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Are their eyes/ears open yet? I would love to see new pics (hint hint! )
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Originally Posted by mommyswenn View Post
Maeve, I do the same thing!

Your pup is going to be Wrinkles? We're naming ours Finnegan (he will be Finn for short).

Yep, we're adopting Wrinkles, though we'll probably be renaming him. We were thinging of Nova (for Casanova since he's such a little heartbreaker) or maybe Poe (our youngest dd is Anabel Leigh).
I'm sure it will change a dozen times though.
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We're taking the one MCat calls D2, but he is Brown Boy #1 in the post 94 pics.

I want him to come home tomoooorrrooowww... it is going to be such a long wait!
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I should have updated on the puppy stats I got to thinking about flying them and the details and forgot :

All but 1 has both eyes open and their ears are all open as well. The problems that they were having with irritation cleared up with some warm water and paper towls once they came all the way open. Their eyes look perfect now

I havnt been down since Sat. things have been a bit hectic. I will be going down tomarrow and will take some pics for you all. With any luck I can get them to wake up and show you their pretty blue eyes :

Jill stays out running around now now for 30min to a hour and then goes back for a 30 min feed. The temps are to hot for her to stay in with them constantly and she also has to get her lizzard hunting in : They are still growing like weeds and all but 1 was over 1pd monday and I bet he is over that easy now.

Did anyone happen to see my question about keeping ticks and fleas under control?
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I have no idea about the ticks/fleas, sorry! I'm definitely interested in the answers, though!

Dds 1 and 2 have both really amped up their requests for a dog in the past few weeks. It is KILLING me keeping this secret!

This morning dd#1 was like, "what kind of dog should we get..." Then she suggested both a JRT and a doxie... I was biting.my.tongue.so.hard.
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When I was 6, and had been begging for a dog forever to the point that I had given up hope, one day my dad left in the evening. There was some hushed sort of conversation before, and I was worried about my dad's mysterious disappearance. My mom was evasive and wouldn't give me a straight answer about where he was "oh he just had to take care of some business". I didn't believe her, and was pretty sure that something bad was happening.

He came home with a dog

It was the greatest thing ever. I highly recommend keeping it as a surprise.
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Originally Posted by mommyswenn View Post
I have no idea about the ticks/fleas, sorry! I'm definitely interested in the answers, though!

Dds 1 and 2 have both really amped up their requests for a dog in the past few weeks. It is KILLING me keeping this secret!

This morning dd#1 was like, "what kind of dog should we get..." Then she suggested both a JRT and a doxie... I was biting.my.tongue.so.hard.
Kids are so intuitive

Dd has been asking for a little dog.

Not sure about the fleas and ticks. TTO repels lots of critters. As far as I know we don't have ticks in this area.
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I am going to be posting some pictures later this evening. I would do it now but I have to make a run to the pet store and sell some fish so I can buy the rest food

Yesterday they were starting that wobbly puppy play with some growling and barking : it was soooooo cute. They are walking a bit now as well.
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Here are the promised pictures:



HighBall (formerly known as Nubbin)


Group shots

Gizmo, Blaze and KnotHead

I can get Wrinkles to bark at me if I click my tounge at them.
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I am still shaking :

I got down here today at around 6pm and the puppies were all sleeping peacfully but Jill was no were to be found which is unusual. I got to questioning mom and she said the last she saw her was around noon today.

I got on brothers 4-wheeler amd went looking for her. I came back and brother wanted me to go ask at the house were the xwife was staying if they had saw her. The owner said no she hadnt but if she did she would let me know. I told her that she had the pups that were still tiny and needed their mama. Came back here and started crying off and on because I just knew the puppies would end up with no mama. :

About 20 min. ago the woman I spoke with came and said she had found her and had her in the car. :

I do not have proof but I am betting money that she had her put up down at her house were I couldnt see or hear her She is absolutly ate up with fleas right now and she was not when she left so it must have been a dog bed. Like they use to take coon hounds out hunting.

She said that she found her running through the field between here and there and picked her up but then she contradicted herself and said she talked to the woman and she wants the dog back after she has weaned the puppies.

She said she wouldnt take her away from the puppies since that would hurt her and the puppies both. But I cant help but think if I hadnt asked what would have happened I figure they must have thought someone saw them take her or something. Who knows what goes through peoples heads that are willing to take a mama away from her babies.

Said they had been looking for her but if they had they would have found her since she has been in the yard here since March. :

At any rate once the puppies are weaned we told her that she could definatly have her back. There is no way to recoup our money on the vet trips and care and food etc. In the interest of keeping the peace that is how it is sucks but what can you do.

I was worried she would get missing out running around but brother was afraid he he put her up it would cause trouble. Dad said if we had the extra money we would have her fixed before giving her back because she will have puppies the rest of her life but we just cant swing it

She was so full of milk that she was hard she went directly to her puppies and nursed. She is still nervous and acts off poor thing she had to have been very distraut to be forcibly held away from her babies.

