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Baby V is here!

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My smush Violet was born on the 29th at 2:36 am... 7lbs 8oz, 20 inches.

Not a single thing went the way it was supposed to.

In a weak moment, I agreed to be induced on monday..... after every intervention known to man, beginning with a pitocin drip, she was born via c section.... the pitocin took 9 hours to start working, and when it finally did, it caused excruciating pain. My bp spiked, like I knew it would, and they wouldn't let me off my left side. Eventually they gave me an epidural which didn't take my pain away, just made the contractions seem shorter. My cervix dialated to 8.5 cm, and started to swell. At 130, the midwife and the ob basically told me they wanted to deliver her since my pelvis wouldn't open, and she wouldn't decend into my birth canal. Since she never showed any signs of distress, I agreed rather than risk it. (they couldn't send me home since my water had broken.)

When she was born, she was COVERED in vernix.... both the midwife an the nursery nurse said that they don't usually see that much vernix on term babies, so both DH and I winder if my due date was correct, and maybe that's why my body was nowhere near ready to go into labor. (when they turned off the pit drip, my body immediately stopped contracting.)

So now, since i was stoned for about 24 hours, and the baby was born with a belly full of fluid, we weren't able to start trying to nurse until day 2.... I still don't have a milk supply, I only just started producing colostrum yesterday and only after I've pumped for at least 10 minutes....

Since she lost a ton of weight the first few days, we are now finger feeding her formula until my milk comes in.... My midwife put me on another medication to try and stimulate my supply, and I can finally get my lazy girl to latch on, as long as I use the SNS tube, which sucks at three in the morning. But, I have some hope... a friend of mine didn't get her milk in for 14 days....

I haven't been using my cloth diapers because formula poops stain so badly, except that she hasn't pooped in like, 36 hours.... lots of pee diaper tho. epeding on who i talk to, that is fine (the midwife says its ok, the Lactation consultant says its not)- we have an appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow, so I guess I'll find out then.

I think I'm having the next one at home.

I spent the second night in the hospital sobbing because my body couldn't birth this baby, then coulsn't feed her. The next morning I unloaded on this poor dr who came to check on me.... he asked if I was feeling depressed, and i answered "no, I'm pissed"

I do have new respect for my husband, who has been so wonderful through out the whole thing- he's taken on all the house work, night feedings so i can pump, all diaper changes, the laundry, and he's still going to work. I'm falling love with him all over again, on a completely different level.

However, his mother won't leave us alone... she keeps calling to ask if she can come say hi...... (she lives upstairs) which amounts to her standing at my elbow staring at the baby while I feed her- I can't wait until I have her on the breast, because I know it will make her so uncomfortable to be around a naked boob. My huabnd PROMISED that she wouldn't be a pest, so I can't wait to say I told you so..... except that I'll have to say it nicely, so he doesn't get hurt-

On a positive note- I made it through my labor without swearing at anyone, which is big for me and,

the one good thing that came out of my section was that FINALLY someone was able to tell me what this bulgy swolen thing on my labia is- ive had it for 4 years and it's the size of a walnut, and it hurts like hell, and my gyno never gave me a straight answer as to what it was or how to make it go away. Well, the OB that followed up with me told me it was a bartholan (sp???) cyst and that she can resolve it at my 1 week BP check..... after 4 $%##&^ing years!!!

Oh- and all told, I have a healthy baby.... that I wouldn't change anything for.

Can anyone explain to me how to post pictures?? I can't seem to wrap my brain around it.

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Congratulations on your little girl! I love her name. I'm sorry about everything you've been through, and I hope things get better soon. It's definitely smart to be in contact with the LC.

You can't post pictures on MDC. They don't allow it because it uses up too much bandwidth. But you can post a link to your pictures!
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Originally Posted by Jennisee View Post
You can't post pictures on MDC. They don't allow it because it uses up too much bandwidth. But you can post a link to your pictures!
That's what I meant!.. Sorry- not thinking right.....how do i post that link??
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I'm sorry that your birth didn't go as planned. Take time to mourn it as much as you need to. I'm glad baby Violet is here safe and sound, though! I hope your milk comes in very soon and kudos to dh.

As for the link, just copy and paste it from photobucket or flickr or one of those sites.
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Wow, your birth sounds a lot like my first birth ;-). I'm sorry. (Of course, I didn't have the sense to be as pissed off about it!)

I had a bartholin cyst too... sitz baths are supposed to help. I had it form and drain twice before it just wouldn't go AWAY, and then I had a surgical procedure done to drain it again (they called it "marsupialization"... I guess they make it into a pouch?) and it hasn't come back since. That was in February 2000. It was surgery, though... not just lancing it or something (the OB I was seeing at the time assured me that if it had recurred twice already, draining it with a shunt wouldn't likely help for very long).
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Congratulations on your baby girl, mama!

I am sorry that your birth was not at all how you had planned. I'm sorry that your care providers kept putting pressure on you to induce. You are not to blame for the chain of events, and I think you did incredibly well. You are obviously strong, and this also leads me to believe that you will be able to get your milk to come in, too. Big big hugs to you.
Be gentle on yourself, lap up all of the love and help from your DH, and enjoy your little girl.
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First of all, CONGRATS to you and welcome Violet!!! :

and second... i am so sorry you had a crappy experience and hope some time and staring at your darling daughter brings healing and peace.

I find going to something like www.photobucket.com and opening an account (easy) is pretty self explanatory to load some pictures from wherever you store them on your computer. Then you just post the link for us to see! Is that to simple of an explanaion?
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Originally Posted by mkmama View Post
Is that to simple of an explanaion?
not to simple an explanation at all.... I had to call my office yeterday because i couldnt remember how to log in to my email account....

as for how this birth went.... i'm over the sad part of it, getting over the pissed part of it, and determined not to let it happen again. i think i'll be abl to get some milk supply in, and if not, my pedi is wiling to write an rx for the area milk bank, so i'm researching that this afternoon....

and i am very greatfull that my baby girl is healthy... just have to keep her that way.... come in milk!!

it is upsetting to watch her scream because her belly hurts- no way to know if its only because of the formula, but i bet it has a lot to do with it....

gotta run and give baby V her bath.....

i can't wait to catch up on everyone's info and births..... hopefully tonight!!

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Congatulations, and hope you're feeling better soon.
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Congratulations on your healthy baby girl!!

about the birth situation...
good luck with your milk coming in -- have you tried probiotics for your baby?

can't wait to see pics!
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Oh, just a hopeful thought on the milk issue... a friend of mine had a truly terrible c-section experience, where she got some kind of secondary infection which required a second surgery, and was on a feeding tube for three days and all kinds of horrid stuff... and was able to lactate afterward and is still nursing her 3-year-old daughter.
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