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He messaged me back. To my surprise he mentioned keeping him in the house :drop: so I am thinking brother may have been just crapping me on how bad he was.

He did say though that he indeed did want Blaze when he was ready to go so unless something happens it looks like a done deal.

I feel like a failure that I couldnt change brothers mind or bosses I know I did everything I could but it wasnt enough.

There is still time for him to change his mind because I have no intention of letting him go before 8weeks.

I actually thought about him "disappearing" but then brother would give him Gizmo for sure and I wouldnt have saved anyone of them
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Hon, you are doing everything you can. You are doing a fantastic job at getting these pups good homes and it's quite possible he will take care of Blaze. (((hugs)))
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Bunny I sent you a PM back a minute ago. Please get back to me ASAP

Here are pics of Gizmo and Pinky watching tv I should have taken one of my mom running in every 2 seconds making sure no one had pooed in her floors : she makes it so easy to pick at her.

Gizmo and Brother

Pinky and my DD
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Awww, what adorable pics!
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The ones that are getting puppies could you PM me with your email addy please, I have mommyswenns but I dont think I have anyone elses. If MDC were to go down, a very real possibility here lately : we wouldnt be able to communicate at all.

Maeve I am really looking forward to meeting you : only a few short days :
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Looks like the the horse shipper isnt making the trip Nor can I drive at this point. Flying it is
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I can't believe just 2 more days and pup is coming home with us! Hopefully we'll decide on a name once we see him.
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Sorry driving isnt going to work out Bunny.

I am counting down the hours maeve. Wrinkles will have a nice bath tomarrow and be all fixed up for you (though he will probably end up stepping in poo on the ride home )
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Originally Posted by Maeve View Post
I can't believe just 2 more days and pup is coming home with us! Hopefully we'll decide on a name once we see him.
I'm so jealous! We have to wait another week and a bit!
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I was going to PM but this way is a bit easier

When I transfer the money out of paypal it takes up to 4 days to go into my checking account so keep that in mind when the time comes to send the money for the flight. I would hate to have to postpone the flight due to the money not making it in time.

Puppies are doing great very healthy. Learing to come a little better as long as nothing more interesting is going on

Jill is thoroughly sick of them though and dosnt want much to do with them. She will rarly go in and nurse them any more.

I will take some more pictures tomarrow when I go down. Hopefully I can get some video of them as well.
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*cough* pics *cough*

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OK here are a few pics. I didnt get ones of everybody tonight but I did play with everyone all together and I also took them out one at a time and played with them as well. I ment to take more pictures but I got side tracked and I forgot my camera : I will take some tomarrow evening when I get back from meeting maeve.


HighBall the rat

HighBall belly up

HighBall looking at my mom who he knows feeds them

Gizmo being snuggled

Gizmo & Highball playing with my dd's shoes
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I echo the cough for pics, I need to add to my pinky collection:
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They are SO CUTE.
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I can't WAIT!!!!

I apparently also can't add, because today makes 9 more sleeps, not yesterday.

I need to try to puppy-proof my house.
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I am pleased to announce that maeve & family now have a new member Wrinkles : We met today and I know that Wrinkles is going to the best home possible for him. I got a bit teary eyed seeing him go since I will miss him but I am thrilled with seeing him with a great family.

Pictures to come later tonight. Kinda tired after the drive and wrangling 6 puppies is still something to behold
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Awww... yay for Maeve and Wrinkles! :
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yay Maeve and Wrinkles:
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I did take pictures but brother decided to set off fireworks tonight instead of tomarrow so I didnt get a chance to upload them to photobucket and they are on my brothers computer. so I cant upload them from here. I will ask my brother to email them to me but odds are he wont get on the computer again until late tomarrow.

He wasnt feeling well tonight in a lot of pain with his knees
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We *just* got home a few minutes ago. That's a loooong drive with 3 kids (one who's an infant who did not want to be in the car seat and wanted to nurse a *lot* ) plus a puppy who needed to pee often.

Everyone is just in love, though we still haven't decided on the name yet. I like Puck or Pip. I have no idea why. Everyone else is just leaving it up to me. LOL
He's been following me all over the house and he loved his cuddles in the car. He slept most of the way and seemed very content. He has now met our other pets. Our two cats couldn't care less , our dog Cassie just watches and seems to already be protective (she's an older dog and very motherly) and the new kitten sees him as a play mate. She's about his size, maybe a touch bigger, and they've been playing and wrestling, etc. I'm not sure whether or not I should stop it, but neither one has taken it too far so I'm letting it go. Cassie just watches like she's the ref. LOL

Wrinkles is a squeaker. : It is so cute. When he wimpers he sounds more like a squeak toy. And sometimes he trips over his own paws or the grass, which seems to be as tall as him. LOL

I'll try to upload some pics tomorrow. We're a little tired and I'm trying to wind down before bed.
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