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May IUIs!

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Hi everyone! This is the thread for all the May IUIs - please let me know if you would like to join, and any info/charts you want associated with your username.
Good luck and baby dust!

Frog - IUI #9, but the first one with meds and u/s monitoring. 150 gonal-f every day.

poetgirl - 2nd IUI with 100 mg Clomid and weekly acupuncture and chinese herbs

sstapp - 50mg of Clomid on CD 5-9, Trigger on 5/14, IUI possible on 5/15 and 5/16 or 5/16 and 5/17

Peppermint Poppies - First IUI after failed FET, puregon injections and HCG trigger :

EastbayK - 50 mg clomid, 1st IUI on Saturday 5/3

LiamsMommy31905 - possibly an unmedicated IUI cycle

kdcraig - third IUI cycle, 100 mg clomid for 7 days (CD 3 - 9), hcg trigger and double IUI.

biomama - 2nd IUI cycle, 25mg clomid CD3-7, hCG trigger, double-IUI :

snowbell - 2nd IUI cycle, 100mg clomid

Kritenok18 - waiting for now, but when the time comes - 5mg femara combined with follistim injections, trigger shot, and iui.

jerseygirl8676 - 100 mg CLomid days 4-8, Ovidrel trigger on Tuesday 5/6 (intercourse that night) and IUI 5/8

cbond04 - first cycle of IUI on 5/2

Livy'smom - IUI 5/15/08 after clomid from days 4-8

DLT - first IUI cycle

rubidoux - gonal-f (225iu's), trigger, and double iui

cbond04 - IUI cycle
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Thanks biomama for starting a new thread.

Here's my info:

2nd IUI, 100mg Clomid
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I'm tentatively peeking my head in here. I hope we're able to do an IUI this month, though I'm still riding out my "busted" femara cycle. My temps haven't shifted yet, so I don't know if I'll even ovulate. Hopefully something will happen soon so I can get on with things!!! I'm still reeling from having this cycle cancelled, especially with the edd of the the baby I m/c this weekend. And to top things off, my dad called and said my mom was in the ER with a ruptured appendix.

I hope everyone is doing well, and that we get some bfps!!

If there is ever an end to this cycle, I will be doing 5mg femara combined with follistim injections, trigger shot, and iui.
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I'm tentatively popping in here as well...as you may have read, I overstimmed the last two cycles on 100 mg of Clomid and the follicles evolved into huge cysts. I've been having bloodwork every 4 days to ensure my estradiol levels are dropping (they are.) I'm currently CD 8 and will have repeat bloodwork on Friday to see if my levels are within normal limits. If they are, I'll be scheduled for a follicle scan on Monday and they will check to see if the cysts have resolved. If they have, then we'll do an unmedicated, untriggered IUI.

However, there are a lot of 'ifs' so I'm not holding my breath for this cycle. My body sucks. It will be the 5th in a row that I've had to sit out (either due to the miscarriage or overstimulation) and I'm getting really frustrated.

Kristen - so sorry to hear about your mom being in the hospital. Keep us updated.

GL everyone!
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LiamsMommy31905, I hope your cysts resolve and you are on track for a nice, easy, successful IUI this month! It sounds like you've been through a lot, that is really tough. Hang in there!

kristen, I hope your mom is doing okay. And that you're doing okay - it must have been awful to be so reminded of your m/c this weekend, I'm sorry.

I'll be thinking about you both- and sending many big hugs.

the arrival of AF today has been really tough... (duh), but it's also causing DH and I to fight, which hasn't happened before after a failed cycle. Usually we are extra sweet to each other at that time, but today we just keep snapping at each other. It's getting me even more down, and I know he's down too. Somehow, even when we try to make up, we end up arguing about something stupid again 5 minutes later. Ug. I think we both had real hopes for this cycle, and it just keeps getting harder to be positive about the next one, you know?

I just want to get on with the next cycle. At least we'll be distracted by the upcoming U/S and my first time taking clomid.

thanks for letting me vent. I guess I needed to get that out ...
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Thanks for starting the new thread biomama. Can you add me to the list please

First IUI after failed FET, puregon injections and HCG trigger.
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and me: 2nd IUI with 100 mg Clomid and weekly acupuncture and chinese herbs

to us all for a new month...
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We did our 1st IUI on Saturday 5/3, so I'm a few days into the 2ww. I also used 50 mg clomid this time. : that it worked!

