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Mamas who got pg dtd 5+ days before o...

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What gender baby did you have?

I know that I've heard of a few Mamas here getting pg from dtd 6-7 days before ovulating, and I've also heard that usually only girl spermies last that long. I'm just wondering what our Mamas here have had.

And FTR, DH and I dtd 7 days before o and we're now expecting a little one this Dec
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My dh apparently has superhuman sperm (and/or I have superhuman EWCM, lol) because his sperm survived for nearly 6 days with ZERO doubt (I was charting and tracking obsessively, plus an early sono (to r/o twins) confirmed the conception date exactly). We had a boy. Supposedly I was supposed to have a girl but I had a giant strapping baby boy.
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We had to actively try to conceive so we started dtd as soon as a week before O and every day until. We have 3 boys.
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sperm lived at LEAST 6+ days with my pregnancy now. I'm still in shock. Anyhow, ultrasound says BOY-- I was certain it would be a girl!!!
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I was charting (trying to avoid) and O'd a little earlier than usual. We DTD 5 days before O, and we had a boy. Best oops ever!
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Well I think that little theory of girl spermies only lasting longer just got blown out of the water!

Please somebody tell me I have a chance of having a girl!
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i know the last time i got pregnant we did it about 2 or 3 days before ovulation and now dd is here. i have always heard that if you get pregnant before ovulation, you're more likely to have a girl because the male sperms are faster swimmers (more likely to have a boy right at ovulation) but the girl sperms have more stamina in the long run.
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We dtd 5 days before and have a boy to show for it.
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With our first two, we got pregnant pretty much as I ovulated...*but*

I am currently ovulating (I don't chart, but do pay attention to discharge and cramping) and DH and I dtd twice in the last 7 days (the last being 5 days ago). I would not be shocked if I became pregnant...in fact, this thread has me wondering. I tend to notice things that occur around big events that sort of mark the big event for me...like foreshadowing (but in a good way). DH has super sperm and I am extremely fertile....so we'll see.
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4 days before O - girl

day of O - boy
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With this last pregnancy, we dtd 6 days before O. He is a beautiful baby!
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I am liking the sounds of this! hehe...We are going to TTC in December and plan to start TTC before my ovulation (im currently tracking) just to be 'safe'...if I fall pregnant right way it looks like I might get another boy by all of these replies! lol - Which I would just love!!!
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I got pg with my dd after dtd the day after af said goodbye. I've always thought that was special... and we thought we were safe!
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i have always heard that if you get pregnant before ovulation
Being nitpicky here, but technically that's not exactly possible.... we know what you mean though...

I wasn't charting when we got pregnant with DD but I had a rough idea of my cycle. I had been ill, and we thought we had missed the fertility window when I was feeling better enough to start dtd.

Apparently we didn't though, and DD was born 9 months later. I can't say how close it was to o at all, but it certainly wasn't 5 days early or anything.
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Ds was conceived after we dtd on cd9. I usually o anywhere from cd14 to cd18, so it was 5-9 days before o.

And yes, I know this is when he was conceived because we only dtd w/o protection that one time...
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We dtd 5 days before O (I was charting, but we weren't really trying), and was expecting it to be a girl, but it was a boy.
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6 days before O here and a boy!
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twice a day for 10 days before and during and for quite a few days after ovulation ... we enjoy TTC.

and we love our 20 pounds of wiggly girl!
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Both boys
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ii am nursing my wee one who was a result of dtd 5 days pre O....she is a little girl
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