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Please Help Me With the Wording for My Mother Blessing Invitation - Update in Post #11!

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This is my third (and probably last) child, and I want to have a Mother Blessing this time around! For those who are not familiar with this type of ceremony, here's a great link that explains the origin and ritual:

Out of respect for the Navajo tradition and at the request of the Navajo people, I will not be calling this celebration a Blessingway, but rather, a Mother Blessing.

Two friends are helping me coordinate this, and it will be held in my living room - very casual. The majority of the people I will invite are more familiar with traditional baby showers, so I need help with the wording of the invitation so that I can accurately portray the meaning and purpose of this type of event.
So, do any mamas here have any suggestions on how to word the invitations? All input is greatly appreciated
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there is a great book called Mother Rising that I used to plan my friend's Blessingway (this is what I called it anyway). Good luck and enjoy the experience!
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I like how the sample invite on the site you listed gives instructions on what kinds of "stuff" to bring... I think that helps describe the event for those not familiar with what it means. Maybe you could have a traditional invitation (not cutesy though, one that gives the feel of the event) and then have a secondary insert card describing what it is and what to bring?
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Subbing for ideas too
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I wish I can offer some advice or I wish I had one! My friend (totally mainstream) is going to do me a babyshower and since we are inviting the men too with the kids, there is no way I can get away with a blessingway lol! Good Luck with yours!!!
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Another thought, how many people are you inviting? What if instead of a regular invite you wrote a personal letter to each woman explaining the meaning of the event and your wish for her to be there as an important person in your life? That way you aren't limited to this "who what where" format. And those who know you, even if they aren't familiar with non-traditional stuff, will understand it better beforehand I think.
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I just wanted to say thanks for starting this discussion. I mentioned it to a friend, and she offered to help me with one. This is my last baby, and I wanted a special way of honoring this period in my life.

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thanks guys - I'm considering all of your suggestions and working with a friend to try and come up with something that can succinctly explain the meaning of the ceremony (only so much space on an invitation!) and tell them what to bring. I will update when I can - this is harder than I thought it would be. So far I know I want each participant to bring one wood or glass bead for each child she has to make the birth necklace. I'm also poking around the net looking for good quotes (spiritual but not hokey) about motherhood...
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My sister wanted to do a shower for me. It was our second son though, so I didn't need any STUFF, and wanted a mother's blessing as well. Neither my sister nor most of the guests had ever attended such a thing (I'd only read abotu them!) and i'm trying to remember how we worded it......
something like this I think...

You are invited to a Mother's Blessing to help [brightonwoman] celebrate the impending arrival of her son.
Please bring a bead that represents your hopes, thoughts, and wishes for her--we will be putting these on a bracelet for her to wear in labor.
Please do not bring baby gifts--she doesn't need anything. Instead we invite you to bring an item for her nurture basket (for pregnancy, labor, or postpartum pampering).

That's roughly what I remember.
I'd be happy to answer questions about specifically what we did and all...
I ended up totally forgetting to wear the bracelet in labor (although I did have it with me at the hospital), but I did later string those same beads onto a nursing necklace for my ds!
It was really cool to see my very mainstream extended family participate in burning our tigers (birthing from within thing), sharing the beads, and tying everyone together with red yarn to represent the interconnectedness of things/people. Most of my SILs are done having kids, but two of my neices were there, and I would like to hope that the experience helped them see birth in a more positive light, you know? (I do think it was really healing for my one SIL who has had all c/s).
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Amy - Thanks again for posting this. My friend and I are so excited about this. She had a few done in her honor during her first birth (which followed a loss). She dropped off a few books for me to help me think about what I want. So very exciting!

I am thinking about having something outside on the evening of August 16th -- full moon!

Thanks again!
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Okay, I went with this invitation (same font and ink color as in the example):


I picked the Calla Lily one because it is so natural and serene, which is the "feel" I'm trying to achieve. The wording goes like this:

Please join us for a

Mother Blessing


My Name

as we celebrate the journey of all mothers and the creation of a new life

Saturday, the twenty-first of June

Two o 'clock in the afternoon

My Address

Please bring a glass or wooden bead symbolizing each of your children for the creation of a birth bracelet

RSVP to My Friend xxx-xxx-xxxx

or My Friend@xxxxxx.net

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