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Please add me.

This will be my third IUI cycle, 100 mg clomid for 7 days (CD 3 - 9), hcg trigger and double IUI.

Today is CD5.
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Please add us...

We will be doing IUI for the 2nd time this month...

50mg of Clomid on CD 5-9
Trigger on 5/14
IUI possible on 5/15 and 5/16 or 5/16 and 5/17

On cd 4 we had a follicle at 10mm already... Hoping this is the month..
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HI everyone!!
I had my IUI today, so now i guess we keep our fingers crossed for 2 weeks!! LOL
I did 100 mg CLomid days 4-8, Ovidrel trigger on Tuesday (intercourse that night) and IUI today.
On Tuesday i only had 2 follicles on my left, but they were good at 18 and 20 and my lining was god at 12!!
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updated to here (I hope! It was a lot to update and it's my first thread that I'm hosting) Let me know if you want anything changed/added/removed/color change, anything!

I wish everyone the best of luck and babydust this cycle.
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Thanks for adding me!!!
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You did great Biomama! I espcially like my nice green color!

We did our IUI last weekend and DH is already pestering me about when we can test. He's convinced it's going to be twins b/c I had several follicles when we triggered.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Thanks biomama. You did awesome!

CD10 for me and my 5th day of puregon injections. I go in for a scan on CD13. My FS told me that I might ovulate over the weekend, but that seems a little early since today is Saturday. I'm not sure how much BD'ing we'll be able to do since we're staying with friends for the weekend and will have my son sleeping in the same room as us.
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I had my 12 day u/s today and it went well - the 100mg Clomid is doing its job. I have two good looking follicles. One on my right that is almost 18mm and one on my left that is 16mm. The past three months there has been no follicle action on the right ovary, so I am feeling pretty proud of it right now. RE said if I don't have a positive OPK by Monday morning, he wants me to come in Mon for a trigger shot. So IUI should happen by next Wednesday.
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hi everyone! happy weekend.

I had my CD3 appointment yesterday - U/S to look for any leftover cysts and to check my uterine lining. They said it was still a little thick for CD3, so I had a beta hCG quantitative test, which came back <5. So I started my clomid last night!

snowbell, I'm glad the clomid is working for you! Yay ovaries! How are you feeling?

Peppermint Poppies, what do the injections do? GL with the timing... covert BDing can be fun, no?

EastbayK, good luck with the TWW! It's so so so hard to wait, isn't it? How do you feel about twins? I am thinking I would be happy with twins, if I got them. I know it's much more work, but I think I'd love it! Maybe I'm crazy.

sstapp, I hope that 10mm folly becomes your beautiful baby!

How's everyone else???
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So got my CD 10 bloodwork results back - I'm sidelined AGAIN for the 5th month in a row. The cysts that developed from after last cycle's overstimulation haven't resolved. I swear...I don't know if I should be angry with my RE for continually prescribing me Clomid after I kept overstimulating and developing cysts.

My e2 levels were 380 (on Monday they were 325, last Friday they were 760.) I have a strong feeling that the cysts have resolved and I am in the process of developing new eggs (which would account for the e2 rise.) They told me that I will likely not ovulate this cycle but my temps and CM tell me otherwise.

The office has screwed up at least three times so far since the beginning of my IF journey in September. I am so freaking frustrated.

Does anyone know if there is a risk of TTCing au naturale if you have an ovarian cyst? I'm just ready to take matters into my own hands at this point. It's my birthday in a few days and I would really like a + HPT as a gift.

Hope everyone else's cycle is going well!
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Good luck to all of you!
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update: trigger shot 5/12, IUI 5/13, Chinese herbs during luetal phase

I am cd15 and have not had my OPK surge yet, which is fine because normally I don't surge until day 16 or 18. Since I had two follicles that looked great on the day 12 u/s they wanted to trigger me on cd15. Well, my left follicle has not grown any! So it is only one follicle that was mature, which is frustrating because I would produce that on my own. We even upped my dose of Clomid to 100mg this month. Clomid doesn't seem to be working for me. I am feeling as if I might give it one more month and then after that we need to move on to injectables. Is it true that you have to be on birth control for several weeks before starting the shots?

Even though I am a little disappointed, I am going to keep up the hope for my right follicle! It only takes one I keep reminding myself!
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