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HELP, 2nd year molars?

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Hi moms,

Just wanted to know what teething with 2nd year molars looks like. I swear ds is teething and our dentist said the 2nd year molars are the next in line, but this is soooo much worse than all the other teeth combined. Is it really that bad? that different? He fevered for a week and now he is not sleeping, during the day he is so fussy and his nose is running like crazy. The weird thing is he is so upset when he night wakes he refuses both bottle and paci even though he is seriously addicted to his paci. It takes me a long time to calm him down and he will eventually drink a whole bottle, take his paci and fall asleep. It is just strange for him to be thrashing around and thowing his soother on the floor...would you say that's teething?? Anyone out there dealing with 2nd year molars?? How do you cope? how do you know for sure its them?? It could take months for all 4 to come in, will we ever survive?
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my dd's all broke through the gums at the same time. i wasn't even thinking about teething until one night when we were brushing her teeth and i noticed they had arrived! definitely explains her irritability (that and being almost 2.5!) and unwillingness to eat anything significant. now that they're all through her appetite is back, attitude is still "eh" good luck! this too shall pass!!
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My dd has been getting her 2 year molars. She got an ear infection the beginning of April from all the drool, it was brutal. Puking, 2 ER trips, dehydration, high fevers, engorgement, 2 hours of sleep in a 48 hour period, a full tank of gas for dh to drive her around so I could rest, wow I do not ever want to do that again. That first molar came in pretty quick, it's all the way in already. It took 4 months for her first molars to break through the gums all the way, so this is a big improvement.
Two more about to break through right now. Then she just had a virus for several days, hand, foot, and, mouth I think.
So really I think that teething can really run them down from not eating as well or sleeping as well and make them more susceptible to catching something. If sucking usually comforts him, but it isn't working now, get his ears checked. It could be an ear infection.
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Yep, my 21mo is getting his 2nd 2 year molar right now. None of his other teeth bothered him coming in, but all my boys have seemed bothered by the 2yr set. They're just much bigger I guess.
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