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Ugh. I'm pretty sure I have strep. I am SO upset right now. DH came down with it about 10 days ago and he didn't go to the doctor for quite awhile, so I knew that I was exposed A LOT. He went on antibiotics last Wednesday and I was hoping that I was in the clear.

Tonight my throat started hurting. Now it is throbbing. I HATE the idea of taking antibiotics during pregnancy. I rarely take any drugs and am allergic to a lot of them (facial swelling from Advil and such, and rashes from most antibiotics). Ugh. I am so upset.

Off to the doctor for confirmation tomorrow morning. I can't help feeling really pissed at DH, even though I know it's not really his fault. I just wish he had gone to the doctor when I asked him to (two days earlier) instead of exposing his son and pregnant wife to strep and scarlet fever.

Here's hoping that DS doesn't get it too. Poor little guy has been on antibiotics more times than I like to admit. He's already such a little guy and totally stops eating when he's on the drugs.
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Hope it's something viral!
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Hope you are feeling better!
Make sure you are eating healthy.
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Ugh. My throat got worse and worse last night. They cultured this morning, but I won't get results for two days -- I'm pissed that they didn't have the rapid strep test. The doctor said to start Penicillin immediately. I'm very nervous to take it, but then again, I don't really want to end up with a high fever either. Ugh. Advice?
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Everything I think of to take is iffy in pregnancy. Like, huge doses of sodium ascorbate.

How about the hydrogen peroxide in the ears? It's supposed to help stop colds and such. Just a few drops in the ear, let it fizz out and drain. Repeat with other ear. Mercola talks about that on his site. Warning though, for me it was amazingly cold and loud.
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