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Originally Posted by biomama View Post
Peppermint Poppies, what do the injections do? GL with the timing... covert BDing can be fun, no?
They're injections of FSH, so they help me to ovulate, similar to clomid but kinda super-charged. It's the same drug that's injected to prepare for an IVF cycle. My body seems to respond better to the FSH than it does to clomid.

Originally Posted by snowbell View Post
Is it true that you have to be on birth control for several weeks before starting the shots?
I didn't have to take any birth control before starting injections for an IUI, however when I did a stim IVF cycle when TTC with my son, I did have to. It probably depends a lot on what drug protocol you are doing and what your usual cycle is like.

Biomama - how is the clomid treating you? I hope you're not getting too many side effects from it.

LiamsMommy - How frustrating that you've had another mucked-up cycle. Is it possible for you to get a second opinion/referral to another clinic. If they've been this disorganised since September, they're probably not going to improve at all. I guess that only other thing you could do is document everything yourself and be very proactive and assertive with treatment planning and appointments/medications etc.

Snowbell - thinking of you for your IUI today (it's already the 13th here in Australia ) It only takes one follicle, so you're still in with a great chance.

As for me, I had my HCG trigger shot yesterday and IUI today! Swim spermies swim! : When I had my scan yesterday, my fertility specialist was almost trying to convince me to cancel the cycle because I had 1 large and 4 medium sized follicles. He's not keen on multiple pregnancies and starting talking about selective reduction if there were too many babies. I convinced him to go ahead with cycle because my DH's sperm count & activity is so low, the chances of us conceiving at all are pretty slim, let alone higher-order multiples. As it turns out, I'm glad we made the decision to keep going, because DH's sperm count in the sample for the IUI this morning was 0.7 million/ml. Not even a lousy 1 million

Anyway, I guess I'm officially in the TWW now. I start progesterone pessaries tomorrow night, and my obgyn has given me strict instructions to 'do what comes naturally' as much as possible today and tomorrow, so looks like I'll be keeping DH busy
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Today is 10dpo for me and I couldn't resist testing. There was a very faint, but discernable second line there. I told DH to look close and he saw it right away.

We're optimistic, but wondering if it is just residual from the trigger shot 11 days ago. This is our first IUI, can anyone tell me about how long it takes for that to NOT show up on a test? Our plan is to test again in two more days.


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EastbayK, I am keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed for you!: A faint line is a great sign! Good luck and keep us posted!

Peppermint Poppies, good luck! We will be in the 2ww together!

I had my IUI this morning. I had more cramping this time but not too bad. (Nothing will ever compare to the HSG!) Dh had 25mill motile sperm, which wasn't as good as last time but I'm not complaining.

So now begins the 2ww...
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Originally Posted by EastbayK View Post
Today is 10dpo for me and I couldn't resist testing. There was a very faint, but discernable second line there. I told DH to look close and he saw it right away.

We're optimistic, but wondering if it is just residual from the trigger shot 11 days ago. This is our first IUI, can anyone tell me about how long it takes for that to NOT show up on a test? Our plan is to test again in two more days.


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Good luck EastbayK : I've read different things about how long it takes for the HCG to leave the body - 10 days, 14 days, 7 days .... In any case, I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you that your line just gets darker and darker (in which case it's a BP, because residual HCG would just get fainter and fainter).

Snowbell - YAY - we're TWWing together! 25mill motile sperm is amazing! We only had 0.7 million sperm, and only 21% were motile. Still, it only takes one, and my DS is proof that IUI's can work, even with poor sperm count.

How is everybody else doing today?
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Could you add me, please? I didn't expect to have the IUI in May, but my period was a week early. I'm on cd4 today, did my first shot last night.

This will be IUI #9, but the first one with meds and u/s monitoring. I'm taking 150 gonal-f every day. Due to insurance and funds, this will be our final IUI with me. If this doesn't work, we're on hold while we make a plan.
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Today we had a follicle scan done and we have 2 good follicles. One is 18mm and the other is 19mm. We had the trigger done today too... We are having the IUI done tomm afternoon and on Friday morning... So tomm/Friday we will be in our 2ww again... We are hoping this is the month..

Does anyone know after you have an IUI done does having an orgasim help?? I have read where some say yes and some say no...

Baby dust to all...
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Originally Posted by sstapp View Post
Does anyone know after you have an IUI done does having an orgasim help?? I have read where some say yes and some say no...

Baby dust to all...
Not after an IUI, no. You can have one before, though, if you want.
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hi everyone! I'm still hanging out waiting to O. My biggest problem now is figuring out timing so DH abstains for the right amount of time - not too long, not too short. It's easier this cycle with the trigger shot, so we know it will be no later than Monday (CD13), but I could get a natural surge earlier, in which case we call and go in early.

The clomid was pretty mild - I didn't notice anything funny about how I felt. Mostly I'm excited. I kind of like this part of the cycle: you're waiting for things to happen but not dreading the BFN yet, also it's okay to have a beer or two! Good thing that I'm not in the TWW now, since my family is in town and they'd notice if I wasn't drinking!

How's everyone else?

