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This is HighBall the one I am considering keeping. It is a short video with no sound but he is still adorable

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Oh, baby smooshie puppy!

Man, this board is torture. Pugs, beagles, smooshie Jilly puppies; it's terrible.
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Oh I know, MCat sent me a video of our little pinky, I want to hold and smell her so badly!
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We got to see a video of winkles. : I can't wait until we get to play with him!
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We got a Finn video, too!

Only four more weeks! I'm so excited!
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BunnySlippers DS, 3yo has decided that Pinky should be Daisy so I guess I will be calling her that for a while Have no idea were he got that from but today he was naming them off as he picked them up.

They move into their new fenced area sometime this week end as soon as dad gets them a nice bed made. I cant wait to see them playing in there.

I love tickling them and making them play with me. Little puppy barks and growls are so adorable. Everyone is eating very well and Jill is still nursing them several times a day but only for like 5min at a time. They definatly have teeth now I am discouraging to much mouthing but they are tiny still after all and that is how they play If they bit to hard, which has only happened once I yelped like a puppy does when it is hurt and the one that was biting me stopped right away and was good after that

Poor Jill when they all go to nurse they jerk her every which way and she gets this look on her face like she is so sick of this already I can totally relate and I only had 1 at a time nursing
Wrinkles has the large front feet and bowed front legs of a doxie. And he still has his leg wrinkles He also has the shortest legs of all. He has the most adorable habit of crossing his front legs in front of him when you pick him up. Very even tempered little guy.

Daisy (formerly known as Pinky ) has a delicate little head like her mom and she is pretty short as well but her front legs dont show that much of a bow. She is very sweet natured but is a real watch dog she is the first to bark at any unusual sound and she dosnt take any crap from the boys

Finn is a bit taller than the others but not by much. He is a barker as well and he is usually second to jump at the side of the box wanting picked up when I go in. He has a outgoing personality and isnt much for laying on his back.

HighBall is a full inch taller than everyone if not more and his legs are long and straight so I am thinking he is going to be substantually bigger than the others. He has escaped the box once already because of it.

Gizmo (giz) she is a chunky female with short legs and has the cutest feet. They are brown with black highlights on the top of each toe and foot with brown surrounding. I will try to take a picture of that soon. She used to growl and bark but dosnt any more. I cant even get her to by tickling.

Blaze is the shy one of the bunch he is very loving though and very sweet. He has a nice shaped head with lovely brown points on his body and face and a hour glass shaped white spot on his chest.

KnotHead still has the tiny bald spot on the very center top of his head Pretty sure he had a tick and Jill removed it leaving a tiny sore causing the bald spot since we cant figure out what else could have caused it. He is pretty outgoing and seems to really love my dd.
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So who's still "available"? Does it seem like your dad is going to keep Jilly?

By the way, I have a link to a legal relinquishment form if you need it; that's what you'd get the owner to sign.
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Dad wont take Jill to the woman but he wont stop her from taking her either it just isnt in his nature to cause trouble especially over a dog but it really upsets me to see him interacting with her and enjoying it knowing it will end and he will be sad

Right now KnotHead, Gizmo & Blaze possibly HighBall are the ones that dont have homes to go to. Gizmo might be spoken for but the guy that wanted her has so many dogs already he dosnt need another one.

I am torn over HighBall for several different reasons. The main one is because of dh but I am worried he is going to be taller than I wanted, that is shallow of me I know and I always said I would pick based on temperment not looks and I need to stick with that. To bad I cant keep 2
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I don't think it's inappropriate to choose based on legs. Color or markings or coat, sure, but legs actually mean something. Short legs get tired easier, meaning the dog will be happier with less exercise. The legs are one of the main reasons we chose corgis when we switched from a bigger breed.

I'm still absolutely willing to take "leftovers." I'm watching the count closely . It's easier for me to place short legs, I think, but the goal is to get everybody good homes. So please DON'T let them go to less than ideal homes because you're worried that they'll stick around.

