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I'm new here.

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Hello ladies. I am a mother to a 13 month old in N. Texas area. I joined today bc I am tired of people on other boards who don't understand my choice to not vaccinate. I would like to be a part of a more likeminded group.

I am not too good navigating here yet, and I have a kid climbing on everything as I type...so not much time to familiarize right now. So I am going to get right to it on my inquiry.

I am looking for a pediatrian in my area (Dallas-Fort Worth mid cities area) who is anti-vax friendly. My child is on medicaid. Is there a forum on here or anyone on here that can help me with that? I keep getting letters from medicaid saying I MUST take my child in for a check-up immediately. I don't know what they intend to do if I don't, but really I would love to if I can find a new ped. that is more understanding.

I look forward to getting to know other mothers on here better. Sorry to introduce and jump right into a question like this, but I am trying to get him in for a doctors appt before my deadline they gave me and I can't find any info about ap friends ped. anywhere else for my specific area.

I will be posting more later.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi! First, go here - http://www.mothering.com/discussions...splay.php?f=95
and ask about pedis here. That's the link to the Texas tribal area.
Second, I'm not familiar with Tx medicaid, but here my medcaid doctor is totally open to non vaxing. Medicaid cannot MAKE you vax your child. They also can't force you to bring your baby in, at least not in CO.
The best way to get your pedi on board, I think is to talk to him and be confident in your decision. Give him the reasons you aren't vaxing. If he doesn't understand, try going to a larger office, I've heard people have good luck with that . Did you check drsears.com? They also have lists of vax friend;y doctors.

good luck!
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My oldest child was on medicaid when we stopped vaxxing him. They are only reminders.

So you're in the mid-cities area...hmm...not familiar with the drs out there. There are LOTS of drs in TX that are flexible with vax stuff since TX offers all 3 exemptions.

Deadline? What deadline? Have you told them that vaccinating is against your religion? I would file for an exemption and get a jump on that. (An exemption is for school but sometimes the dr's offices shut up about it if you let them know you are exempting from the vaccines for religious/philosophical reasons)

Good luck!
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Thanks! I will go to my "tribe" hehe.

I do have an exemption certificate. I just got it in the mail yesterday. The last "reminder" from medicaid said I had until June 1st to get him to his ped. for a check-up. Or what? I don't know. I have talked to the ped. about it and one nurse was understanding and didn't make an issue of it, but the next time I went, I was really put through the ringer. I just don't want to explain myself everytime. I don't appreciate being treating like an un-educated, irresponsible parent. Thus the reason I want to switch to someone else.
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Hi, I live in Lantana which is little bit south of Denton. We see Dr Newell in Denton and he is pretty open. He will recommend some vaxes but he is totally nice and not pushy about. He is also a nurse practitioner and I dunno if he takes medicaid. But here is his number, (940) 566-1444.
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Welcome to MDC!

I came here for the same reason. Couldn't stand the other mommy boards with all the pro vax discussions. I used to fight it all the time and I got so stressed out. Now I am so happy. I am around like minded mom's who respect me and even support me.

Good luck finding a ped.
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