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Finn naps on us all the time, too.

WTG Brummy for learning to sit! Finn did the same thing -- these are some bright dogs we have here!

Finn still HATES the leash. He pulls back against it (I don't tug in the other direction or anything, just stand still) and has actually caused himself pain (he yelps). I'm worried that he is going to really hurt his neck.

This morning he was on the leash and I had him in the "boring" spot of the yard to go pee/poop and he was pulling/whining/fighting. I started to let him go in the direction he wanted, and he just moved to a different part of the boring corner and went poop. So I guess that was a success, even though he went where he wanted, instead of where I wanted him to go... is it? A success?

I tried taking him for a walk the other night, but had we actually made it anywhere it would have been more like a "drag"... I'm glad it was dark and the neighbours couldn't see. And that was with treats to bribe him with!

Any tips?
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It's OK for him to walk you for a little while, until he learns that the leash is not a bad thing. Letting him drag the leash around when supervised is a good thing. You can also go where you know he's going to be happy and excited and be pretty much thrilled to go in any direction (for Elvis that's the lake, where he can run along the beach and sniff bad things and roll in piles of goo) so when you urge him to go in a particular direction he doesn't fight too hard.

And yes, there's a little bit of dragging. NOT A LOT. I do NOT want you thinking that I'm telling you to drag your puppy along. I mean you get the leash right up high on his neck, under his chin, get him beside you, and say "Yay! Let's go!" and just GO. They usually kind of stumble/walk a couple of steps (that's the little bit of dragging) and then figure that it's a lot easier to just walk. KEEP MOVING FORWARD. You're of course never doing this to the point of choking the puppy or anything like that. It's more like what you do when you need to leave a grocery aisle and your kid is hanging back and whining.

This: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-5Mw3vd3WI

is a video that shows about what I'd expect from a puppy who doesn't know the lead. See how the dog is fighting but they keep gently moving forward? I would be stopping and reassuring the dog more often than this trainer does, but the concept is about the same--if you say walk, you WILL make it at least a few steps forward, the MOMENT the puppy gives in and jumps forward you praise and get excited, go a couple more steps, stop and reassure, walk forward.
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Brummy is doing better with a harness than with just a collar. The harness I have looks like this one http://www.gollygear.com/tmbr_harn.htm it is a step in harness. He only wears it going outside and he dosnt pull on it much at all. The collar he was pulling on and I was worried he was gonna hurt his neck.
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I have a bit of a problem a bit ago dd tried to pick Brummy up out of my lap and he growled at her I know that some behaivor is acceptable but I dont want things to get out of control.

How should I or should I correct this kind of thing if it happens again?

On a funny note (least to me) Brummy met dh for the first time last night and they did not hit it off at all. Brummy barks at him Dh though it was because he used nose spray laying on the couch but when dh got up later and was talking to him he got barked at again.

I told dh that Brummy knows his thoughts dh has agreed to let him stay in as long as I can keep things clean ie the floor picked up and keep him using the bathroom outside : If I cant keep up then we will re-evaluate things.
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Pip has been doing the same thing. We're working on it.

On a side note, Pip is asleep in one of my wraps right now.
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Brummy pictures

Loooong neck

What was that?!?!

Chillin & Chewing

ETA: I checked his belly button and it is solid under it so no worries. He just has a outtie
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Final Update:

Pinky, Wrinkles (Pippin), Highball (Elvis), Finn & Blaze (Clarke) Are now in their permanent homes. : and doing very well

I decided to go ahead and let Brummy go and he is currently in a foster home with thekimballs who will find his perfect match I am sure.

Gizmo is still with my brother and we are all working with her teaching her all kinds of new things.

Jill disappeared 2 days before she was due to go in to be spayed We do not have proof but it is pretty much a given that the lady who took her the first time did so again :

I want to once again send out my most sincere thanks to everyone who helped me find the perfect home for these puppies and gave me such great advice through it all. It is something I will remember the rest of my life and look back on with fondness. :
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Pinky is now Trixie, and doing super.

Brummy is now Bramble, as long as he is with us (my sister's ex-husband's last name is Brum, so we needed to change it slightly). I am looking for a home verrrrry slooooowwwlly because he is such a great little guy. But I am taking applications for families in the New England area, if anyone is just reading this thread now and wants in on the cool puppy action. He would do super with a family, I'd prefer kids over 5 just because he's so tiny and mouthy/vocal, but if it was an experienced JRT or dachshund family that requirement wouldn't apply.
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Originally Posted by thekimballs View Post
Pinky is now Trixie, and doing super.

Brummy is now Bramble, as long as he is with us (my sister's ex-husband's last name is Brum, so we needed to change it slightly). I am looking for a home verrrrry slooooowwwlly because he is such a great little guy.

I will post a few pics and update about our Trixie later today
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Love the name Trixie I had a beautiful Mutt with that name many years ago DD also loves the name I have been giving her updates and showing her pictures as I get them so she can stay involved. She was not happy about Brummy (Bramble) leaving us but she has adjusted very well.
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Awww.... yay for all these sweet puppies finding their forever homes!

MCat, we can't thank you enough -- you got all these little guys off to such a great start, and it really shows!

Finn is doing awesome. He's got SUCH long legs, and everywhere we go people just fall in love with him. In fact, this weekend we were camping with my in-laws and MIL was Finn-sitting while the rest of us were swimming... some guy tried to buy Finn on the spot!

He's still sweet and snuggly, but can be such a turkey at times... typical puppy behaviour. He has his last set of shots in a few weeks, then he'll start puppy classes. He's doing awesome with sit, down, high five and manners (where he waits until we give him the okay to snag the treat) -- I have no doubt he'll pass with flying colours. He's also doing great on the leash -- this past weekend he really seemed to realize what it's all about. I'm sure it helped that he had my in-laws two long-haired Doxies to follow around.

The kids go back to school next week, and I'm so glad I'll have Finn to keep me company -- it will be too quiet with the girls gone everyday, and the boy in preschool two mornings per week. But those days Finn and I will be going for long walks.
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