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Painful sex

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This happened last pregnancy as well. I think my vagina has more blood flow to it-making it fuller or something but after I have sex it hurts for hours and I even have to sit down until it subsides because it feels like my whole vulva and vagina is just going to fall off. Does anyone else have anything like this? It is so terrible. It doesnt even hurt during sex-just after! I gets inflamed or something.

I also dont have much desire for sex in the first place.
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we tried on sunday and i told him to get out it hurt too bad. he said i was super tight which did not help my mind since i am 37 weeks and really don't wanna be tight.
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I have no advice, just a "ditto" here. I get sore really fast even when well lubbed and I get sort of a throbbing "ouch" feeling for quite a while afterwards. Poor DH isn't getting it as often as he'd like! LOL! Sorry, probably TMI
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Not sex per se, but I remember orgasms hurting really bad when I was PG (after the initial good feeling). I think it's definitely the increased blood flow to the area.
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Sex while being pg is not fun for me. It's uncomfortable, and stays uncomfortable for a while afterward. Add in the fact that I am not interested at all, and DH doesn't see much action until after baby is born.
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Sex has been painful for me too. Which sucks because I want it ALLLL THE TIME!!! My MW said my cervix is in a weird position right now, so when DH goes in...he's smacking right against it. And for some reason, it burns around the edges when he goes in. We are pretty limited in what positions we can use that don't burn. It sucks!
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It hurt so badly with my DD that we just didn't do it. Now I'm banned this pregnancy and I miss it. *laugh*
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Sex has come and gone for us during the pregnancy. (And come back.) Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesn't. When it starts off hurting I can usually change positions and that solves that problem. I find that even if a position "works" it doesn't necessarily really work. And there is no such thing as too much lube.

I'm also 37 weeks and things have gotten more snug lately. I speculate that it has to do with fluids flooding the area. I anticipate this thinning out soon.
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Like a PP poster... not sex that hurts... but after orgasm a few times now it HURTS... like spazzing cramping. Likely the extra blood flow... if I lay still and relax a little bit it goes away pretty quickly.
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