I told her that the puppies were barly 2 weeks old so that she could stay with them a bit longer than 6 weeks. I am thinking they will be well on their way to weaning. I can stretch it out the extra 2 weeks to 8 weeks if I have to after all they have no idea when they were born.

Uggh I can guarentee you they are not getting the pups I will take them home with me before I allow that to happen. :

So that is what happened today and if anyone who wanted a puppy is not comfortable with taking one now please let me know and I will understand 100% All I can guarentee is I will do everything in my power to make sure that you get your puppy.
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Awww! they are so cute I want to just gobble them up :
I think Pinky is the cutest
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She CANNOT go back to that person. CANNOT. Can you just tell her that the dog ran away or was hit by a car?
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Well I could tell her that but then I would have to take her to my house because if she stayed here they would see her and then the chit would hit the fan

Were my parents live there is no were at all to put her without them or someone being able to see her and go and tell her. Everyone is kin to everyone here on this rural road and it would be impossible to keep her hid.

I just dont know what to do I dont want her to go back to them I know what her life will be like. :
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OMG that horrible woman. :

And poor Jill! She must have been frantic, away from her pups like that...

Is there any way you can take her to live at your house? I would totally ask dh if we could take her too, but there is no way...

How much does spaying cost?
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The last time I called it was around $75.00.

I wouldnt mind having her honestly but my dad and brother are the ones who have bonded with her the closest. My dad isnt the type to take to animals but he is really fond of Jill. Seems like every time he does become attached something like this happens

If I took her he wouldnt get to see her much since they dont visit anyone.

It is just 1 big mess. They have known she was with us for months but not a single word other than when the guys mom stopped and asked about her. He dosnt want her but apparently she does

I keep wondering if she wants Jill can she legally take the puppies to? I am not sure if we have a leg to stand on really I have the receipts for the vet visits and can prove I took her for treatment but I dont know how much that really means.

I know for a fact dad will not request any money and he wont fight them on giving her back. Since after all we know she was theirs. My thoughts are so jumbled right now I just keep going around and around in my head.
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Keep us updated. If anything looks like an emergency, like they are talking about taking her when the puppies are 5-6 weeks and you can't put them off, we'll figure out a way to disappear her. I am so completely serious; I'll figure it out.
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Thank you for the support. You all are the only ones besides my brother who understands. I was telling dh about what happened hoping for a bit of sympathy from him and what I got was "Well you know legally you dont have a leg to stand on" : :

Why couldnt he have just said everything will be ok?? Not my loving dh though *sigh*

I am praying that it all works out and she wont come demanding the puppies and Jill. If I am there it wont happen but if I am not there I just dont know
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I must have posted the same time as you last night. What a major bummer. Spaying is only $75? I guess it must be regional. Its a couple hundred here. I can send money to help cover spaying costs.

Legally I think you do have a leg to stand on. They can't 'give' you the dog and then take it back. Vet bills are proof of ownership in the horse world where not everyone has a bill of sale.
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There is also a police report on file that my dad made when he put her up when she came into season so that if anyone was looking for her and asked them (we dont have a animal control office) they could tell them were she was.

They never put up flyers, a newspaper add (both are free by the way) or asked around about her. But yet they talk about how they just love the little thing to death and have been searching everywere for her.

If they had asked for her dad would have gave her back. The only thing we didnt do that we could have was took her to them. But since they had drove by many times and saw her in the yard and never made any effort to get her we figured they didnt want her. Both her and him were living within 1/4 mile of the house during all this and the only road in and out is right by my parents house.

I know had she been mine I would have been knocking doors and putting up adds. I guess my definition of "loving something to death" is a lot different than theirs. I dont abandon things I love for one.

I havnt been able to sleep worrying about what is going to happen. It wouldnt surprise me any if they called the police and started a big thing over it.

No wonder no one wants to do anything for anyone else any more. As the saying goes No good deed goes unpunished
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Good lord. I can't believe some people. Have they no sense of responsibility??

I think you do have a legal leg to stand on--maybe not in giving the dog back, but getting your money back. You do (or can obtain) records of all of those vet bills, correct?? Well then the deal is if they want the dog back, they better come up with the $$. You could file in small claims court over that. Now you said money was tight, so the legal fees involved in actually doing that might not be possible for your family. But the threat of it might be enough, if that's the deal--that they need to reimburse you for all of those fees--I bet they'd let the dog stay. :

How in the hell do they think that in any way shape or form it is just fine to let your family shell out all of that money (not to mention the time and emotional investment) and expect the dog back without offering to pay for it?

Of course, I can't even wrap my brain around how obviously irresponsible they were with the dog in the first place.

I know JRTs live to run and hunt, but if I were you I'd make sure that Jill isn't off-leash anytime soon.

OT, Joanna--that article you link to in your sig is awesome (about killing shelter dogs). Is there anyway I can get permission to spread that all over in the course of my internet travels?
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