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Hi Mothering Moms

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Just wanted to introduce myself. I've actually been a member to the Mothering boards for quite awhile now.

Really just a lurker : -) I use it as a resource any time I have a dilemma.

But I'm on this whole new time management kick which includes fitting in making some friends... so, here I am!

I'm a big time Mothering magazine fan. Mom of three boys...

Orion Zebediah, age 12
Maxwell Dorje, age 3
Jack Sherab - almost a year!!!

Here's a pic: Lori's boys

I'm really looking forward to getting to know some of you.

Warm Regards,

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Welcome to the boards.
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Hi there
so happy to have you here with us
Enjoy the boards
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Happy to have you posting now!

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Glad you decided to join in!
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Hi Lori~

Beautiful boys!
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Thanks for the warm welcome you guys!
Can't think of much to say, but what a pleasure to read all the kind replies.

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Hi! and welcome to mdc! Jump in! It's a lot more fun to interact and participate than to just read. (although, sometimes while nak'ing it's a lot easier to just read )

Your boys are very handsome.
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