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Anyone tried the new organic bumGenius one size AIO?

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I don't know if there has been a thread about this already. But I wanted to get feedback if anyone has tried this yet? Do you like it? Do you like it more or less than the Dream-Eze AIO if you have this too?

Thanks in advance
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Oooo speaking of which, I need to go pop a bag right now!
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Just saw them yesterday. I cant envision how the soaker is in them. I really wish they would take a few pictures of the inside.

So basically, not yet, but wanting to find out.....
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i can't find them! where are they?
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Wow! I hadn't heard about these, yet. I would be thrilled for another organic option - although I am supposed to be done buying diapers for now . I hope someone on this forum will let us all know how they are.
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wow, thanks for posting this! I loved the fit of the BG, but synthetics just didn't work for us. Now I can try something new!! Yippeee!
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MAN I wish they weren't OS. I don't like OS. I want that exact diaper... SIZED!!! Sorry for the rant...
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bumping 'cause I'm still interested in feedback
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yeah, im interested too. they look lovely!
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I just ordered some! Can't wait to try them. I have the med 2.0 and really like that, this looks even more absorbant so hoping it will work. But I haven't tried their onesize so we'll see. I ordered 4! I'll let you know how I like them.
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I couldn't stand the suspense, so I just ordered one of them plus one econappi for comparison (also, all organic, natural fibers - pocket, though). I figure I will test them out (and report back here!) and order more of whichever I prefer. I really, really want to like them!
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I would love to try this but I don't need anymore diapers! DS is allergic to suedecloth and I loved the fit of the 3.0 on him.
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There is a discussion on Diaperswappers. who have tried them. They like the trimness. They say the cotton is soft the soaker is sewn in on both sides. Also they are trim but may need a doubler for a heavy wetter of nap. It dries faster than their other AIO.

I like the fact it is Organic cotton since I can not use suede cloth on my son and he is better with cotton next to his skin. I am tempted to buy. one

I do have the Dream ease AIO. I am a snap kind of girl so I may not like the BG just because it has velcro. But I am sure th velcro makes the fit better. I am sure it is not as absorbent as the Snap ez AIO.

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I bought 2 and they've been great so far. The cotton is soft, and they dry fast! Way faster than bum-ware (which never get totally dry...). Easy to put on and pretty trim, I think! We had a leak once with wicking - not sure if the tabs weren't tucked in quite right or what. They've held in poop just fine. Capacity-wise it's hard for me to compare so far - haven't done enough experiments yet!
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I bought 2 today as well. I should be getting them anyday. I hope I like them. I will post and let you know.
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i have a few and really like them!
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I also bought two to try. They are trim, soft, easy to use. Hopefully they will get more absorbent the more I use/wash them. They feel pretty soaking wet after my daughter has been wearing it for about an hour. We EC for poop, so I have no idea if it would hold a messy blow out or not. But all in all, I am not amazed by their magical powers or anything, but they seem like really nice easy dipes.
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OK I got my 2 they fit nicely. Easy to put on. Softy on the inside. I think I need to wash them a few more times to get them more absorbent.

I had my DH try to put it on and he was a little confused about the snap since we are on the medium setting but he figured it out.

I think for an AIO OS diaper that has a cotton inner it is nice. The only think I am not to hot on is the velcro but that is just a preference thing for me. I like snaps better. I am just wondering how does BG velcro wear?

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