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What don't you need?

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I don't need:

A wipes warmer
A swiffer
A VCR player

you go next
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A microwave (I bought one, but it sat in the box for a week and then I took it back.)

Internet access at home. Such a time suck. I don't know why we have it.
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a changing table. Never had one, never missed it.

PDA or IPOD again, never had them, never missed them

bottle warmer I have one, but not sure why it was given to me, never used it.

1,792 different mismatched cups/plates/bowls that MIL dropped off at my house. WTF? I already had matching sets...

Hair dryer. I have one, but I don't think I ever used it.

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Good thead!
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We don't have and don't miss having:
china cabinet
Hair dryer
Pot plants
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4 huge overflowing bins of outgrown kids' clothes. Took them to the Goodwill this weekend.
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  • disposable diapers and baby wipes
  • napkins or paper towels
  • a coffee table
  • a stroller
  • a crib
  • 100 different name brand outfits for each of my children
  • more than 4 pairs of shoes
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Ooh, I like this game!

We don't need:

~full-sized fridge
~sentimental 'stuff' (except pictures)
~paper towels
~plastic baggies
~a second car
~'extra' anything
~a big house

Could I also add...
I would not like to live w/o my:

~aussie shepherds
~digi camera
~computer and internet
~all-manner of camping gear, snowshoes, snowboards, skis, and outdoor gear
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Originally Posted by laketahoemama View Post
Ooh, I like this game!
Me, too! I'm loving these posts!

I just wish that my list and my DH's list were one in the same, or even remotely close. :
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I am very happy to say "cell phone," especially since I wouldn't have believed it a year ago.

Cable. Constant Internet access (struggles with this one). Lots of dishes. Knick knacks.

Also, can I add in "dust?" I don't need it, but it seems to need me.
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2 bins of fabric that I never sew
3 bins of yarn when I only do one project at a time
5 bins of clothes that do not fit
an extra microwave
2 excerise machines when we go to the gym
time to purge!
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A house...

hahaha! Ok seruously...

crib/ stroller/ changing table/ most baby gadgets except maybe a monitor


hair dryer

dish washer (though I drool over the idea)

a big "mommy" car (drive an old honda civic)

hot water (we have it now, but lived without on the old boat for 6 years)

clocks (we have none aboard, we look at our cell phone if we need to know the time or set a wake up alarm)

things we DO have that I want to get rid of:
my dog (just kidding)

winter clothes (can't wait to sail away from winter!)

baby books that I am saving for some weird reason (i have a hard time parting with books)

lots of craft stuff -- DS just isn't into crafts and I should face the music

My pre-preggo clothes that I fear will never fit again
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Paper towels
Store bought cleaners (Vinegar with EO)
Broom (I just bought a Dyson)
Decorations for walls (I just use pictures)
Shampoo (just conditioner)
Deoderant (I wash with baking soda)
Shaving cream (conditioner)
Baby soap
Baby lotion
Baby powder
Plastic toys
Dryer sheets
Fluffy towels
Top sheets
Flip flops
The mall
Plastic bags
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Oh geez.. I'm pretty minimalist at the moment, so here goes.

A washer/dryer or laundromat. I've been washing by hand in the bathtub!

A bed. Sleepin on the floor.

A crib.
paper towels
paper napkins
swiffers/lysol wipes/etc
changing table - i've never used one.. makes more sense to me to use the floor!
a house phone
more than 2 pots
more than 1 pan
plastic bags

literally, in my house, i have enough dishes to eat off of, a couch, a computer, a tv, and clothes.

That's what happens when you move cross country towing a 5x9 trailer behind a '94 plymouth acclaim.. we figured out REAL quick what we could live without!
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Love this thread! Will post my list when I have more time.
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do not need:

more than two sets of bedding for each bed
more dishes than # of people I want to feed at one time
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Fun Game!!! Let's see...

-the third car (why oh why? There's only me and DH but he won't get rid of it!)
-The baby bouncy seat
-Plastic food storage (just got rid of a huge box of this)
-about 90% of the books in the house
-My doll collection from when I was a kid (can't get rid though, my mom would cry)
-The dogs (ugh! They're DH's not mine. They're just dirt spreaders.)
-Most of the things in boxes marked "sewing"
-The GIANT plastic cups DH bought
-Most of the Christmas decorations
-All the duplicates of the tools in the garage (I can't fathom why we need three drills!)
-All the plastic toys the inlaws keep buying the children
-the laptop
-all the "collectible" things DH keeps buying ("But they'll be worth something someday!" he says)
-About 75% of the clothes and shoes in the closets (mine, his, & theirs)
-all these extra purses I'm not using
-five winter coats (we live in Texas for goodness sake! It's friggin' HOT!)
-a lot of the pots and pans I have. I really only use about five different ones
-a smoothy machine, a waffle iron, a bread machine, a crepe's pan (where'd that come from?) a food processor and a mini crock pot (I DO use the blender though.)

Ohhh, I'm exhausted just thinking of all the stuff I need to get rid of! Can you tell I'm trying to purge?
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Okay, I thought of a ton more things:

-the newspaper subscription
-dish network
-all these baskets (why did I buy them?)
-all the free samples I keep because I think I'll actually use them (I won't)
-sheets for bed sizes I don't have
-extra bed frames for which I do not have matresses or a need for
-the treadmill dh just bought for an ungodly amount of money and has only used once!
-all of the TVs and TV related cables, boxes, etc.
-dvds and videos of stuff we've seen and really don't care to watch again
-all the bathroom and kitchen cleaners I've stopped using
-most of the luggage in the closet
-the sports equipment in the garage that dh brought to the marriage and has never once used
-leftover home remodleing supplies (we really need to keep the left over 1.4 bucket of floor tile glue?!?)

Okay I'm done until I can get some of this cr@p out of my house.
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Fun thread!

Things I used to have/use but now easily do without:
- Gas powered lawnmower (we now have a push mower)
- A second fridge in the garage
- Dryer sheets (now I use dryer balls)
- Tons of specialized cleaning products (converting to natural and homemade cleaners)
- A big set of kitchen knives (I now have just the ones I use- a paring knife, a chef's knife, and a bread knife)
- Lots of different sizes and shapes of drinking glasses
- More than 2 sheet sets per bed and 2 towels per person
- Exercise bike (I now ride my real bike when the weather is nice and go to the YMCA when it's not)
- A cleaning service
- More than a week or two's worth of clothing per season

Things I have never needed:
- DVDs (we love to rent or get from library)
- New books (we use the library constantly and get any books we want to keep at used book sales)
- Lots of small kitchen appliances
- A gardener (I think we are the only people in our town who take care of our own yard)

I still have miles to go but making this list makes me feel like I am making progress!
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Most of our books, especially the old college textbooks and computer programming books.

A lot of my crafty stuff that I will never use.

DH's surround sound system and other electronics that are either too big/broken/won't ever use.

Most the stuffed animals given to my babe.

The ball that moves on its own and talks. My SIL is convinced she NEEDS it to learn how to count. Um.. it only goes to three and I can teach her that without being annoying.

My violin. I don't have time to play anymore. I've only played twice in the past two years.

The gazillion quilts. We live in Texas and all of DH's relatives quilt. Every holiday we get at least one.
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