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Horrible crabbiness - Any remedies?

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I've been an absolute monster with these moods/swings. Lately I've just been super irritable and crabby to DH. Anyone have any remedies for crabbiness?
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Sometimes exercise can help. And trying to get some time to yourself, to relax and chill out and do whatever little things make you happy.
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I have been to, sometimes a shower helps, or blowing bubbles with my two year old.

I also have been avoiding situation I know will make me more stressful, I know I am more sensitive to comments about my kids, and such, so I stay away from folks I know are more likely to make them. it probably doesn't help that I am avoiding telling some folks about the preg. cause I don't want to hear their negative comments, but it helps my stress level.
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Oh my gosh, I am so with you--I am super b*tch most of the time. I've been finding that exercise really helps me as a pp said. And a quick nap mid-day, too. Not staying up too late and pressuring myself to do too much helps as well.
Good luck!
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Oh and here's a story about my own crabbiness:

Last night I went to bed before DH, and was exhausted. We kick the cats out of the bedroom at night because they bug me and keep me up, but sometimes they protest and scratch at the door. If they won't stop I sprinkle a little water on them. So kitty starts scratch scratch scratching as soon as I get to sleep. I sprinkle him and get back in bed. More scratching. Second sprinkle. More scratching! This time when I open the door the cat is nowhere to be seen, having apparently dashed away as I opened it. I stormed into the office, which is right next to the bedroom, furious at DH for not offering to help. "Can you keep the f*cking CAT away from the DOOR please????"

Bewildered, he said "He wasn't at the door, he was in here!"

Turns out it was the OTHER cat the whole time, trapped in the bedroom closet.

Oops. :
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Katielady, I can totally sympathize with this--we have two cats too and although I love them, they drive me insane a lot of the time. As soon as dd is in bed they cling to me. I call them the "other babies." And they scratch at the door and meow at night outside it as well :
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Katielady-Thanks you made me feel better!

Last night DH and I ended the night with a huge FECK YOU to each other...and haven't spoken since...wonderful I know!
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The only constant throughout my pregnancy has been my super crabbiness. I've been so irritable and short-tempered with DH. Then I'll realize what I've said and what he's going through too and I feel awful... end up sobbing and apologizing. Ugh, hormones!

Like previously mentioned, exercise is what I noticeably can tell helps me. I try to get at least 30 minutes of treadmill or bike a day. Also, deep breathing exercises along with stretching (like yoga or pilates) make me feel so refreshed and happy. I've been trying to make sure I eat really healthy foods, which is so hard when I crave Panda Express every day. Seems like the healthier and more organic I eat the healthier my brain feels.
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I've been trying really hard this week to "keep things under control." In my head and with my attitude. Well, last night, we had a huge fight. (hubby re-caulked the bathtub...he did a terrible job, and didn't even clean out the mildew before putting down the new stuff, which was the whole reason it needed re-caulking. And I said something about it, mentioning that I'll redo it later, and he flipped out. And I gave him a hard time for obsessing over big things (unnecessary renovations, etc...) when all we really need at the moment is a clean toilet and some fresh laundry.)

Anyway, I cried for a solid hour, it was disgusting. I apologized and we talked and he realized he had not been supporting me as much as/in the ways that I needed.

But, wow, that crying really helped. I felt awful last night, but SO much better this morning. I think it was really beneficial to just get it all out!
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Yes, yes! Crying totally helps!! As does being outside, a walk, a bath, some lavendar essential oil, and some tea.

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I don't know where you live, but, if it's warm enough, getting outside in the sun can help a lot. Even if you're only able to do it for 20 minutes a day, it can help stress and hormone levels. Also, Omega-3 fatty acids are great hormone regulators, too. If you can't get enough food sources of Omega-3, then I would suggest taking a supplement (if you're not already). I take 1,000 mg. capsule of flaxseed oil each day.

Disclaimer...blah, blah...I'm not a doctor, so you should always consult your health care provider.
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Ditto the sun! It's because of the vit. D! So if you aren't getting much sun, take a vit. D supplement. I do when I start getting crabby and it helps. My friend says vit. B along with D helps her...
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Up the B-vitamins, too. A good B complex can help. And the suggestion of taking Omega-3s can help, too. My chiropracter swears by taking 1000 mg a day to help with mood and all sorts of things.
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speaking of cats, mine kept me up all night, im so crabby about it that i am honestly considering putting her outside for the night. she will hate it, though she does go outside when she wants in the day she likes to sleep near us at night but too bad.

my crabbyness is out of control. i somehow got into it with the barista at the ice cream shop because she didnt want to give me a paper cup to put my kids cone in it.
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Ladies tell me if this is crabbiness or if anyone would be angry.

DH left for a trip to Vegas with his best friend. Purely for fun. He will be coming back early Monday morning. I leave on Sunday for a 9 hour drive with my 7yr old, 4 yr old, my mom (lord help me), and 13 yr old niece for a wedding. So DH left yesterday for Vegas. He did not once ask if I needed anything done for my trip before he left. He did not offer to clean out the van. He did not check the oil, water, or tires. I was not home when he left for the airport. I came home to his gym bag on the bed with his dirty clothes spread around. There were the dirty dishes and pan from the breakfast he and his friend ate here before leaving. There was coffee spilled on the counter. There was spilled sugar on the counter. There were little used packets of Sweet n Low on the counter. The garbage can is filled to the top. There was garbage balanced on top of the pile so I know DH saw the full trash can. So he didn't even take the trash out before he left. The night before he left he went to the store to buy some new clothes. This was the last evening we would see him in a week. His friend went with him shopping. After shopping they decided to go out to a sport's bar and eat dinner. DH got home close to 11pm.

So that's some of it...there's more but I can't type it all out. I ask you, ladies, am I just being hormonal or am I justified in feeling taken for granted?
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Kleine, you deserve to be uber pissed. I know I would be!

A few days ago, I was so mad at the door b/c it was stuck closed, that I kicked it open. Now, there is a dent in the drywall where the door handle goes to against the wall. Totally my fault. I was too exhausted, had a difficult day with DD not napping, and needed a big cry--which I got immediately after.

The next day, I went to the gym and took a pretty difficult class. I felt like a new woman the rest of the day, so I went again today. It was hard, but going to the gym lifted my mood the rest of the day. Today, DD wouldn't nap, but I was more emotionally stable and handled it better. (i.e., no yelling.)
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Hexe, I'd be pissed, pregnant or no. I hate it when DH leaves a mess for me. The whole thing is very inconsiderate. I think he deserves a serious talking-to! And if he tries to blame your being upset on the fact that you're pregnant (don't you just hate that?), just tell him your internet friends backed you up. Well, that might not have a lot of impact, but tell him you get mad at crappy behavior regardless of what's going on with your uterus.
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