. She wasn't terribly reassuring, but it was ok. She offered to do an ultrasound, but I have no insurance, and ultimatly it wouldn't really make a differance, so I opted just to wait it out and see. So far no more problems. I do have a UTI though.
I think I am way overthinking things. I am constantly going "well, my breasts don't hurt as much today as yesterday" or "I'm not a queesy today as yesterday" etc.. I convince myself that I just don't feel pregnant, but I am EXHAUSTED. So maybe I am overthinking things. Oh well, it is mostly out of my hands, so we will see.
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From what I understand the darker spotting is less of a worry than bright red. Don't know if that helps at all, but anyway.
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I'm glad you guys were talking about this. I have had some spotting today and it has had me very stressed. AF should be here today or tomorrow. I'm convinced I'm having a chemical, but it is a little reassuring to see some people have been bleeding and are still pg. I guess if AF doesn't show tomorrow I'm going to call my OB and get a beta done. On a positive note, my FRER was darker today than yesterday. But I don't know if that means squat.
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More spotting today, this was even lighter, and mostly pink/brown and very light. Still doing ok though, no cramps or pain. Good luck at the ob tommorow, I am sure everything will be fine!
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Originally Posted by esteg0 View Post
On a positive note, my FRER was darker today than yesterday. But I don't know if that means squat.
Haha! I don't know if that means anything either, but I took a test every day until it was REALLY dark, and it was very reassuring! Like, something good must be going on, since there's more hcg, right? That was my theory, anyway.

I asked my midwife yesterday and she said that you can have implantation bleeding for several days - it takes some time for the little one to burrow on in, apparently!
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Emily- how did your appointment go? I am doing fine today, went to the gym and the park, no problem. I would think if something was goind to happen eminantly that exercising would speed it up. Lord am I TIRED!!!!!!
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Thanks for checking up on me. Things were much better today, little to no spotting (and I should know since I was obsessively checking!). I went to the OB's at lunch so won't hear my beta results until the morning.

I'm also glad to know you're feeling well! I'll be thinking of you!
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I hear you about obsessivly checking, my goodness, I don't know that last time I worried so much about the color of my bodily fluids, lol. Hope everything turns out well.
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