You're going to see a LOT of changes in terms of temperament and personality between now and eight weeks. At this age I am getting an idea of who is who and usually the most outgoing puppies stay that way, but I've seen huge changes as they transition from infants to young puppies. So don't necessarily make your pick yet--I think you may end up loving KnotHead. Which would be good, because then SevenVeils will be forced to take HighBall
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Originally Posted by thekimballs View Post
Which would be good, because then SevenVeils will be forced to take HighBall
Oh this is just torture. My son is dying for a little dog, he's been wanting one for his entire life. I have such a good feeling about Jill and these puppies.

AND the long legs is just a stab in my gut, I tell you. As cute as those short little bowed legs are, on a practical level long legs would be more compatible with Ulysses, when we're talking about a tiny dog anyway.
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The puppies are really loving their their diggs They are playing and running around and chewing on grass and smelling new smells I was gonna take more pics but the batteries were dead in the camera :

My brother and me were sitting in with them and they were climbing all over us both. Brother had his fist on the ground and Finn came over and ummm well lets just say Finn's name might need to be changed to Humpy I laughed so hard at the look on brothers face as he looked at me with a befuzzled expression and said "Already?" :

All but HighBall is still not even as long as a 20oz plastic bottle of pop : HighBall is just a bit longer than the bottle. Poor little Wrinkles is super short with the bowed legs and paddle feet of a doxie. Daisy is so delicate and very feminine looking for a dog KnotHead's tongue usually pokes out of his mouth and it is so sweet looking.

They are all so adorable : I cant help but kiss on them : Even though they no longer have sweet puppy breath :
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They got their first nail trim today and did great : I got them a few toys but they are not really into them just yet. I thought it would be nice to have a toy for those that will be flying as a comfort object.
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You are my hero. What a great job you are doing with them--huge, huge yay for you.
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I went back to wal mart tonight and looked the carrier over better and it does say that it is approved for flight. It is 26.2X18.6X16.5 rated to carry mini poodles, doxies and one other short dog so I am thinking it will work well for the puppies. The only issue I had with it was that it didnt have the food and water dishes and it isnt put together with screws and nuts. It has the clip over things 2 each side and 1 in the back. I dont know how to describe how they look. I would imagine they would be fine though if it is an approved kennel right? I never have licked the screws and nuts on the one I have though since they seem to loosen very easily maybe the clip kind is better.

I would rather it had the food and water things though so that I wont have to jury rig something. I am going to have to make the trip to the pet store and check it out there. I know they will have what I need as long as they are in stock. It is far enough away that I cant justify just running there to check prices and look things over. But lucky for me my used book store is right next door so that gives me more than enough reason to make a run :
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Northwest says "Construction

* The kennel must be of rigid construction with a solid top, have ventilation openings on at least three sides and a door made of metal. For international travel, kennels must have ventilation openings on all four sides.
* The following kennels do not meet regulations and are therefore prohibited:
o Soft-sided kennels
o Hard-sided carry-on kennels
o Knockdown or folding kennels
o Kennels made entirely of welded mesh, wire mesh or wicker
o Kennels with doors or ventilation openings on top.
o Kennels with plastic or fiberglass doors.
* All hardware (nuts, bolts, rivets, latches, locking mechanisms, etc.) must be secure and in good repair. Each hole provided for on the kennel must be secured by a nut and bolt.
* Do not put a lock on the kennel door. In the event of an emergency, your pet needs to be accessible.
* A spacer bar or rim protruding at least ¾ inch (1.9 cm) must be provided on all sides with ventilation openings.
* Any wheels on the kennel need to be locked or otherwise rendered inoperable. If the wheels cannot be locked, they must either be removed or taped to prevent the kennel from rolling in transit."
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Northwest also requires the food and water dishes and the Live Animal labels.

I had to send a bigger dog back to his breeder (it was a rescue) about six months ago, and couldn't find a big air kennel fast enough. So I bought one of the regular vari-kennels and then bought the clip-on dishes and the stickers. Ended up being like $15 for the additional stuff--made me mad!
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Yeah I forgot about the stickers : I am definatly going to have to check out the pet store.
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I LOVE Those pictures of those cute puppies! You've done beautifully with them!

Did I miss the update on the puppies mother being given back to that lady or not? Sorry forgot the mother's name.
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Originally Posted by thekimballs View Post
Oh, baby smooshie puppy!

Man, this board is torture. Pugs, beagles, smooshie Jilly puppies; it's terrible.
I can totally relate!
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