Kim, I'm waiting for your test tomorrow! GL!!!!
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Bleurgh. This post is going to be all about me I'm afraid, but I'm feeling sorry for myself.

I ended up being taken to hospital last night by ambulance with severe vomiting/diarrhoea and seizures. It was viral gastroenteritis, and I tend to have seizures when I'm very unwell. I was put on a drip with maxolon to stop the vomting and buscopan to stop the diarrhoea. I don't ever remember feeling sicker in my whole life. I was discharged this morning but have been sleeping since then.

I can't help feeling that this has ruined my chances of pregnancy this cycle. If any of my follicles had fertilised, it's probably about when they would be implanting. And with all the vomiting and circulation dysruption because I was so dehydrated, I'm sure my uterine lining was not a comfy, squisy, lovely place to implant Also, I couldn't start my progesterone pessaries last night like I was supposed to, because ... and this is waaay TMI .... there was just too much poo coming out one hole to contemplate putting a pessary up the other hole.

So much for trying to have a relaxing, stress-free TWW.
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I tested this morning, results are in and the answer is BFN. I suspected the answer based on my temp this morning, before I even tested. I guess it really does take 10 days for me to clear out a trigger shot. Not even a hint of a line on this one. DH and I spent the morning trying to hide our sadness from each other as I got ready for work this morning.

We've got two more cycles to do IUI and if that doesn't work, the RE wants to take a look at my uterus to see if they missed some scarring during the HSG.

Hope everyone else has a happy day

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Oh, Kim.
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IUI with Femara vs Clomid

My husband and I are TTC#1 and had our first cycle of IUI on 5/2. I got a today. With our first cycle I was on CLomid 50mg CD3-7, had US on CD13 which showed I only produced 1 follicle that was 22X21mm. I received HCG trigger and we had 1 insemination on 5/2 with only 9.3million total motile sperm. The doctor was concerned about my lining thickness. It was only 4.3mm, my doctor said they prefer it to be >7mm. He believes this was due to the clomid. So, this cycle we are going to try Femara. Has anyone else has this same problem with Clomid? If so, did you try Femara and was it more successful?
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Welcome, cbond04. I'm on my first (and only) cycle of meds, so I have no insight, but wanted to welcome you to the thread and to MDC.
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I'm so sorry
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I have a question for everyone. I am a new member and looking for hope. I had my first IUI today 5/15 /08 and I was taking clomid from days 4-8. This is my second month having an IUI, last month I had two IUI's done back to back and it did not work. I have been trying for my second child for a year and a half. A couple of things were different this time. First I took clomid which I didn't before. Second my husbands sample was "wonderful" as my doctor put it. And third I didn't expirience anything after the last time and this time I am having cramping mostly in my lower right side. My doctor said I had two follicles in my right ovary and one in my left. Which he said were great size. I was so nervous I forgot to ask exactly how great of a size. I just know last time when it didn't work I only had one follicle total. I also gave myself the ovidrel shot two nights before the IUI. If anyone is going through the same situation and has some input I would love to hear from you. I want to know how common is the cramping. And how soon after did anyone test themselves. My husband thinks I should wait until at least a day or two late but I am very impatient.

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Hi Livy'smom!

I had an IUI on 5/13 and I am feeling some cramping also. I think what I am feeling might just be the Clomid. That is great you had three good sized follicles! Maybe your having ovulation cramping.

I am going to try to wait until 14dpiui to test but it is so hard to wait! We can go through the 2ww together!
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Kim I am sending you lots of hugs...

Peppermint Poppies, I am sorry you are so sick! That sounds horrible what you went through. Keep us posted on your recovery.
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So overdue for a check-in here.

GL to all in the 2WW and strong O vibes to those waiting for their IUI!
I finished my clomid yesterday and the opk is already looking on the verge of dark. I didn't have any more CB dig. ones so I did a line one thinking it wouldn't be pos. and I'd pick up the CB tonight, but then it was questionably dark. I so hope I am not screwing this up. Don't think so considering I O'd cd13 last time and it is only cd7. There's always something to stress about. The clomid was pretty hard on me this time around, so moody, weepy, just cry me a river over here. Hopefully that eases some now. So, expecting the IUI in the next few days.

Kim, I'm really sorry, see what tomorrow brings.

And Liam'smommy, oh I can't imagine how frustrating and downright painful this must be. I am so sorry the clomid has failed you over and over. Time takes on a wholle new meaning in this realm and I'm so sorry any month has to be canceled. Hoping the thing that your body responds to best is soon to come. Big .

WELCOME to Livy'smom, Frog, Cbond04! We've got quite a sweet little group here for ourselves. to all!
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Thanks for the good thoughts everyone. I think this BFN was especially negative because we had so many positive signs that this was going to be IT. And I really let myself believe it was going to be, instead of being cautiously gaurded. I started thinking about what it would be like, imagined myself calling DH's oncology nurse to find out what precautions to take, even peeked in the Jan DDC. And discovered that the due date would have been on my birthday. DH and I had lunch together yesterday and talked more about it in the evening. I think we have both come to terms with it and are ready to embrace the next cycle.

I'm guessitmating my next IUI will be on 5/30 (how's that for timing, two seperate IUI's in the month of May).

Good luck to everyone this weekend!

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