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Originally Posted by MCatLvrMom2A&X View Post
I hadnt even thought about selling the puppies I have been concentrating on making sure she is ok.

The only thing I care about is that the puppies have a good home. I will have to cover first shots and possibly second since I have no intention of letting them go until they are at least 8 weeks old since I have learned that is best I dont have to worry about having the tails docked since I would never do that to begin with.
Thank you. You are wonderful.

I've managed to miss the entire backstory here
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Let me see if I can make a long story short.

My brothers little jack russell terrior got into rat poison She came to their house after the neighbor and his wife split up and they left all their dogs behind when they both moved out :

This was about a month before she came into season. At that time there was still a thought one of them would come back and get her but that didnt happen. So getting her fixed was out of the question since we knew who she belonged to and didnt know how things would turn out.

My dad saw she was coming into season so he put her up but he missed it by a few days He kept her up for 21 days but soon after it became obviouse she was pg.

So brother has been taking care of her feeding her giving her a place to sleep and getting attached to her. She is a very sweet dog despite her age, we estimate 7+ but no way to know for sure.

She has been on vit k pills since the day after the poison and has been doing fine no signs that she ingested enough to cause a problem but wont know for sure till bw comes back this week.

There is a concern that she bred with a dog that is quiet a bit larger than she is. so she may run into trouble when welping happens

I think that covers it.
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No puppies yet but she is definatly more restless and cant get comfy. The puppies are doing backflips now and very easy to see and feel threw the tummy. Today was the earliest I had figured for her to welp.
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Awww poor baby

She's been through a lot lately. It's wonderful that she has found people to treat her well
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She is still going dont ask me how though. The only thing different is the discharge is all but gone and she has milk as of today, I am assuming that is a pretty good indication puppies will be here in the next couple of days right? Here are some more pics



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Oh my god! can she even walk? Wow, that is one pregnant puppy!

Sending her good labor vibes. I hope everything goes smoothly!

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Yep she can walk and even trot for a short distance if a cat intices her enough but usually she takes a few steps and sits for awhile then repeat. She definatly waddles like a little duck
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Oh, what a good girl. Are you taking her temp? All the other signs give you some idea, but the temp is the biggie. If it goes below 99, puppies within 24 hours, usually within 12.
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I havnt been taking the temp. My brother refuses and my mom thinks it is silly I dont come down every day it is a bit of a drive and with gas this expensive I really cant come down just to check her temp daily. I would have to bring a therm since my mom dosnt have any extra.

If I had her home with me I would do it though.
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Blood work came back normal so I can relax about her bleeding out or the pups

Still going when she does have them I will put *update* in the title so I dont have to keep coming back with no real news. She spent the majority of the day in her box but it was rainy here I think that is why that and it is just to much trouble for her to drag her big ol belly around

She now has puppy food and vitamins.
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I keep thinking of more stuff!

If you can, have on hand calcium--Calsorb, calcium gel, etc. Check at your local feed store; it usually comes in a tube for cows. During whelping the bitch uses enormous amounts of calcium and she can become critically deficient, making her labor stall. A couple ccs of calcium gel every 2-3 puppies, or if labor slows, is good.

And vanilla ice cream! Hydrates, cools, gives a boost of sugar and calcium. She can have as much as she'd like.
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Unlimited ice cream during labor!! Now we're talking!
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Sounds great. I am jealous though no one gave me icecream while in labor :

I will check the local co op tomarrow for the calcium.

I forgot to mention that me and the kids spent a coupla hours today collecting some of her favorite treats She is big on bugs especially cicadas and grub worms I know but she them so much. protein :

Apparently we are going to have a cicada year since I have NEVER seen that many of the things around. : I got 1p 5.5oz of the adults and 3.2oz of the sheddings That is a lot of sheddings to have any weight at all

She will have a lot of treats over the next few weeks

Here is what they look like if anyone cares



Nymph emerging
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Why do I click the bug links? WHY??
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She can have the cicadas, but not too many at once. Dogs adore them, but the exoskeletons aren't digestible and she'll throw them up if she eats too much.

We had the cicada hatch in 2004, when we had three adult Danes and a litter of six puppies. Never have I cleaned up so much vomit. And of course the dogs would throw up, then go right back to cleaning them off all the low branches.
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EEWW Yeah we are definatly limiting the numbers. This is the 2008 emergence and boy are there a ton of them. You cant even tell we picked them all off the trees yesterday.

She is sleeping a lot not getting out of her bed much at all but it is still raining here so that is partly why I think. It will be ironic if she does have them the 19th since that will mean dad only missed putting her up by a day (give or take anyway since nothing is absolute)
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They are here

She has 8 5 boys 3 girls. and it looks like the black & tan dachshund that another neighbor let run loose. She had the majority in less than 2 hours and 1 more came out a bit later it is also a bit larger.
Here are pictures



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I'm so glad that you don't live near me! I want one! They are sooooo cute!
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yeah they are adorable

So what would one call a Jack Russell Dachshund cross


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I am glad they are OK, but where are they? They need to be inside, on nice thick blankets. Straw is nowhere near insulative enough--please tell me she's not outside.
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